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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A New Year Means?

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A new year means beginning anew, chance
to move forward and bring new life to

A new year means start-over, try again.
Learn from mistakes and start anew. Is
there a goal you meant to reach but gave-
up on? The plan was to take college level
courses. Only, the economy stopped you.
College courses in 2012?

You're smothering among bad associates. The
only way to do better is change friends and
habits. The opportunity to begin anew is now.

A new year means apply for the job fear has
you afraid to attempt. The stress from not
trying hurts you more. There are two answers
that comes from applying for jobs, yes or no.
Take comfort in the fact that you tried.

No, it's not always easy to move forward. The
key to moving forward is effort, and departing
from things/people that kept you smothering in
wrong or bad circumstances.

Don't waste time blaming or excusing behavior
that ends in one of two options: jail or death.
Slowly with-draw from bad associations. True
change takes years, often. However, toddler step
to positive/productive behavior. Move forward,
perhaps, with the help of a professional.

There's no one to judge how fast or slow moving
forward takes you. Everyone moves forward at their
own pace. Will 2012 be the year you move forward?

You've made resolutions before, but were unable to
keep them. It's time to look at the reasons you're
unable to keep resolutions. The resolution is
impossible for you to do? Try a smaller version of
the resolution.

A resolution to build a house when you're jobless
isn't realistic, for example.

"There's no time to work on a resolution." You said.

Select time, during the day or night, for resolutions.
Look at it as a gift to yourself. The selected time
is used just for resolutions. If necessary, turn-off
the television, radio and cell phone.

"I can't work on my resolution, because of my friends."

Determine if your friends or a resolution, gift to
yourself, is more important.

Life is a matter of choices. Choices as with friends
should be carefully picked.

Finally, a new year allows a new beginning, move
forward and live whole-some resolutions. Ultimately,
choices determines destiny.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Six Ways To Keep Creativity Alive

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Stay Creative

Every writer, at one time or another,
needs help to keep creativity alive.
Life, illness, holidays or stress can
push creativity to the corner and
leave it there, unattended. Creativity
left alone for days, months, without
stimulation disappears.

A skill, talent, must be practiced to
improve, become better. If not, the skill,
talent, is lost or forgotten.

Skill, talent and creativity requires,
sometime during the day or night, effort.

Let's look at six ways to keep creativity

1. Write down why you can't give creativity
a tid-bit of time. It's not necessary to
write pages, but give an explanation in
several paragraphs. Perhaps, research about
the reason could supply material for other
writing projects.

2. Read. The words in a news article, mystery
novel or any readable medium nudges creativity.
The nudge to creativity spills-out writing

Some people find time to read on a lunch-break,
while riding trains or at the doctor's office.
Keep a note-book and pen with you to jot down
writing ideas.

Sometimes, it takes little to stir-up
creativity. Circumstances measures how fast
creativity ignites. Stress, for example,
hampers creativity to a greater degree with
some people. Note taking, in those cases,
is longer.

3. Simply, write. You're on a break, simply,
write. Make as many notes as you like about
anything. Mention how your day is going, for
instance. The taste of your favorite food?
The first person you met? Work with a sentence
like: Four fowls for Fran Friday.

The sentence can be worked in any direction.
Research fowls. How are certain fowls bred?
Write a mystery detailing the "fowl" plot. A
children's book is another writing idea.
Creativity is your only limit.

4. Personal experience is a possibility.
Write about a stressful situation. Most
likely, others are experiencing a similar
situation, and how you handle it could help

A personal experience article has a beginning,
middle and it ends. The personal experience
piece must grab attention and spark interest.

An idea is to begin in the middle of a problem.

5. Write about a goal. Explain the goal. Why
did you want to achieve it? How long will it
take? Did take? What steps are involved in
reaching it? Write an article or three.

6. Write an acrostic poem. Each letter in an
acrostic poem spells-out a word or some
communication. Take a look at my acrostic poem.

D aisy

A nnoyed

I ris

R epeatedly

Y esterday

Creativity becomes stiff, lost, if its not used, and the six ways to keep creativity alive helps stimulate it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ten Alternative Web Browsers to Internet Explorer 9

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Marcella Glenn and Horace C. White

Modern Tokyo Times

Internet Explorer is a staple of Windows

Everyone knows what Internet Explorer is;
it is a staple of all computers with the
Windows OS. When people buy a new computer,
Internet Explorer is already loaded and
available for use. It takes little effort
to activate Internet Explorer, and have
full access to the internet. However,
there are excellent alternative web
browsers that exist in the marketplace
for those who are looking for something
other than Internet Explorer 9. Let’s
take a look at some of them.

1. Safari’s tools will help a developer
go to the next level, and browsing
experience is customized. Browse full
screen web pages, and save them to
your Reading List. 

2. Avant Browser is compatible with
Internet Explorer 9. The no ads, no
malwares web browser is ultra-fast,
user friendly, and has the lowest
memory usage of all the web browsers. 

3. Deepnet Explorer is free and contains
no adware or spyware. It’s the first web
browser with RSS news reader, P2P client
integration, and phishing alarm. 

4. Google Chrome is a free web browser,
and it’s fast and very popular. Google’s
move to release a large part of Chrome’s
source code including its V8 Java Script
engine gave third party developers
opportunity to study it, and help port
its browser to the Mac OS X and Linux
operating systems. 

5. Life Web Browser caters to iPad users.
It’s similar to a desk-top. Life looks to
excel where Safari fell short. For example,
while Safari does not provide tabbed
browsing, Life Web Browser does. 

6. Maxthon Browser offers a free download,
and super fast services. It’ll store
book-marks/notes securely and it offers
free Cloud services. 

7. Omni Web is an alternative to the
standard web browser. Its built-in
short-cuts and unique drop-and drag
windows will help save time. 

8. Opera Browser downloads for zero
cost. Opera is available for personal
computers, Mac and Linux. 

9. Rockmelt was created with the belief
that the typical style of the browser
no longer works for how today’s people
browse the internet. It utilizes the
Cloud to save all bookmarks and setting,
making a person’s personal browser
experience available on any computer
that has this browser. 

10. Sunrise Browser is exclusive to
Apple computers, and has an all-in-one
window. Sunrise’s browser downloads
bookmarks and source codes in the main

While a majority of internet users tend
to go with Internet Explorer 9 because
it is already there and easily accessible,
it is important to think about exploring
some of the other browser options available.
Who knows, you may just find one that is
more to your liking!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow Storm

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after the blizzard,
frozen angel impressions
wind still howl and push.

Bright Stare of the sun-
people shoving piles of it
some chat more than work.

Tires slide back and forth
sprinkling salt provides traction
car finally free.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Self-Help Treatment

Laughter is a self-help treatment that
heals mind and body. In times of loss
jobs, economic down-turns and the stress
life brings, laughter sooths. Laughter
stirs-up healthy physical changes that
strengthens the immune system, guards
against stress and elevates energy levels.

Research points-out that the immune system
is stronger after laughter. Specifically,
there are increases in natural cells
and anti-bodies to attack infections after
laughter takes takes control. The natural
cells targets viral infections as well as
some kinds of cancers and tumor cells. The
anti-body IGA (immunoglobulin A) battles
upper respiratory tract infections.

Laughter guards the body against stress.
A joke/laugh drains the stress away and
connects people. Let's look at an example.

The clock's alarm, for some reason,
rang-out twenty minutes later than usual.
The coffee maker refused to function, and
you were late for work. The meeting started,
but you arrived for ten minutes of it.
Everyone has eyes stabbed at you as the
meeting's squeaky door opened.

Stress hormones, for you, are high during
the situation. What should you do?

Smile. Take a deep breath, and attend the

Share the incident with co-workers, sometime
during the day, as a joke. The laughter
connects you to others, socializing takes place.

It's a self-help treatment to take yourself
less seriously.
Laugh at incidents that are embarrassing, out
of your control.

Laughter relieves stress, and brings the
mind/body back into balance.

"Your sense of humor is one of the most
powerful tools you have to make certain
that your daily mood and emotional state
support good health." Paul E. McGhee, Ph.
D., pioneer in humor research.

The power of laughter elevates energy
levels. Laughter melts away anger and
sadness. It makes you "feel-great."
Naturally, "feel-great" chemicals are
released into the body.

