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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Danger: Sugar More Toxic Than Thought

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Sugar is toxic according to an
incendiary article that sparked
concern and debate from experts
to the average home.

It's a glucose-fructose combination
that add extra calories to our diet,
Gary Taubes in the New York Times
Magazine article "Is Sugar Toxic?"
but its consumption is an independent
risk factor for heart disease, high
blood pressure and many common cancers.

The liver, as Taubes explained, is
where sugar's damage begins. "In
animals, or at least in laboratory
rats and mice, it's clear that if the
fructose hits the liver in sufficient
quantity and with sufficient speed, the
liver will convert much of it to fat.
This apparently induces a condition
known as insulin resistance, which is
now considered the fundamental problem in
obesity, and the underlying defect in
heart disease and in the type of diabetes,
type 2, that is common to obese and
overweight individuals. It might also be
the underlying defect in many cancers."

The recommended daily allowance of sugar
is about six-to-nine teaspoons of sugar a
day, for an average person, CBS News Medical
Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton. It's
estimated that the average American is
consuming about 90 pounds of sugar a year.

The high fructose corn syrup, sucrose,
fructose, in theory, does the same amount
of damage to body cells.

Sugar stimulates our pancreas to release
insulin which stimulates the liver. If
it's not used as fuel for the body, it
turns into fat. Years of consuming sugar
can lead to the pancreas being worn out
and diabetes.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Writers

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Good Writers Are Reader Friendly

A good writer, in my opinion, is
reader friendly, not trying to
prove how many technical words
he/she knows and grammatically

A good writer's work is reader
friendly, and the title not only
pulls attention but holds it.
Good writers unveil one point at
a time to readers. Points are
messy when other ideas and thoughts
are sprinkled in.

Good writers inspire readers to
react. Like:


"It put me asleep."

"I'd like to give that writer a
piece of my mind."

Responses to good writing varies.
The writer's goal is to get a

Writers, from time to time, research
subjects. During the course of research,
writers come across technical words.
It's nice to learn new words, and
interesting as a new topic is appreciated.
However, the process of discovering
technical words is more stimulating
for researchers than readers.

Most people would prefer to skip the
look-up every other word as they read
step. A good writer speaks to the
reader, or the reader comes-away with
"that" feeling.

A good writer isn't trying to prove
anything. Simply, he/she is providing
information to readers that's
grammatically correct.

A good writer will make grammatical
errors, because few get every word
perfect in a writing project. The
editing process is done more than
once to handle them.

Readers will move on to the next
writer if his/her reading pleasure
is interrupted by grammatical
errors, every third or fourth word.

It's very important to slice-away
grammatical errors. Grammatical
errors, too, mark writers as amateurs.

A good writer's work is inviting,
isn't shouting, "I'm smart" and
without grammatical errors.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Hour Budget Discussions

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Last hour budget discussions
avoided a partial government
shut-down and President Barack
Obama will lay out his plan for
long-term deficit reduction
demanded by conservatives this week.

White House Senior Adviser David
Plouffe was on Sunday talk shows
to reveal Obama's intentions and
deliver the administration's message
that more deals like the one reached
last Friday night with House Speaker
John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada,
will be necessary as Congress and the
administration face more major budget
decisions in the coming months.

Obama's plan would address rising costs
of Medicare, Medicaid, cut defense
spending and raise revenue by ending
tax breaks for the wealthy, Plouffe.

"He does believe that to grow economically,
to be a strong country, we can't sustain
this fiscal situation," Plouffe explained
on CNN. Acknowledging some dissent among
the president's liberal base, Plouffe
continued, "there are some that don't
agree with that, but he believes strongly
that we do have to engage in serious
deficit reduction."

Last week, Obama and congressional leaders
reached an agreement to cut $38.5 billion
in non-military discretionary spending for
the rest of the current fiscal year, ends
on September 30.

The deal came about an hour before funding
authorization for the government was scheduled
to expire, and would have partially shut down
government operations.


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Thrown Around Word

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Don't Let The "C" Word Be Pushed
On You











In life, you'll be asked to
compromise, no matter if right
or wrong. The word is thrown
around when people tire of
talking, looking for
solutions or doing what is

Often, people pull-out the word,
compromise, when they feel
talking will not help toward
their goal. Look at some of
the excuses used for not talking
it out.

"You can't talk to her.

"I don't have time for this."

"He won't listen."

Webster's Dictionary defines
compromise as a settlement, each
side makes concessions.

In reality, one side usually
compromises more than the other.
One side receives more.

Don't allow yourself to be pushed
into a compromise unnecessarily.
Be on the look-out for those who
make it a practice compromising
when talking is just as effective.
These are people who after doing
wrong still can't get their way,
and pull-out the "C" word.

