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Saturday, December 13, 2008

How Ghost-Writing Works

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Ghost-writing is an excellent area
to explore. Here is how it works.

Writers are paid to write essays,
fiction, non-fiction, reports, and
letters. There's no limit on what
can be written. In other words,
ghost-writers address writing

Your name isn't listed on the
project. Rarely, a ghost-writer
is given credit, or mentioned.
The ghost-writer writes for
someone else.

There's lots of back and forth
communication with a client. It
includes e-mails, telephone calls,
meetings, and snail-mail. A client
wants his/her voice heard
throughout the work. It's your job,
the ghost-writer, to make it happen.

The ghost-writer is given information,
documentation, relating to the project.
There's a possibility photos and/or
audio is a part of it. Take accurate
notes. A tape recorder would be

Draw-up an agreement. Be
specific. Leave nothing to
chance. Allow a reasonable
time to complete the project.

I suggest that you get part
payment up-front. I'm referring
to a fifty percent retainer.

"How do I get clients?" You
looked around the room.

Every e-mail, snail-mail, should
have your URL, or a link
mentioning your ghost-writing
service. The service is displayed,
proudly, on business cards.
Mention the ghost-writing service
in writing forums. There are ghost-
writing opportunities at:, and Don't forget
to scan Craigslist.

Have samples of your work available
to e-mail potential clients. Your
web site, URl, should show-case
samples of your work as well.

Use the same research and
hard work you'd put in your own
venture. Treat ghost-writing
projects like your babies until
given to the rightful guardians.

Consider using an alias. Face it,
in most cases, you have no idea
whose hands will re-do the project,
or tamper with it. Possibly,
someone wants new information
added after you've finished.

A few, satisfied, clients can bring
you more business than an ad
placed. Word-of-mouth advertising
spreads like wild fire. Once the word
gets around about your ghost-writing
business, you're on your way to
success. Reach for your goal.

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