The body's natural "feel-great" chemicals
are endorphins. They reduce stress, relax
muscles and energy levels are elevated.

Endorphins gives an all-over sense of well
being and, for a short time, stops pain.

The act of laughing takes a mind off of
anger, pain or stress. The focus is on
laughter, and from it comes hope.

Laughter inspires a look for more, better.
Goals are set. Goal setting means hope. It's
a move forward in life.

In life, challenges will befall. Smile.
Work through them. You'll feel better. Yes,
you can.

In closing, the self-help treatment of
laughter brings the mind and body back into
balance. It's fun and free. Simply, believe
in yourself.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Objective Editing

Writing Method

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Most writing projects, sooner or
later, must go through the editing

"It's difficult to edit my own work."
Some writers remarked.

"Wish it was an easier way to edit." A
writer said.

Still, a few writers never edit, because
they write error-free.

The rest of us have to find an editing
method that works. Specifically, an
editing method that's comfortable and
easy to work with.

A couple other options are available to
writers. Writers can hire someone to edit,
or barter with a friend/relative.

During the time a recession is circling,
not many people can afford to pay someone
to edit.

The terms of bartering have to be documented,
agreed to and every T crossed.

Or, try an easy method to editing. It's
called the Objective Editing method. Let's
look at how it works.

Set your writing project aside. The longer a
writing project is, the more time should be
spent away from it. On a dead-line? Take as
much time away from your writing project as

Return to the writing project. Prepare to
edit. Only, look at it objectively. Edit the
writing project as if you're an editor. Look
at it as belonging to someone else. Start the
editing process.

In other words, distance yourself from the
writing project. Return to it refreshed,

The Objective Editing method is freeing.
There's no thinking about "your work." It's
easier to see writing errors when the
writing project isn't your own, and the editing
process is done faster.

In conclusion, the Objective Editing method
is easy to use, and the editing process is
done faster.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Manage Anxiety

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What's Anxiety?
Anxiety is worrying about what
could happen. It's the feeling,
need, to do well, but there's

Common Occurrence
Anxiety is a common occurrence.
It happens when there's a recession,
death in a family, exams or fear of

Anxiety Attack
It's exam day, for example, and you knew
it was coming. Still, you're eager to take
the test, but uneasiness showed up.
Perhaps, sweaty palms and pretzel stomach
popped-in. Often, the feeling to empty your
stomach's contents happens.

A Friend
"Ready for the test?" A friend asked.

"Wish it was over." You said.

Sound familiar?

The behavior becomes a pattern. A recession,
death of a love one or fear pushes the same
reactions to the surface.

Managing Anxiety

1. Stop eating or drinking caffeine and
sugar. It has been proven that caffeine
and sugar increases anxiety.

2. Exercises. An early morning walk,
exercises for beginners or yoga can help
with anxiety.

3. Laugh at yourself. When you catch
yourself worrying needlessly, laugh.
Don't take yourself so seriously.

4. Write down a fear or problem. Look
at it. Work through it. Yes, you can.

5. Step out of your comfort zone.

"I want to apply for that job, but not
sure." You doubted.

Stop doubting or listening to the "can't"
voice. Instead, try it. You may fail/succeed,
but you worked through the anxiety about
it. Be proud. Treat yourself.

6. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly
through the mouth. Repeat.

7. Pass it. An anxiety attack is starting,
let it pass. Fear of a bully, for instance,
causes the heart to race. Remind yourself
to tell the appropriate authorities. Have
a plan prepared of what you'll say/do, and
let the anxiety attack pass.

8. Stay positive. There aren't any quick
fixes to managing feelings of anxiety, but
a "can do" attitude helps.

9. Health-care visit. Make sure your body
isn't deficient in minerals, and your
hormone levels are normal.

10. Every morning smile. You're alive to
get another chance at your goals. No goals?
It's time to set one, two or three.

Anxiety is a common occurrence that happens
for various reasons. With time and patience,
anxiety can be managed with a "can do"


Friday, October 28, 2011


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Why Keep A Journal?

The reasons to keep a journal is
personal, varies. Some writers,
people, prefer to avoid the
routine of documenting daily.

Today, lives are full and a re-
organization is needed to fit-in
another activity. There aren't
many people that would take such
a step for journal keeping.

A journal comments on culture, life
as it's lived.

Culture goes through changes. Culture
in the USA, 1950, is different than
USA, 2011. The many changes include
technology, methods of transferring
knowledge to new generations and the
economic down-turn.

Specifically, land-lines were in
almost every house-hold in the USA,
1950. House-holds in the USA, 2011,
have cell phones, and very few of
the occupants have land-lines.

Journals would've noted the switch
from land-lines to cell phones as
well as news reports about them. A
journal's remarks by friends and
relatives before cell phones became
popular, most likely, could be found.

Journals are a storage of writing
ideas. A possible writing idea:
Are cell phones a necessity or health
risk? Arguments can be made for both
sides of the question.

Methods of transferring knowledge and
the economy's up/downs are more
writing ideas.

Explore the transference of knowledge
to next generations. The process
is the best it can be? If no, how can
it be improved? Spin your answers into
articles, fiction too.

An idea relating to fiction could be
that someone has control of certain
human beings through cell phones. Yet,
some human beings escaped. Why?

A person, writer, jotting down changes
in the economy could offer advice from
his/her journal. At least, mention the
past vs. present situation. Or, a version
of it can be used. Modified? Simple
life adjustments make a difference?

In closing, journals provide a look
at changes in culture and stores tons
of writing ideas.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Ways To Ignite Creative Flow

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Writer's Block

A writer's creative flow or writer's
block stops producing at inconvenient
times. There's no warning. Writers
are left staring at a blank computer
screen, playing paper basketball with
the nearest wastebasket or finger
tapping a tune out.

I've discovered, from years of writing,
ways to ignite creative flow and stop
writer's block. The following lists
10 ways to ignite your creative flow.

1. What to write? You're working on a
writing project, and creative flow
decided to nap. Stop fretting. Take
a deep breath.

What would fit well into the writing
project? Is there an aspect that you
haven't considered? Or, a different
angle works better? Allow creative
flow to weigh in and then start the
writing process.

2. Pick an event that happened during
the last 24 hours. The event grabbed
your attention and continued to nag
at your creative flow. The moment it
happens, begin jotting down notes.
Figure-out how to share it. Is the
better view through fiction, non-
fiction or poetry?

3. A gathering of any kind is a storage
of possible writing ideas to nudge
creative flow, and push writer's block
to the curb. A family group togetherness
or holiday offers many writing ideas.

Have you listened to toddlers agreeing
on a movie to watch?

"No, don't wanna watch it." Toddler number
1 cried.

"I wanna." Toddler 2 said.

"Nooo." Toddler 3 screamed.

Several non-fiction articles could be
written before the family get-together

4. The experience of a life time piece.
It's the experience that had a profound
influence on you.

One of the profound experiences in my life:
I was unjustly fired from a job. It was the
focus of my book, Grave Street House, and

The point is to get information from life
and write about it.

5. Write a piece that's different from
what you normally do. A poem, for example.

6. Make-up a sentence to shape writing

The rain driven snow pounded all night.

You get any ideas from the statement?
Make-up some of your own.

7. Ghost-writers address writing needs.

What form would your answer take to
stir-up creative flow or stop writer's

8. Pick your ideal place to be. How would
your essay start? A travel writing article?

9. Grab the book you thought was poorly
written. Your book?

10. Write about your favorite time of the
year. Why is it your favorite? Could you
sell the article?

The ten ways to stimulate creative flow
and stop writer's block is a writer's tool,
but shape-it to fit your needs.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Successful Writers: Write

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Successful writers write through
stress, approaching dead-lines
when more is required than the
three paragraphs you've written
or as creative flow goes on strike.

"I've written the paragraphs ten
times, and can't think of anything
else to write." A writer said.

"Too many ideas, can't sleep." A few
writers shared.

The above statements are a result of
stress, but successful writers don't
allow it to stop them.

Stop stress blockages by writing
anything related to the paragraphs
or written work. Distance yourself
from the writing project for as long
as possible.

Come-back to it refreshed and with
new writing ideas. Continue developing
your writing ideas. There's a chance that
the original writing idea has lost its
appeal. Don't waste time on a writing
idea going nowhere.

