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Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Muse is inspiration for writers or the creative people. Some call it motivation, that which excites your creative flow. It sits around waiting to be scooped into your writing. The form it takes plays out in varies ways.

1. A person's style may be inspirational.
2. Films serve to ignite creative power.
3. Scents too.

People are stuffed full of what can inspire your creative flow to bubble-up. A specific person's laugh, words or movement. A co-worker laughs and it tickles others, for example. A scent that lingers in your mind fits the profile.

1. Watch people.
2. Any unusual mannerisms?
3. Pick apart speech patterns.

Places can motivate creative flow, and allow you to go to places as never before. The history of an old building. A mystery surrounds it? What happened to it/in it that stirs chatter? Are certain icons associated with it? Perhaps, at one time, it was the popular restaurant to eat at. The rumor is, after 100 years, a waitress roams around it. Only, she's crying. Some research could expose facts and interesting reading.

1. Pick a building from memory. 
2. The odd looking building from a movie. 
3. "The Restaurant."

Things slide into the muse's position frequently. There could be an antique teapot from grandmother's house, a ball of cray colors at school or a flower. An abundance of things are available for the muse role. What's calling to be your inspiration? It depends on what plays well with your creative flow.

1. Is it the antique tea pot from your past? 
2. A ball with a mix of neon colors?
3  The flower from a far away land holds possibilities.

The best muse for you is the one that wakes up your creative side. No one will have to tell you, "that's it." Your motivation will climb new heights. You'll be able to write without limits. Maybe, the same muse inspires you to write several different projects.

1. Muse motivates your creative flow.
2. It's found on the beach, within reach and/or from teach.
3. The format it takes surprises, often.

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