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Friday, December 18, 2015



A new year, 2016, is fast approaching. Are you setting goals? Don't poo-poo the notion of goals. You'll drag-and-dabble in too many projects or activities without regard for any. Frustration and stress follows as you become overwhelmed. In the end, you're full of anxiety while getting nothing done.

1. Goals helps motivation.
2. You look forward to working on it.
3. Your mind-set is on moving forward.


A mind-set is a powerful guide, because you have two choices. Look back on the past (2015), or look ahead to new opportunities (2016. It isn't just glancing, hoping, but putting in the effort to achieve. What will it take?

1. You have to decide on a goal.
2. Work toward it.
3. Some days will be easier than others.

Decide on a Goal

Decide on a goal by scheduling time with yourself. You have to choose the goal. Curve-out two hours for it. Continue working on it until you have chosen a goal. Make a list. Number one would be most important to you. Your list can be as long or short as you want it. Each goal is worked on one at a time, less confusion that way.

1. Write down the goal.
2. Make notes on how to achieve it.
3. Give yourself a dead-line too.


A dead-line is the nudge needed to keep working on the goal. The completion, for instance, is before 2017. You want to stay motivated until the goal is reached, and this is a dead-line's purpose. Begin working on the next goal as completion of the previous one is realized. If a goal becomes unappealing, reach for the next one on your list. 

1. It's difficult to feel comfortable working on a bland goal.
2. Go to the next goal on your list when interest fizzles.
3. Keep moving.

Keep Moving

Don't waste time when you've determined that a goal isn't worth it. Remember, what matters in life takes effort. Write guidelines for goals. The goal of becoming a doctor, for example, could be cutting time in half that's required for school. Will it work? Is working? Have you started? These are some questions to consider.

1. Is it a realistic 2016 goal?
2. Some other medical profession is more appropriate?
3. You, too, have the option of selecting the next goal from your list.


Options are the reasons it's best to list several goals. It's possible, for one reason or another, two or three goals may become bland. You have a back-up plan with more goals listed, and it keeps you moving forward. How do you know a goal is bland?

1. The thought of it tires you or brings you down.
2. You do little to achieve it.
3. Anyone or anything is an excuse not to work on it.

A New Year

A new year, (2016), is time to set goals that can realistically be accomplished. Be honest with yourself. Work at a goal. Some days are better than others. Don't be afraid to move to the next goal when you lose interest in goal one.

1. Believe in yourself.
2. You can do it.
3. Make it happen.

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