Begin exploring the new writing idea.
Write anything about it. Random writing
stimulates the creative process. Writing
ideas will take shape. The more you write,
the more stimulation for your creative

If writing about a specific topic fails to
help, write about any subject. Pick a
topic that's new to you. It'll push you to
write more. Perhaps, do some research? The
goal is to write.

An approaching dead-line demands a finished
writing project. A met dead-line makes a
statement about your professionalism.

First, take a deep breath, two and

Select any phrase in your writing project
as the dead-line grows closer. Write about
the phrase. Pick a second and third phrase,
if necessary.

Is there a funny aspect to your topic?
The funny line, sentence, takes your
mind off the dead-line and frees your
creative flow.

Sometimes, creative flow takes a rest.
Still, successful writers write, but how?

One method to encourage creative flow
is to write down why you can write.
Look at it. Move pass it. Go back to
your writing project and complete it.

It helps to look at research about a
writing project and then spin-out your
own writing project. It's time to pass
your goal, and writing is the way to
do it.

Creative flow can be stimulated by
research, writing.

Successful writers use writing, research,
when stressed about dead-lines that can't
be ignored, and when creative flow wants
a time-out.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plan to Kill Saudi Ambassador Foiled

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Saudi Ambassador to the United States

U.S. agents, Tuesday, stopped a plan
to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to
the United States, per U.S. Attorney
General Eric Holder.

The plan "is a fabrication," Spokesman
for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
stated Tuesday.

Court documents filed in federal court
point the finger at Manssor Arbabsiar
and Gholam Shakuri for the failed attack.

They "were part of a well-funded and
pernicious plot that had, as its first
priority, the assassination of the Saudi
ambassador to the United States, without
care or concern for the mass casualties
that would result from their planned
attack," Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney
for the New York southern district.

According to The New York Times, the
Justice Department described a plan
of international proportion.

Gholam Shakuri, an Iran member of Iran's
Qods Force, is in the special operations
unit of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps that's said to sponsor and
promote terrorist activities abroad, FBI.

Arbabsiar secretly planned with Shakuri
to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to
the United States. The Justice Department's
criminal complaint.

Arbabsiar "confessed" to his part in the
alleged plan and gave specific details,
U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder.

The plan was "conceived, sponsored and
directed from Iran," Holder.

The suspects are an Iranian and an
Iranian-American from Texas per NBC

Shakuri isn't in custody.

The case, dubbed Operation Red Coalition,
started in May when an Iranian-American
from Corpus Christi, Texas went to a DEA
informant for help that stirred-in a
Mexican drug cartel, ABC News.

The suspect thought he had contacted a
member of the Zetas Mexican drug
organization, per ABC.

The U.S. government will take action
against the Iranian government as soon
as Tuesday afternoon.

The Mexican government was instrumental
in the investigation, Holder.

The case illustrates that we live in a
world where borders and boundaries are
increasingly irrelevant, FBI Director
Robert Mueller.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

H4llow33n N1ght

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I jumped out of a light sleep as the wind
tapped on my window pane. The clock read
eleven p.m.

"Don't go to the Halloween party." A
voice in the depths of mind said.

I splashed back on the bed, pondered
about going. I dozed. A ringing cell
phone woke me.

"Hey, Anna," I answered.

"Sound like you're waking up."


"Get ready for the party."

"Not going, tired."

"Beverly Coppla, been knowing you
five years and we're best friends."


"Feeling, again?" Anna laughed. "That's
why you don't want to go?"

"Hmm," Beverly paused, "I wanted to rest
this Halloween weekend."

"Jack's really into you."

"He's a womanizer and no telling what

"But he's rich, and it's his family's
cosmetic company we work for."

"Still, a womanizer."

"If you don't go, I'll be by myself."

"Most likely, others from work will be

"Beverly, do this for me. Besides, he's
only two streets over from you."

"I...I don't feel like a party."

"How can you say no? Jack's almost your

"Why are you..."

"I asked you to go with me, favor."


"Guess I'll spend the night getting
drunk, alone."

"Anna, come to my apartment," I offered.
"We'll microwave popcorn and watch some

"I really need to go to Jack's party."


"Just want to."

"What's the real reason?"

"I kinda told Jack you and I were coming
to his party, and his uncle likes me."

"You shouldn't have accepted for me. Hmm,
Jack's uncle has to be twice your age,
like sixty."

"If you don't go, I'm dead." Anna laughed.
"Jack's uncle is richer, yay."

"I'll go this time, but don't do this

"Yay, got it."

"Pick me up, Anna."

"Meet me there."

"Anna, she hung up."

I showered and then dressed in jeans,
sneakers and a jacket.

My mind's voice kept cautioning me not
to go. I shrugged it off.

I walked out of my apartment building,
knew Jack's address. Females twenty-five,
like me, and under received his contact
information as part of job training.

The trick or treaters were out in full
force. Some parents held their children's
hands and candy bags. A few parents stared
at me, or was it my imagination over-flowing?

My mind's voice began to nag me.

A person in black passed me, knife in hand.
Someone screamed as he or she passed. The
people, everything, moved in slow motion.
I looked at the lady who screamed. She pointed
at the person in black, and discussed him/her
with the man with her.

"Run!" My mind's voice screamed.

Fear riveted me in the spot where I stood.
The sea of people scattered. I tried to move,
right foot then left, to no avail. My vocal
cords refused to push a scream out.

"Take a deep breath." My mind's voice
repeated several times.

The deep breaths shook fear away.

"Come with me." The person in black
grabbed my arm.

"No." I wiggled free. "Who are you?"

The person in black sounded familiar,
but I couldn't place a name to the voice.
I wasn't sure if it was a male or female.

The person in black lunged at me, still
holding the knife. A scream slipped out
of my mouth.

"Dat person gotta a knife." Someone in
the street yelled.

I ran, person in black caught me. He or
she put the knife to my throat. I pounded
my heel into his or her foot as hard as
possible. He or she moaned, dropped the
knife. The person in black reached for my
neck. I kicked him or her below the waist.
To my surprise, she wasn't male.

She jumped at me, pinned me against a car.
I twisted, turned, trying to free myself.

"Wait." I wanted to stop this person from
possibly killing me.

"Shut up!"

"Hmm, Anna?"

The person in black didn't say a word.

She pulled my hair, like Anna had done as
a joke several times before. I had no
choice, but to fight for my life.

I snatched off the black mask.

"Anna, why?"

"Joke, Jack, but you ruined it."

I poked her in the eyes, punched her
face with all my might. I ran, looked
back to see her staggering toward me.

I stopped, faced her.

"Just wanted a better life and Jack's
uncle..." Anna welled-up with emotion.

"Our friendship is over." I returned home
as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Own A Business?

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Own a business to make the decisions.

Your business, mission, is formed. It's your
vision of what a business should be, and
rewarding to see it happen. There's little
or no cost to own/operate a small business.

A small business affords you the choice of
picking who to work with.

Specialize in a particular niche, or set-up
the business with more than one product
or service.

A small business allows you to branch-out.

Lastly, a small business can be operated
on a part-time basis until you feel/think
running it full-time is best.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Writer's Belief

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A writer must have a strong belief
in his/her writing projects. Self-doubt
stops writer from trying, succeeding.
All people, no matter the profession,
have successes and failures. Writers
improve from failures.

Failures push a writer to look closer
at a writing project, and discover why
it didn't make the cut or was published.

Failures that grab the attention helps a
writer to move forward and avoid the same
mistakes. Still, failure/rejection, can
be painful. It should be looked at as a

A motivator to do better, reach higher. A
writer internalizes the motivating force
of being the best he/she is capable of.
Each day work toward a better you, the

Work on your craft, and recite the writer's
belief: I believe in me, my talent. Say it
as many times as necessary to ignite working,
writing. Some days are harder than others to
get motivated, write.

Often, there will be people to stop you from

"Take-off today." A friend said.

"You not gettin' nowhere writin' anyways." One
relative reminded.

"Only, a few make money, get famous or are
remembered." A few people shared.

Yes, the nay-sayers throw all kinds of
reasons not to write your way.

It's up to you. Repeat the writer's belief.
Hold on to your own beliefs while others slam-
down excuses.

Remember, if you don't believe in yourself
and talent then you're prey for anyone.

Don't be afraid to jot down the writer's belief.
Pin it on a wall, door, mirror and anywhere
you can see encouraging words.

