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Friday, August 28, 2015

Positive Effort


Positive effort, for writers, rolls out writing when there're other activities calling your name. It's easy to chat, look at a movie or eat "that food" when it's not on your carefully planned menu. Allow your creativity to stand-up. How? Use a word list, for example.

1. Select words from anywhere, everywhere.
2. Pluck words from a project in progress.
3. Pin-down the writing idea circling your mind.

The word list approach works with fiction, non-fiction and poems. It keeps writer's block away (another benefit), and writing ideas in your repertoire. Look at a word list session. It requires little to prepare for as you ignite creativity.

1. A word list session is, at least, two hours long.
2. It happens in a comfortable place.
3. Bring everything you'll need.

The effort you put forth will show. This is fun with writing (benefit) too. The list can be as long or short as you want it. I'm going to work with the word coffee. Yes, three words are on my list. Also, mash in words that you like. After all, it's your list.

1. Coffee.
2. Black.
3. Coffee pot.

Remember, you can select any word to start the writing process. Tap words from an on-going project, the article you once had enthusiasm for or the fizzled out chapter start. Grab a word from land, air or sea. Next, describe the original word. New ideas dawned? 

1. Words may be similar to the original word.
2. Spin words around, upside down.
3. Spice up or down with opposite words.

I'm heading toward fiction. My writing idea is to have a couple move into a house. They find an antique coffee pot. There's room for positive effort and motivation. The wife wants to taste coffee made in it. Only, there's a problem.

1. The coffee pot seems to move from where it's left.
2. It's found on the floor.
3. One morning, it was sitting on the porch.

There isn't any reason writer's block should jump in the way of creativity. Slice-away words from your life, job or from the radio. I have a stalker. The situation is in my life. I decided on three words. The words are as follows.

1. Stalker.
2. Control.
3. Rise.

The word list can become longer, depending on which direction I take. An article on the behavior of a stalker, for instance. Or, the importance of rising pass a stalker. The important issue of choice can never be played down. 

1. It's important to let people know.
2. Be aware of your surroundings.
3. Live life with positive effort.

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