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Friday, September 11, 2015

The Moment to Write

The moment to write is everyday. Life will happen, but continue a routine of writing. Practice. It develops you, your talent, while exposing the writer's "voice." You become a better writer. Schedule it. Take your writing to the next level through this routine.

1. Write, at least, two days a day.
2. Curve-out a comfortable place.
3. This time is just for writing.

Writing ideas will jump-out at any moment. Don't poo-poo them. Seize the opportunity. Jot down as much of the writing idea as possible. It's not wise to wait. They have a tendency of disappearing quickly. 

1. You'll remember that there was a writing idea.
2. Only, you will not be able to retrieve it from memory.
3. Capture the writing idea with what you have.

It's possible a pen/pencil and writing pad aren't available. Yet, a writing idea tugs at your creative flow. It's no telling where you can take it, or the lesson that would help others. Most people carry a smart device.

1. Text yourself.
2. Leave a message about the writing idea.
3. Take a picture/video when possible.

The above is how to grab onto a writing idea, because you're not in a comfortable place. Still, creativity has thought of possible uses for the writing idea. Besides, the fact that a picture or video was used could spring-board new writing ideas.

1. Be clear on how you plan to work with the writing idea.
2. Pin-point areas of your interests
3. What were you thinking?

The moment to write is as a writing idea dances into your creative flow. Wait for the right moment is a mistake. Why? You'll find some other activity to fill the time. Writing ideas will fade from memory forever.

1. It'll put you further behind.
2. Frustration pushes the cousin stress on you.
3. They swirl around into writer's block.

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