In closing, writers must believe in their
talent, writing projects or be prey for
anyone. Recite the writer's belief as often
as needed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

They're Threatening To Shut-Down Government

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

"They're threatening to shut-down
the government to get what they
want," Senator Harry Reid, Democrat
majority leader.

A government shut-down circles as
the House while Republican leadership
refuses to agree to a bill to fund
the government that demanded cuts
in programs like aid for victims of
Hurricane Irene and similar programs.

The legislation didn't pass by a
small margin Wednesday. Conservatives
see the bill as a high level spending
spree, and Democrats pushed it away
due to costs.

A bill is needed to keep the government
from shutting-down through November 18th.
There's a matter of days for Congress to
come to an agreement, or fix the problem.

"We continue to work on a responsible
plan that can pass the House," House
speaker, John A. Boehner- Ohio Republican.

Normally, funds for disasters get
bi-partisan support. Only, this year
Republican leaders maintained that
supplemental emergency funds be
balanced by spending cuts.

"Now it's time to pass the Senate
disaster aid bill," House Minority
Leader, Nancy Pelosi-- San Francisco
Democrat-- said on a Twitter Post.

The Federal Emergency Management
Agency's disaster fund for floods,
tornadoes, hurricanes and wild-fires
is due to run-out Monday.

"It's with great sadness that we
even have to have a debate about
it," Pelosi on the House floor.

The House bill leaned toward a loan
program for alternative energy vehicle
manufacturing to pay for more
aid to victims of Hurricane Irene
as well as other disasters.

Forty-eight Republicans opposed the
measure, and it failed 195 to 230
according to reports.

Law-makers are to recess Friday for
the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana next

Last week, the Senate passed a larger
FEMA aid package without balanced
spending cuts. No one knows if the
Senators will throw their support
toward the disaster package. It's an
up-hill battle for the bill.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Story Ideas?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Authors get story ideas from life,
family members or social networks.
Each author will provide a different
answer. Everyone have a different
view of the world, or gather story
ideas differently.

I was unjustly fired from a job some
years ago. From time to time, I'd
jot down accounts of what happened.
Writing down incidents helped me see
the situation clearer as well as
moving me forward in life.

I kept looking at what was written,
and decided to write a book. My book,
Grave Street House, was published in

An excerpt from Grave Street House.

When I walked onto my street heads
bobbed and turned,
some people cried. They knew the horror
awaiting him. A few drifted into their
places of security. The homeless intruder
wobbled, stumbled on his way into the
House. They reacted with clear warnings
to stay out. He ignored them. He, slowed
down, whirled his head toward me with
fear in his eyes. I motioned with my
hand for him to come back. I rushed
closer to the House, forced my way
through the mob of people.

Family is an excellent source for story
ideas. Have your family talked around a
secret, no one knew what really happened?
An idea is to do research to find out
the facts and then write about it.

A second story idea is of a certain
family member's favorite word- dang.
The word could become that of a
fictional character.

A third story idea from family is
relatives re-telling what happened
to a neighbor on a wintry night.

Networks, like Twitter, offers an
author various story ideas. Look at
any tweet to get a story idea. Find
a tweet that would interest a large
segment of the population. Spin-out
an attention grabbing title. Work
the story idea. Let your creative
flow run free.

In closing, authors get story ideas
from anywhere that they go. It's a
matter of picking one with large

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

NBC News Twitter Account Hacked

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NBC News Twitter account, on Friday
afternoon, was hacked. Messages
detailing a false report of a plane
crash on the site of where New
York's twin towers were destroyed
September 11, 10 years ago, were

The Script Kiddies are taking
credit for hacking the Twitter
feed of NBC News. A number of
tweets like the following were

"Breaking News! Ground Zero has
just been attacked. Flight 5736
has crashed into the site,
suspected hijacking. more as the
story develops."

The hacking came just two days
before America marks its 10th
anniversary of the 2001 terrorist

"We are working with Twitter to
correct the situation and sincerely
apologize for the scare that could
have been caused by such reckless
and irresponsible act," NBC News
in a statement.

The Twitter account was later
suspended, but the false tweets were
sent quickly per reports.

The Business insider called it a
"disgusting 9/11 prank."

The Educational factor

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"A world-class education is the
single most important factor in
determining not just whether our
kids can compete for the best
jobs but whether America can
out-compete countries around the
world. America's business leaders
understand that when it comes to
education, we need to up our game.
That's why we're working together
to put an outstanding education
within reach for every child."
President Barack Obama, July 18,

The importance of education is
undeniable. it sets a child on
the path to success, from childhood
through adulthood.

Education stirs-in communication
skills, which are important in
everyday use and critical for
employment. Higher level jobs,
managerial positions, avail
themselves to the educated.

The educational factor gives an
ability to compete for better
jobs. The importance of education
is seen as more job opportunities
are directed toward educated people,
even during an economic down-turn.
People who bring more skills to
the table are considered first for
a job.

Knowledge is gained through education
and then comes wisdom. Knowledge helps
a child/person to become a productive
individual within that culture.

Productive people move a society,
and pass on values of that society
to the next generation. Tools, values
and skills taught effect minds,
behavior. Learned information is
recycled back into a culture for
its advancement.

An individual takes the tools, values
and skills he/she has learned and
builds. He/she makes society a better
place to live.

A society that fails to provide the
best tools, values and skills fall
prey to its own children/people.

Education starts a child on the path
to success. Verbal skills are developed
for everyday use. Later, in life,
verbal skills are needed to interact
with employers/employees. People who
learn verbal skills do better in the
work place.

The better tools, values and skills
provided to children/people, in the
long run, will allow that society to
prosper. Everyone living in that
society benefits.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confidential Information?

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Confidential by its nature means only a few
people are privy to the information, or
certain people aren't authorized to gain
access to specific information.

Confidential information is handled by sharing
it with need to know people/personnel only.

Providing confidential information to other
than those that need to know could cause
harm or worse.

In other words, confidential information is
sensitive, and should be handled with lots
of silence stirred-in.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop Your Child from Being Bullied

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Children will soon be going back to
school, and some schools have already
opened their doors. Bullying is a
problem that has found new avenues
to explore. Bullies are at school,
on the Internet and cell phones.
Stop your child from being bullied
by making it a habit of asking about
his/her school day. Keep the lines
of communication going with your

A child who never talks about school
or what's happening there rarely
shares a bullying incident.
Communication is important in
stopping your child from being

A child who normally talks with
a parent has no problem mentioning
a bullying incident. The incident
could have been a push or verbal.
Show concern, but don't argue.
Comfort your child. Find out who,
when and where. Who bullied? When
did it happen? Where did the bullying
take place? Take notes about the
incident. Determine if your child
can address the situation alone.
Let him/her know you're there, and
will help anyway possible.

The next day gently approach your

"How did your go, Billy?"

"Kevin pushed me when we were playing

"What did you do?"

"Walked away."

"Good job," Mrs. Berling said. "Tell
an adult if it happens again, and play
with your own friends."

Make a note of the second incident.

Prepare your child with ways of handling
a bully. Practice or give your child
ideas of what he/she should say to a bully.
Most times, bullies can't be reasoned with.

Often, bullies keep pressuring, bullying.
The next step is to make an appointment
to speak with a child's teacher, school
counselor and/or principal. The school
counselor may offer techniques to help
your child deal with the situation.

Mention to his/her teacher, principal,
the behavior changes due to bullying.
Most likely, your child's grades will
hit the floor too. Discuss it with the

The battle to stop your child from being
bullied is on-going. Have frequent talks
with your child to make sure the bullying
stopped. Contact teachers to, often, be
informed of situations involving your
child. Don't wait for them to phone you.

Bullying isn't a problem that goes away
in a few days. Turn to the legal system
if you're not getting help or results
from school officials.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


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"You hear that?" Penny looked at
the basement door.

"Like, I ain't hear nothin', again."
Sherry rolled her eyes toward the
ceiling. "Whatcha hearin' now?"

"Same cries."

"Like, let's go see and end it."

"I don't want to go down there,"
Penny lowered her head. "End what?"

"What ya keep hearin' when I'm ova."

It's strange."

"Like, yeah." Sherry laughed out-loud.

"I hear the cries at other times, but
always when you're here."

"Let's check it out."

