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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Successful Writing Prompts

Successful writing prompts are phrases, a picture, "those words" a relative always turned the conversation to or a poem that stirs-up your creative side. They inspire you to write. Think of such moments in your life. You'll be amazed of what pops back at you.

1. The key is to carve a writing prompt for you.
2. Decide on your specific needs.
3. What inspires you to write?

I tailored phrases to motivate me, and this method can apply to life. Sometimes, life smears mud on you and your plans. It's necessary to grab onto encouragement. Or, what tickles awake moving and doing in life. I tailored the following. 

1. "Believe."
2. "You can do it."
3. "Move forward."

I spun "Believe" into "You must, first, believe in yourself." If you have no belief in your talent, whatever it is, life remains the same. Fear and frustration creeps in to play havoc with your life. Don't let it. You have a choice.

1. Is journalism the path?
2. Article writing?
3. Blogging?

"Move forward," for me, became "Do day." New found inspiration must be acted on. I had been jotting down notes on a situation in my life. I discovered that it was therapeutic and enough information to write a book. The scribbling inspired my novel.

1. Look at your writing prompts.
2. Make use of them today.
3. At least, start today.

A successful writing prompts' session lasts, at least, two hours. Bring everything you'll need. Water? Apple? Don't give yourself any excuse to leave the session early. Where should the session take place? It's up to you.

1. Attic.
2. Library.
3. Any place that's comfortable.

Let's get started with a successful session. Your writing prompt can be a picture, " those words" a relative always said or a poem. A photo can nudge your creative side. A relative's words and poems are treated the same.

1. Write down your thoughts on the object of your inspiration.
2. Select the most creative igniting words.
3. They are your writing prompts.

A successful writing session for prompts is done in a manner that provides a productive experience. There isn't a right or wrong way of achieving the best results. Work with one writing prompt at a time. Try as many writing inspiring prompts as you like.

1. The best results or the arrival of a writing prompt is when you see it.
2. You have success when your creativity is bubbling.
3. Simply, write.

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