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Saturday, November 21, 2015

8 Ways to Keep Writing Inspiration


It's time to write, but life's issue(s) keeps blocking-out writing inspiration. You tapped out a tune on your desk, even re-arranged it. The concern about inspiration is mounting inside you, and writing ideas keep running further away. Turn your attention on you.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Relax.
  • Write about the issue. 
Write It Down

Write down everything. Begin with the following. What are you feeling about the issue? Why are you negative about it? What's the reason you're stuck? Go over the circumstances that encouraged your negative feelings.

  • Decide on a writing project for the issue.
  • A self-help post is an option.
  • The therapeutic use of writing helps.     
Writing Prompt

A writing prompt( is a word, line or anything that ignites inspiration. Writing prompts like inspiration can be discovered in the house that looms, a childhood room or a person's words surrounded by boom.

  • The word looms, for example, has the potential of inspiring a novel.
  • Paste it to your desk or wallet.
  • Glance at it throughout the day to inspire writing ideas.
Pet's Behavior

A pet's behavior, look or activity provides an out-let for writing inspiration. A cat, let's say, who stared from near-by as a sandwich was prepared suddenly ran away. The owner turned to gather another ingredient, returned to notice a slice of cheese had disappeared. Hmm. What could have happened to the cheese?

  • The writing idea possibilities flame.
  • A children's short-story about a cat and cheese.
  • A haunted house mystery?    

A recipe has the inspiring ability for cooks as well as writers. This post from a writer's perspective? A recipe involved tale is interesting. It could be a family member being assigned as "keeper" of a recipe. The "keeper" is to safe-guard it until it's ready to be passed down.

  • A children's mystery could unfold.
  • An article revealing facts and myths on forgetting.
  • A prank played? 

A fact uncovers inspiring writing. Select any fact. Funny, serious or trending facts present avenues to explore. Let's look further. The more you look, the more writing ideas will expose themselves. Jot down writing ideas that interest you as they jump-out. 

  • Are cats more popular than dogs?
  • How many left-handed people are in the United States? World?
  • What color soothes, makes you smile?   

The clock is an ordinary time tool that people use to juggle their lives by. It wakes you and your day begins. You allot time for appointments, activities and functions. The clock waits for no one. Look at time from a writer's view-point. Time stopped.

  • The brightest minds failed to re-start time. 
  • How would humans know when to leave for specific destinations? 
  • A novel in the making?

Pick keywords from a writing project that, for one reason or another, your enthusiasm for it fizzled out. Think about it. Keywords are what Google, Yahoo and others( take notice of.

  • Scribble down keywords to find one(s) that spark-up your creativity.
  • Perhaps, the title starts you writing.
  • A trending keyword to motivate you back into the writing project.   


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