"Sherry," Penny took a deep breath,
"from the day we moved in, the cries
started. It kinda scared me, but I've
heard cries and voices in other places
we've lived."

"Like, you've been livin' here 'bout
five years." Sherry looked across the
table at Penny.

"Since I was ten." Penny smiled. "You
introduced yourself before the movers
were done."

"Like, I lived on this street foreva,
know everybody." Sherry paused. "Before
ya're family moved in, Ashley and her
family lived in this house. We hung-out
in the basement and neva heard..."

Penny jumped up, opened one window to
allow the Spring breeze in. The sudden
movement interrupted and startled Sherry.

"Basement, not a good idea." Penny sat
back down and didn't comment on what
Sherry said.

"Like, Ashley's younger brother
disappeared and her father weird-out
about it." Sherry laughed. "I 'member
her brother cried all the time. My
parents talked 'bout how Ashley's dad
spent too much time in the basement
after Reg went missin'."

"They say, I'm...I'm sensitive,
gifted." Penny ignored Sherry's tale.

"Always knew ya was different." Sherry
laughed. "Like, why tell me now?"

"Thought you'd understand why we can't
go in the basement."

Sherry fixed her eyes on the basement

"Not going down there," Penny said.
"Let's do something else."

"Like, ya got money or ya're parents'
credit card?"


"Sherry stood, headed to the basement

"Stop!" Penny shouted. "Why go in
the basement?"

"Like, I'm bored and tired of the
same conversation 'bout cries."

"Let's play with my PSP, in my bedroom,"
Penny offered.

"Don't wanna." Sherry pouted.

"Sherry, my parents will be back, soon."

"Like, so."

"I have to clean-up the kitchen."

"Not gonna take long to go down there."
Sherry smiled. "I'll even help ya
clean the kitchen."

"My parents told me not to go in the
basement when they're not here."
Penny's brows furrowed.

"Like, let's go." Sherry pulled Penny
by the arm.

Penny snatched her arm away from Sherry,
and toddler stepped over to the basement
door. Sherry stepped behind Penny. Penny
unlocked the door. It flew open. The
girls ran away from the door.

"Like, what..."

"Still want to go down there, Sherry?"
Penny faced Sherry.

", yeah." Sherry trembled.

They inched back to the door, slowly
walked downstairs. Penny switched the
light on when her feet touched the
bottom step.

"Like, the same old basement." Sherry
broke the silence. "Ugly brick walls,
hot water heater and some new junk.

"Ready to go back upstairs?" Penny
turned around.

"Like, what's there to be scared of?"
Sherry laughed so hard that her full
figured body slammed against the wall,
several times.

Penny positioned her body where Sherry

The wall loosened, brick and other
debris fell to the floor.

Penny moved her lips, but no sounds
came out.

"What...what!" Penny's eyes became wide
as half dollar pieces. She stared at the
area of wall Sherry hit against.

"Like, run!" Sherry was half-way upstairs
before she called, "Penny!"

"Come-back," Penny said.

Sherry, eventually, returned. She pinned
herself to Penny's side.

"Like, what now, Penny?"

"Be quiet."

Penny looked at the debris that dislocated
itself from the wall. She ran her hands
across different sections of it, like
her hands searched for something. Penny
glued her face to the sections of wall
Sherry banged her body into.

"Like, I gotta go home." Sherry trembled.

Penny rushed over to where her father kept
his tools. She grabbed a hammer and hurried

Penny didn't hammer long before remains
were exposed.

"Like, that's it." Sherry took two steps
at a time getting upstairs.

The tapping of her designer sneakers could
be heard stomping across the floor as she
left penny's house.

Penny dropped the hammer, and didn't stop
until she was behind her locked bedroom door.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Procrastination: How To Stop It?

Discipline is required for writing as
in life. Writing improvement extends
from training and enough self-control
to write. Training and self-control
equals discipline. No one is too young
to learn the healthy habits of

Often, you have to muster-up extra
effort for discipline, writing or
reaching a goal. Dig-out a calendar
and pencil-in dates to write. Yes,
make an appointment with yourself.
If necessary, have a planned treat
after you complete the writing date
with yourself or reach a goal. Making
a writing date with yourself falls
under the heading of extra effort.

After repeated effort, you'll no
longer need to make an appointment
with yourself. Writing or reaching
a goal, in time, happens

When one writing project is finished,
go to the next one. Continue to make
goals and reach them. It's up to you
as to whether or not self-treating
goes on. Always believe in you, your
writing talent.

A person can be pushed, encouraged,
but if he/she doesn't believe in him/
herself than words will enter one ear
and exit the other. He/she is un-
changed and remains on a doubting
self path.

Doubt yourself and few others will
believe in you, your talent. It's a
matter of choice, self belief and

Life has a habit of not going your
way. Still, believe in yourself,
write and reach goals. Over time,
the writing process gets easier and
a better understanding of your
talent dawns.

Don't allow procrastination to steal
away writing goals. It's important
to actively work toward writing

Change and improvement happens when
you actively work on writing projects.
This is how goals are reached and
procrastination stopped.

It's a major accomplishment to look
at or hold finished writing projects
in your hands. Don't relax there.
Start the next writing project.
Besides, it's best to put aside
the finished writing project before
editing. Come-back on another day
to edit. A time away gives the gift
of new, better, writing ideas.

In the end, procrastination is stopped.
You're, finally, on a first name basis
with discipline.

In closing, today is a good time to
start. Sit down. Pencil-in an actual
date to stop procrastination, write
and actively work toward goals.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Personal Experience Articles

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

A personal experience article has to reach-out and spark interest. A culture where the economy is still recovering means people are stressed. The personal experience article could explain how-to improve stress levels, a topic must show how readers will benefit or provide a reason why an individual should take time to read an article.


There are people who do poorly on tests due to stress, wake-up in the early morning hours with pretzel stomachs, tend to be nervous from living life and certain situations, for some, boil-up stress automatically.

Spark Interest With A Topic

Every now and then stress wakes me up in the early morning hours with pretzel stomach. My choices: Twist-and-turn 'til it's time to get up, run down-stairs for a glass of warm milk or try a simple breathing exercise accidentally discovered.

Share How The Exercise Improves Sleep

Get comfortable. Stop moving. Clear your mind. Take deep breaths. Slowly inhale with the nose, exhale through an open mouth. Repeat for as long as necessary.

Feelings About The Topic

The early morning awakenings were becoming a problem, serious. One morning, I sighed and sighed some more. I laid there, took several deep breaths and noticed relaxation tipping in. I began to yawn, felt tired. The next sound I heard was a ringing alarm clock. I'd actually went back to sleep using deep breathing.

The deep breathing technique helped me relax, slept without medication or a visit to the health-care provider.

It'll work for those who do poorly on tests, people nervous from living life and calm when certain situations boil-up stress.

End Thoughts

Use more or less deep breathing as needed. Test stress, for instance, may require less deep breathing than what's used for sleeping. The technique is an alternative and not a replacement for health-care providers.


In conclusion, the personal experience article involves deciding on a topic, grabbing interest, explaining your experience, feelings on the topic and changes experienced.


Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Write Effective Query Letters

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

The query letter shows an editor your
writing style, knowledge of the
publication, spelling/grammar
awareness and professionalism.

The editor grabbing article query
letter displays, in a page,
qualifications to write a specific
piece. You become qualified to write
for the publication after reviewing
writer's guidelines, and an examination
of several issues to understand
the target market.

Most editors prefer a query letter
over the completed manuscript. They
get tons of information, manuscripts,
thrown at them, daily. Editors have
turned to "no unsolicited submissions."

The article query letter is a way to
introduce you, your writing, to editors.
The query letter shows the editor your
writing style, knowledge of the
publication, spelling/grammar awareness
and professionalism. A query letter,
too, allows an editor to peel-in his/her
feedback. He/she may suggest a different
view-point to cover, for example.

Sometimes, if an editor liked your
writing style, he/she will offer you
another assignment, even though your
idea didn't make-it in the door.

The query letter is written in standard
business form. Your name, address and
other contact information is typed at
the top. Date the query letter. Address
it to an editor, actual name.

Hook the editor in sentence one with
an interesting idea. The hook can ask
a question, provide information, be a
personal experience anecdote or spot-
light a problem.

The editor is reading about your idea.
Make the pitch.

The pitch, second paragraph, explains
what you're offering. You'll expose
what's to be included in the piece,
article length and how your piece fits
his/her publication.

