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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story Ending: How To Write It?

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Every story has an ending. It's not
necessary to have a happy ending.
However, the ending has to be fair
to the reader and complete the

The ending isn't required to
fix all the character's issues,
but it has to bring the story
to a satisfactory conclusion.

The problems splashed on characters
twist down many paths, and then they
come to an end.

Jot down every problem, issue,
introduced to each character. When
it's time to end a story, refer back
to your notes.

I included problems, issues, in the
character's profile when I wrote my
novel, Grave Street House.

Give some thought to endings as
you're scribbling down problems in

Some people write the ending

Think of problems, issues, and
how to resolve them.

Ask yourself questions.

What is the most extreme
solution, and should the
character take the easy
way out? Should the
story end based on how
a character lives? A solution
out of the news, your life,
or something you heard will

List solutions as they
drift to mind.

Write the ending that excites your
imagination. If more than one
ignites your creative flow, write
them out.

Work-on the endings. Select the
ending that best fit.

Sometimes, the story goes in its
own direction. Is the direction
the story's going better than
what you planned?

The ending is the last element
of a story. It's expected, and is

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane Facing Life Behind Bars

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Colleen LaRose, 46, known as Jihad
Jane also Fatima LaRose was born on
American soil- living in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania- and charged with crimes
pointing to terrorism. The accusations
are plotting to kill Lars Vilks-
Swedish cartoonist, supporting
terrorists, possible identity theft
and making distorted statements.

Vilks' cartoon of the prophet Mohammed
with a dog's body stirred people up-
though he wasn't named as LaRose's mark.

Al-Qaida's response to the drawing was
to put a $100,000 reward on Vilks' head,
and 50% additional compensation if

It's reported Fatima LaRose commented on
You-Tube that she was open to helping
suffering Muslim people. She sent e-mails
to co-conspirators proposing to offer
herself as a martyr and to use her
American status to avoid exposure,
according to a Pennsylvania federal
court's indictment.

The indictment asserts that she tried
to recruit others, raise funds on the
Internet and gave false statements to
the FBI. The accusation refers to
LaRose consenting to wed a co-conspirator
who wanted to set-up-shop, live, in
Europe. He is the one who pushed her to
go to Sweden- find a Swedish man- and
silence him, reports said.

If she's found guilty, she's facing
life behind bars. She was given a
court date of May 3, 2010.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Additive Linked To Salmonella

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A flavor additive- hydrolyzed vegetable
protein, HVP- found in 94 products was
recalled in the United States.

A Nevada company, Basic Food Flavors Inc,
manufactured the bad additive, The Food and
Drug Administration reported. It can unfold
into one of the bigger recalls.

The additive is stirred in with spices to
flavor hundreds of products like: frozen foods,
soups, chips, dips, sauces, salad dressings,
processed foods, and hot dogs. It's not always
listed, because it's part of a blend. The risk
to health is higher for "eat-now" foods such as
potato chips, dips, salad dressings. It's less
dangerous to eat cooked processed food containing
the additive.

There are no cases of illnesses in the United
States from recalled products, authorities

Companies usually have a system in place for
such matters. Recalls will continue for awhile,
because the tracking system is slow for this
particular additive.

Due to the nature of the offending additive,
time is needed for the systems of companies,
suppliers, clients, to come together for a
chat, action.

Manufacturers buy the additive from various
sources without a follow-up system being in
place, but steps are being taken to remedy
the situation.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview: Master It

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

The time has come in life when a job
change is needed, the current employer
down-sized, or you out-grew a job
position. A search high and low turned
up a job interview. Be prepared. Take
time to visit the organization's web
site. Look at the mission statement.

The mission statement explains an
organization's purpose.

The mission statement cited that the
organization is going green, for example.

Refer to it in an answer that you'd like
to share in the experience. Or, pick
another point to stir-up an answer with.
Always, be upbeat.

Your answers should reflect a positive

The interview day arrived. Don't focus on
how nervous you are.

Arrive at the interview, at least, forty-
five minutes earlier than your appointment
time. It gives you an opportunity to
freshen-up, and get comfortable in your
new surroundings.

Take a deep breath before the interview,
several. Organize your thoughts, and
avoid using slang words.

The word money isn't uttered from your
lips. Push the following unit of words,
thoughts, out of your mind. Any idea
when I'll get a pay-raise? Although,
maintain eye contact.

Be respectful of those you encounter.

"Good morning." A person rushed by you.

Some would say nothing, but respond
with a greeting. It could be your

Below are possible questions.

Why are you looking for employment?

I'm looking to share my experiences
with a new organization, and learn
new skills.

What do you want to share?

I'm organized, detail oriented, and
communicate well.

A supplier contacted my office about
an order. I was able to pull-up the
necessary information on the computer
system, and explain how payment was
mis-applied. I followed up with the
proper department. What are your

I have a tendency to arrive for work
before my shift begins. My goal is to
exceed the quota, but after listening
to co-workers slowed the practice. Why
did you leave your last job?

It's not a good idea to remark badly
about your former manager, co-workers.

Tell the truth. It's possible you didn't
like your former manager. There's no
need to share it in the interview.

I reached my potential there, and want
to explore a new career. Be yourself
during the interview.

There is a question that spreads panic,
but stay calm.

The question is:
Why were you fired from your previous

My experiences, qualifications, weren't
appreciated. However, I feel your
organization can benefit from them.
Is there anything you'd like to add,

I read in your mission statement about
your company going green. I like the
concept, and want to share in it.

A job interview is mastered when you're
prepared, and organized.


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