Every possible solution should be
exhausted before compromising. It's
an exercise in human communication.
A giving and exchanging of
information is healthy, mentally

The solving of a problem takes effort,
adult behavior. The universe is
stuffed full of answers. It's simply
a matter of finding the right one.
If you're passionate about the
problem, you'll find an answer.

People who are wrong and want to
appear right will urge you to
compromise. If you're right, why

Finally, really listen when people
are rushing you to compromise.
Determine if it's right for you.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Malcolm X Killers Were Never Served Justice

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Malcolm X was gunned down in New
York 46 years ago, but mystery
surrounded the details of his
death. "And his killers were
never served justice," Zaheer
Ali, Marable's chief researcher.

"Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,"
the new book by Columbia University
professor Manning Marable, explains
why the investigation should be

On Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was
speaking to several hundred people
at the Audubon Ballroom in upper
Manhattan when three men stood up
in the front rows and opened fire.

"As Marable's quite powerful book
details, four of the actual assassins
never were pursued and at least one
of them still lives openly in the
metro New York area," David Garrow,
historian and author.

The book asserts that the New York
Police Department knew Malcolm X's
life was in danger but looked away.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Pandora Probe

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Internet radio service Pandora
announced Monday that it has
been served a subpoena as part
of a federal grand jury
investigation into the information
being gathered/shared by popular
iPhone and Android smartphone

"We were informed that we are
not a specific target of the
investigation, and we believe
that similar subpoenas were
issued on an industry wide
basis to the publishers of
numerous other smartphone
applications," Pandora.

The probe surfaces as
consider stepping-down on
security and data privacy.

Accidents and breaches have
pulled more attention to the

Pandora, in its revised filing
to the Securities and Exchange
Commission, expressed concern
that suggested privacy controls
like the proposed "do not track"
or "opt-in" mechanisms could
impair its ability to collect
data on its listeners, purpose
of its ad-supported business

"Restrictions on our ability to
collect, access and harness
listener data- would in turn
limit our ability to stream
personalized music content to
our listeners and offer targeted
advertising opportunities to our
advertising customers, each of
which are critical to the success
of our business," Pandora


Monday, April 4, 2011

President Obama Starts His Re-Election Campaign

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President Obama on Monday started
his re-election campaign with a
video posting. A short video on launched his bid
for re-election.

"It begins with us," the campaign
told supporters that it has started
and the race for contributions is

Blue "O" over red and white stripes
is back again for 2012. The bottom
of the web site: the candidates'
names are clearly identified:

Obama sent an e-mail to supporters
to alert them that he plans to file
papers Monday with the Federal
Election Commission.

"We've always known that lasting
change wouldn't come quickly or
easily. It never does. But as my
administration and folks across
the country fight to protect the
progress we've made, and make
more- we also need to begin
mobilizing for 2012, long before
the time comes for me to begin
campaigning in earnest," Obama's
e-mail message.

The president is making his campaign
official earlier than is usual for
an incumbent so he can begin
fundraising in a season that's
likely to shatter all records.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hubs With Grammatical Errors

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Writers Make Grammatical Errors

It's a fact of that human beings
make errors, and it's no
different when it comes to
writing hubs. I like to be
told/given heads up on a
grammatical error. Few people,
if any, on try one write
grammatically perfect hubs.

Still, no one wants to hear,
"And you call yourself a
writer? Do you know any rules
of grammar?"


"I doubt that you make-it as

a writer."


"Don't give-up your day job."


"They hirin' at the Fried
Everythin' Restaurant."


"You're were a writer?"

The only way to get better
is to write, practice.

However, if you are asked to
critique or give an opinion,
be truthful. It really is how
you say it. Look at the
following ways to critique
or respond to hubs.

In paragraph one, I'd write it
this way, change the sentence,
for example.


Look at it from the view-point of...


The second page would come alive
with action verbs.


Your subject is interesting, but
delete paragraph three. It's just
taking up space and not moving
the story forward.

Critique like you're a friend,
not someone looking down on a
writer's work.

Writing involves work, energy, too.
No one wants their hubs belittled.

A different method of reaching
someone with bad grammar is to
act it out. Sometimes, speaking
words out-loud allows better
hearing of grammatical errors.

Put yourself in the writer's
position. Would you like someone
who saw your error to attack?
It's the same with writers and
their hubs.

Writers shouldn't be attacked for
their hub choices or grammatical

One more technique to help with
grammatical errors is to take the
offending word, sentence, and
re-fit it into another sentence,
paragraph. My examples follow.

It was Friday, pay day. At the ATM,
lightening shoot through the
machine. Some people screamed...

See the error?

The re-fit.

The guard shot through the door.
The gun-man jumped when...

Re-fitting words, sentences, is
a way to see errors.

Give your advice/opinion only if
asked. Think of how you'd feel if
given un-asked for information.
Show respect for hub writers. G
rammatical errors are part of
the writing process.


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