Paragraph three mentions your credentials,
samples, that makes you the only one to
write the article. Point-out work
published in like publications.

The query letter ends with a thank you
for an editor's time.

In closing, when an editor is interested
in the article, send it right away.
Remember, remind an editor of the request
for your article. Article titles are cited
in query letters and reminders.



Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Twi-Haiku, known as Twitter poetry,
is micro-poetry or short poems.
Twi-Haiku is described by how brief,
short, it is. Brief, not long ago,
usually referenced Haiku.

Micro-blogging changed that. Micro-
blogging created a new place for
Twi-Haiku, and an option for today's

Our society, for the most part, is
fast-paced. Micro-poetry fits a need.
People live life multi-tasking, but
enjoy expressing themselves poetically.
Longer poetic forms don't appeal for
any number of reasons.

It takes time to get comfortable with
a longer poetic form. People are short
on time, and there's not enough hours
in a day to learn the various poetry
forms. Some people want to do more
relaxing than learning in their free

People are looking to stress down in
the small amount of free time
available to them.

The idea of writing micro-poetry is
fun, and it allows to the point
thoughts without spending tons of time.
Editing, if necessary, is brief too.

Twi-Haiku publishes poetry to a large
number of people. It provides an
audience, and a different audience
for poetry.

Twi-Haiku promotes micro-poetry, gives
an opportunity to hone the craft and
reach-out to other poets, people.

A Twi-Haiku must be written in 140
characters or less. Twi-Haiku is a
Twitter organization.

Twi-Haiku is a place where Twitter
and poetry come-out to play, be seen.

It's an online application, and the
process to get an account is simple.
Type-in a user name, pick a password
and answer the security question.

Twi-Haiku is for poets to discuss,
read, contribute, rate and follow.
Users can vote and search for poems
that grab their attention, like other
social networking web sites. Twi-Haiku,
in this way, users influence content/

Twi-Haiku's mission statement "is to offer
free, alternative and authoritative
literature resource and one stop environment
for everyone looking not only for new
reading experience, but also for opportunity
to shape that experience by taking active
role in its creation."

The link for Twi-Haiku is:


Beautiful colors,

wings flutter in air or land,

on you brings fortune.


Marcella Glenn


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Passion Not Shared

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

People Who Don't Share Your Passion

Writing, as with any passion, is as
unique as an individual. It's not
un-common to be around people who
don't share your passion. Passion
not shared has been around since
humans were required to do specific
tasks, work together, if only for
the time to get a task done.

The advice is not complicated.
Learn to tolerate those who don't
share your passion. Be fair with
them. He/she could be a friend.
The two of you could agree to

The choices for you: Live with it
or depart from his/her company.

True friends are hard to find, and
no one should end a friendship
without careful thought.

A friend who nags you about your
passion can be grounds to depart
from his/her company. Have you
been asked the following?

"Why do you write?" A friend/
relative. "I mean you've been
doing it forever and you're

"I don't look at it that way."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Many writers in literature..."

"But you're not one of them." The
friend/relative cut you off and

If how you're wasting time with a
passion is the topic of conversations
with a friend/relative, it's time
to move away from that person.

An option is to not share your
passion with someone who dislikes
it. Enjoy the company of a friend/
relative, if you can. Keep quiet
about new developments in regard
to your passion.

Realistically, passion not shared
can hurt a relationship, even
destroy it. Comments, remarks,
made about passion not shared
becomes stressful, and will stir-up
doubts. You'll wonder if a change
of passion is needed. Is the
discomfort worth staying in a
relationship when passions aren't

Passion is as different as each
person. A choice has to be made:
Passion or your disagreeing friend/

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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Closer Look At The Haiku

The Haiku, known as Hokku before the 19th century ended, is a form of Japanese poetry.

Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902) was the writer credited for Haiku's name. He was influenced by Western culture. Shiki leaned toward the European notion of plein air painting, and he adjusted a style of Haiku, nature drawing in words.

The words plein air painting is french which means "in the open air." It describes out-door painting.

Shiki's verse columns, essays and views became popular in newspapers.

Shiki made Haiku his own by peeling away any resemblance to Buddhism and collaborative poetry. He moved away from the term Hokku, and put forth the term Haiku. The name Haiku has been used in English and Japanese to reference this poetry form, even though the term was around before Shiki.

The traditional Japanese poetry form spoke of nature and what place humans had in it.

Haiku poems are written in 17 syllables, moras. The mora is a sound unit, like a syllable. Moras don't translate well. So, syllables are used.

Haiku poems are 3 un-rhymed lines. The first and last lines holds 5 syllables, and its middle displays 7 syllables.

Some people read nature tales, take hikes or nature walk to prepare for Haiku poetry writing.

Haiku Poems

An old silent pond...

A frog jumps into the pond,

splash! Silence again.


the first cold shower

event the monkey seems to want

a little coat of straw


Basho Matsuo


Over the wintry

forest, winds howl in rage

with no leaves to blow.


how many gallons

of Edo's rain did you drink?





The wind driven storm

blows an ocean upon land,

splitting it in half.


jump 'way grasshopper

the blades will cut you down too-

its bag swallows.


Marcella Glenn


Friday, July 8, 2011

To Write Or Not

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Secret Writers

Writers, people, have the choice to
write or not as with any option.
Passion has to be mixed into
writing, to do it well. Passion
is a key factor for writers.

Passion, strong feelings, encourages
a writer to jot down four paragraphs
or more on the don't-feel-like-writing
days. It's the igniter when a writer
wants to edit tomorrow, next week.
Passion pulls a writer back to a
writing project.

Passion insures that a writer gets
pass the haters and nay-sayers.
Haters and nay-sayers force secret
writers to stay in closets. They,
too, crush a writer's ability to
stand-up as a writer.

"Get a real job." A hater said to
a friend or relative.

"You can't write." The nay-sayer
sneered. "'Cause you ain't gettin'

Many jobs, positions, exist where
people don't receive payment, money.
The term for it is intern or internship.

The writer provides writing talent,
and an organization benefits from
a writer's skills. The writer learns
a new skill. Sometimes, the writer
learns more than originally agreed on.

Writers, for the most part, are curious
and like learning new skills. Stir-in
passion with a writer's curious
nature and word pictures happen.

Secret writers shouldn't deny themselves
an opportunity to openly write. If you're
a secret writer, you've made the choice
to write. It's one step out of the closet.

A rejection slip is a part of the writer's
life. It's in the same category as haters
and nay-sayers.

Look through work rejected by a publisher
to find reasons it didn't get published.
Occasionally, publishers will explain
why you received a rejection slip,
rejection of the piece.

Secret writers expressing themselves
in blogs or using social web sites
have half-stepped out of the closet.
Simply, writer-up and be read.

I know from experience how hard it is
to quiet the passion for writing. It
refuses to be still and unexposed.

I can't imagine the plight of the
secret writer.

I, personally, look for positions that
will teach me a new skill, and where
my talents roll-out successes.

People, writers, have the choice to write
or not. Writers shouldn't let haters and
nay-sayers push them into being secret
writers. Call on your passion for help.


Monday, July 4, 2011


Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Exercise to Inspire Writing

I'm always looking for writer
inspired exercises, methods,
techniques. I stumbled on
inspire-cise, like to take credit
for its creation, by free writing.

Free writing, as you know, is
scribbling down anything that
comes to mind.

Inspire-cise can be used for
writing fiction, non-fiction or

Inspire-cise uses your living-space,
anything within that space, to
inspire writing. Inspire-cise is
a writing exercise that's easy
and fun to work with.

Let's get started. Look within
your living-space for an inspired
writing idea.

Living-space is a room, car,
trailer, cabin, house or basement.
Focus on the difference that makes
your space unique. Is there something
in your living-space that has to be
written about, or you have specific
knowledge to share.

A step-by-step guide to building
a shelf, replacing a floor or earning
money as a window washer is under

Sometimes, your creative flow, attention,
lands on a fixture that ends in a
writing idea.

My eyes ran to the window, within my
living-space. The window isn't big,
but not average size either. The
following took shape.

I yawned several times as wind driven
rain tapped at the window pane. My
clock beamed two thirty a. m.

"Take today off." A voice in the depths
of my mind said.

I splashed back onto the bed and
pondered if Darkid would execute his
threats against my employer, Burger Mart.

Darkid worked every position at Burger
Mart, even the manager's job. What
happened to turn Darkid on Burger Mart?

My buzzing cell phone broke into my
thoughts, and the caller was Darkid.

"Don't do it, Darkid."

"Do what?"

"Everybody knows about your threats."

He laughed.

The line went dead.

My creative flow mixed window into
paragraphs of fiction, to move in any
direction or path.

Often, you'll begin inspire-cise with
one thought, and end with new thoughts.

Inspire-cise works with old and current
writing ideas too.

It's done by selecting a word, phrase
or line that's related to the subject.
Simply, start writing about the word,
phrase or line. Focus on the unique
aspect of the subject or just write.

Sit the writing project aside when
you're done. Go-back in a day or two.
You'll be refreshed and ready to
work with the new writing ideas.

Inspire-cise is a writing exercise
that uses your living-space, anything
within that space, to inspire writing.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration: It's Found Near And Far

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Reach In Any Direction for Inspiration

There's no shortage of inspiration,
because it's in life, God, Google
or people. Reach in one or all of
the mentioned places to be inspired.
Inspiration is sitting there, waiting
for a chance to show-off in a
writer's project.

"Which direction should I reach into?"
You asked out-loud.

The direction is up to you. Let's
narrow down a possible category.
What's comfortable for you? Life?

Life offers a boundless feast of
inspiration. Take inventory of
your life. Or, take a close look
at any life.

Is there a disability you'd like
to write about? Bring insight to
a condition? Did something happen
that is begging to be written
about? A crisis in a friend's
life would benefit others if shared.
You know of a better way to handle
stress? Many would benefit.

What stood-out on Monday, Wednesday
or Saturday?

You received an award. A step-by-step
guide to tell others how to get the
award is write-worthy.

A mystery showed itself. People have
wondered about a certain mystery for
years, even you. One day, you were
trying to piece it together and the
solution dawned. Write a whodunit.
The list can go on.

Peel away any moment in life to
spin-out fiction, non-fiction or

The next category is God. Writers
take information, small or big, to
carve a word picture.

"In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1,
"New World Translation of the Holy

I took a passage from the bible at

Some people have a different view-
point, and believe in evolution.
The theory, with evolution, is that
all species evolved, developed,
from earlier forms.

An essay to address it, your belief,
is a possible writing project.

A second writing idea: Create a
world that displays a third view-
point on the development of man,
plants, the moon.

The third writing idea spot-lights
dinosaurs, extinct prehistoric
reptiles. Why are they extinct?
Smaller versions alive today?

Pin-point other aspects of God
to write about. Your own
experiences as it relates to God?

A direction to look into as
inspiration is Google. Google
as a spring-board to inspiration
involves many features to pick

Google's features is a place to
start, G-mail is but one. The
name, corporation or business
mission are directions to explore.

Would you like to imitate Google?
A goal based on Google's mission
in a specific area? The choice
is up to you, the writer.

Last, people near and far, are
full of inspiration. People bouncing
about everyday, in a different culture,
can set a writer's creative flow
into action.

Have you talked with someone, listened,
and writing ideas zoomed to mind. A
person's mannerisms is fictional
character friendly. A problem re-told
five times pushed you to do research
and write about it?

Inspiration is found near and far, in
any direction. Look for inspiration in
life, God, Google or people.

Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Make Time for Writing

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

It's easy to give yourself excuses
for not making time to write,
and complaining that a writer's
work is sub-standard.

Before long, people will make fun
of you. When words related to
writing part-from your lips, most
will ignore you or nod. Like:

"Sure," A friend.

Or, slice-away two hours, during
the morning or evening, for writing.
When to write is up to you, your

The early morning hours, before
your day begins could work well.
Dawn may suit you better. Midnight
is the hour?

Select the same time each day for
writing. It'll become a good
writing habit. It's never too
soon to develop good writing
habits. This time is just for
you, your writing.

Prior to writing time, as you're
preparing to write, think writing
thoughts. Look at a specific
writing idea inside-out. How will
you start writing it? What angle?
What information will be included?

You'll write, often, more than two
hours. Some days, less than two
hours of writing will get produced
by you.

Life is always throwing curves and
blocks. Continue to write through
them. A few written paragraphs has
the ability to make you feel better
than not to have done any writing
at all.

"I still don't know what to write?"
You sighed.

Write a poem. Fiction? Non-fiction?
Or, write anything that comes to mind,
free writing.

The word sun popped into my mind,
for example. Turn the word into a
poem. I came-up with Limericks.

Ms. Sun

There was a lady called Ms. Sun
Of whom ate a large steak bun.
The wastebasket, she bent
Her stomach lost its contents,
On the floor she muttered, "Hun."

The second Limerick follows.

Here comes picky Jenny
Searching for a certain penny.
Lost years ago.
Or, so told by Ringo
Another story is being spread by Lenny.

Take a look at the last Limerick.

A rising sunshine
Beaming on a jar of pine.
Kicked by feet.
Along the beat
Made the air smell fine.

A Limerick is a non-sense poem in five
lines, humorous. The first, second and
fifth lines rhyme with each other. The
shorter third and fourth lines rhyme.

Experiment to see where your free
writing takes you.

The word sun can spin into son, Jenny
or penny for fiction. It's up to you,
your creative flow.

Non-fiction leads to a study of the
planets, possibly. There's no limit
on your creative flow.

In conclusion, writing requires practice.
Schedule time, morning or evening,
to explore it.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Keep A Diary Or Not

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Purpose Of A Diary

The purpose of a diary is to
scribble about routines,
experiences, events and
issues that happen in life.

Certain books are sold as
diaries, journals, but
there are other ways to
record. Notebooks, lined
8 1/2 X 11 pads, index
cards and an online
file/blog, for example,
can serve as diaries.

There's no age limit
for recording in a diary.

A diary, for writers,
holds bits of writing
ideas, later to be painted
into word pictures.

Diaries are tools to keep
writer's block away too.
Jotting down bits of
writing ideas keeps a
ready supply to draw from.

Some think of a diary as
listing the day's events
before retiring, which is
fine. Write daily, weekly
or monthly. How often you
write in it is up to you.

The bits of writing within
a writer's diary must have
substance. Take a look at
the following.

-- had lunch with my mother,
talked about kids

--it's hot, humid, today- uh.

--shopping day, remember to make
a list and stick with it

The above entries wouldn't make
exciting writing projects. Would
they? Most likely, the diary
would be shoved into a draw
and ignored.

Sometimes, you're not in a place
to write long, detailed, writing
ideas. Get into the habit of
writing words, phrases, that
will ignite exactly what, when,
where, how and why of an incident.
Provide yourself key-words.

Practice to find-out the method
to best help you create writing
projects. Do you know of a
better method? If yes, stick
to it. Let me know about it.

A possible writing idea.

It's another day of busy activity
at work, lots of whispering among
Research and Development(R & D).

Key people, in R & D, are the only
ones privy to certain information
about the new project.

You go back to answering the

The day dragged near the end, but
finally closed.

You popped-up, rushed to the parking
garage and noticed Ted from R & D
conversing with a man.

"Where's the device?" The hooded
man said.

You ducked down between two parked

"I can't just walk-out with it, takes

"Your problem..."

What notes do you write about the
conversation? Do you take any notes?
Tell someone at work? Call the

Let's identify key-words.

What was talked about?

R & D's device.


Shortly after work.


Work's parking garage.


Change the name. Bill instead of Ted.
Bill exchanged information with a
hooded man.


A good question. Espionage? A joke?
Misunderstanding? Something to

The point is that each person has
a unique reason to scribble in a
diary. A diary's purpose depends
on the owner, but a writer's diary
must record bits of writing ideas
with substance.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Factors of Poetry

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with me? Leave me your opinion.


Tempo is the speed of a poem.
It swings or slows according
to the poet's mood, words or
how he/she writes a specific

A party beat poem calls for a
jog. The stroll down memories
of great grandmother requies
a slower tempo. Some poets
naturally have a slower or
faster tempo.

You poems will tell, expose,

Slice-in a slower tempo between
paragraphs of faster tempo
poems. Add a dash of pepper
to slower tempo poems.

The objective is to have a
natural flow of poetry.

Lines Vary

Lines grab attention and then
stop. They develop into two
words, three words, five words
or more. Lines beat in tempo,
sway in rhythm and dance to
your beat. Lines jump into
essays, mark stanzas, take
paragraphs at will and knead

You, the poet, determine how
lines support, shape, your

Poems are centered, set to the
left or right margin. Simply,
be creative.

A Thought

Make a note of words, thoughts,
that tickle your interests.
Concentrate on what ignites your
creative flow. Let your thoughts
flow freely.

One Incident

When one incident or thought
helps you write a poem, don't
stop. Twirl the one incident into
as many poems as possible. I've
turned the poem "Auntee" into
several different poems, one

It's written in Free Verse.
Free Verse poems aren't set
in pattern or length.

Plopping dishes in the sink
Brought those last minutes back,
Of Auntee-
The blank stares,
She slapped hands over her ears
Fighting to block something.

Eyes darting around the room
Rolling to the floor,
Struggling for a hold-
But she lost

Now, Auntee have days
When she's not trembling in fear
Pacing from the loud voices
That reside in her head,
Or screaming at space.

Awakening to focus on me
Small glitter of childhood,
Just as it was--
Then the blank wall stands up.

Brings a smile to her lips,
While Buckle My Shoe
Puts glee in her eyes.

It's my turn
To care for Auntee,
With love.


I used a flashback in the following Free Verse poem.

Auntee stares became blank,
She slapped hands over ears
Fighting to block something.

Eyes darting around the room,
She folded to her knees
Struggling for a hold
Auntee Lost.

The moment peeled away
When her dish plopped to the floor.

Now, she has days
Of trembling in fear,

Pacing from loud voices
That reside in her head,
And screams at imaginary people.

It's my turn
To care for Auntee.

In closing, lines of poetry grab attention and pause. They develop into two words, three words, five words or more. Lines beat in tempo, sway in rhythm and dance to the beat.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Memorable Character

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Make A Character Memorable

"Hope there's a sequel." A fan

"That character reminds me of a
cousin, sweet but smart." A reader

"If only I could be half as strong
in a situation like that." Someone

"His emotions were conflicted,
because he/she was on the wrong
side." A person commented. "Shame."

"The main character had looks and

Or, when a friend or relative looks
over some of your work and say,
"I'm enjoying's relaxing."

"I'm glad." A writer responded.

"I didn't know you could write like

"I try."

"I'm going to bookmark your blog,
want to visit it again." A

"Leave a comment. You might not
like some posts."

"How long have you had it?"

"Two, three or more years."


A character, in fiction, becomes
memorable by standing-up for a
cause when doing so is dangerous,
possibly life threatening.

The memorable character is placed
in a situation that makes sense.
The goal is to provide a world
readers can escape into from
theirs, and enjoy the created
world. Readers should like or
hate the main character, feel
sorry for any character. Throw
angry words at disliked
characters. Cheer for a secondary

The memorable character is gossiped
about, lied on and called unfavorable

Memorable character walks on,
chin-up, through the haters.

The taunting continues, but memorable
character finds a chip of happiness.
Some people resort to poking fun at
memorable character's life, family.
They take stabs at tampering with
memorable character's work on the

Memorable character holds onto
morals, values and beliefs to
sustain him/her.

Memorable character's enemies look
like fools, become more aggressive.

The character could call the police.

The character isn't moved, scared,
by enemies. He/she continues to
live his/her life.

Memorable character gets sick,
loved ones pass-away but enemies
hammer harder.

The character survives, to the
dismay of enemies.

Still, the character never gloats.
He/she takes each day as it comes.

Enemies hurt themselves trying to
belittle memorable character.

Memorable character, in the end,
lives well but is forever changed.
Now, how a character lives at the
end depends on the writer.

In closing, all issues, problems,
introduced are resolved at the end.
The issues, problems, slammed on a
character, how he/she handles them
and survives explodes into memorable.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ideas On Writing

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing Ideas

The answer to that starts with
whether or not you're going
to write about fiction or

Fiction is a world created by
a writer. He/she populates it
with memorable characters, an
interesting setting and a plot
that takes the reader down
various twisted paths.

Non-fiction is based on facts,
researched information. The
research route leads to the
Internet, library, interviews

Writing ideas await at home,
in gatherings and at the
doctor's office.

At home, you're sitting and
relaxing. The room is warm,
shelter from the winter season.
A sudden cold breeze push at
your back. You snap your head
around to see nothing.

The incident can be spun into
fiction or non-fiction.

In fiction, the writing idea
surrounds a haunted house.
People rumor that it's haunted
because death of a popular
person happened in the house
under suspicious circumstances,
or anyone who sleeps in a
certain room of the house
dies mysteriously.

A non-fiction idea centers
around researching owners of
one house, several generations.
The idea is to locate people
who can give eye-witness
accounts of paranormal activity.

Gatherings are opportunities for
collecting writing ideas. There's
usually more than one generation
to get writing ideas from.

A topic is talked about that
you'd like to write fiction
or non-fiction about.

Perhaps, a family secret was
whispered about. Do you write
fiction or non-fiction about
it? The choice rests in your
hands, the writer.

A possible idea follows.

"You stole grandmother's money?"
A cousin shouted.

"Weren't talkin' to ya," Billy

Mouths dropped, sighs and aws
could be heard three miles away.

What should happen next?

A non-fiction project could
focus on a study of your family.
Your idea?

The doctor's office is a place
most people would prefer not
to visit. Still, writing ideas
live there.

Have something happened in a
doctor's office you'd like to

Like: "Where's Amentis Cordo's
file?" A nurse rushed to the desk.

The lady at the front desk looked
in a wall covered file cabinet,
but couldn't find it.

"Not here."

The sound of someone bouncing
against the wall shot from the


The story has many paths to

Possible Writing Ideas

1. The accountant's job

2. What's required to be an
effective manager

3. Harmful/Helpful Sun Rays

4. Soothing Home Remedies

5. Benefits Of Relaxing On A Beach

6. The Writer's Life

7. How To Tell A Joke

8. Why Use Recycled Paper

9. Benefits Of A Smile

10. Why Write Hubs

Ideas on writing exist anywhere,
everywhere. Be the sponge to soak
them up.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Write Poetry

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Poetry Forms

Ideas for poetry, poetry forms,
are in experiences, something
dreamed, from books or at work.

A past relationship offers tons
of poetry friendly material.
Write about how the relationship
improved, hindered, you. Week
one gave a display of two people
completely wrong for one another.
Only, you were committed and
decided to go where it led.

In a dream, you conversed with
ladies and gentlemen of another
time. Imagine the poetry that
can be created. Research will
guide you to language of the era.

Characters from books are an
endless supply of poetry ideas.
Each book has a unique world
with interesting characters.
Your poetry should be as
different and individual as the
original works.

The work place is stuffed full
of poetry ideas. Every office,
individual, have a tale. The
decorations are possible
creations. Leave no door closed
when on the look-out for poetry


Some poetry forms use lyrics
that are set to music. Words
picked for a song opens the
mouth, not close it. Simple
words work well. The Sonnet's
first eight lines are termed
sestet. Line eight marks the
ending of a sentence.

In other words, introduce the
theme, develop it, continue and
the sestet takes a new direction.
Carry the new direction to a
point and end.


A Haiku poem is the well known
Japanese form. The structure for
the Haiku form is three lines:
five syllables in line one, seven
syllables for line two and line
three is five syllables.

Rain beat at my pane
While flowers blossom proudly
In my room I sit.


The Villanelle explodes on the
page with five three line stanzas
and ends with a Quatrain.

Line one in stanza one becomes
line three of stanzas two and
four. In stanza one, line three
takes number three position
within stanzas three and five.
Lastly, stanza one's line three
grabs fourth position of the
last stanza.


I survived deceit
Of family and friends
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.

I refuse retreat
Standing strong without kin-
I survived deceit.

For all to see I'm complete
On top about to spin,
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.

Segregated at new feats
Still, mobs try to descend in-
I survived deceit.

Success manage to beat
Snake tongued ones wonder how-when,
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.

I'm not afraid of heat
Fighting to some end,
I survived deceit
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.


A stanza or poem with four
lines is a Quatrain.


His stare was razor sharp
fear tipped up my spine,
shots rang out
the store was robbed.

Ideas for poetry are everywhere.
Explore them as I did in my book
of poems, "Piece Of Life."


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