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Thursday, July 29, 2010

President Obama: Racial Labels Don't Matter

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President Obama isn't concerned if
people see him as Black or Multi-
Racial, he explained on ABC's
"The View" today.

Barbara Walters wanted to know why
he didn't see himself as Bi-Racial.

Mr. Obama told of after going through
an identity crisis as a teen, it dawned
"if the world saw me as African American,
then that was something I needn't run
away from, that's something that I could
go ahead and embrace."

"I'm less interested in how we label
ourselves, I'm more interested in how we
treat each other. And if we're treating
each other right, then I can be African
American, I can be Multi-Racial, I can be
you name it, what matter is, am I showing
people respect, am I caring for other
people," he explained.

The Shirley Sherrod incident was mentioned.

"There are still inequalities out there.
There's still discrimination out there,"
he said. "But we've made progress."

There was concern, hopelessness, in the
country after his election. His administration
took steps in response to the economic decline,
such as bailing out the auto industry, became
controversial, he admitted.

"We live at a time when a lot of people are
thinking about the next election instead of
the next generation," he went on.

President Obama had criticism for being on the

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's Life In Jail

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"Lindsay was crying when she came in,"
Tiffany Hawes, was set-free as Lohan
entered jail. We started saying, 'God
bless you Lindsay.'

Lohan was allowed to take prescription
drugs, like attention deficit disorder
drug Adderall per

Lohan's sentence began Tuesday at the
century Regional Detention Center-
Lynwood, California.

Her sentence was 90 days, and 90 days at
a rehab for probation violation. Her actual
stay could be less for good behavior.

New inmates are called fish. Each is given
a fish kit. It has a tube of toothpaste,
tooth brush, 3 packets of cream deodorant,
shampoo, bar of soap and a sandwich.

"Nothing is name brand. They're all generic
and cheap quality," said Michelle, former
inmate who decided not to give her last

Lohan will be housed in her cell alone, and
was placed in the special needs unit. It is
for high-profile inmates such as celebrities,
police officers and public officials who
could be targets for attack by other inmates,
said Steve Whitmore- sheriff's spokesman.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Get High Drugs Online

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Children across the country are
getting high on Internet drugs.
Teens are getting high online,
because of MP3s that send them
into a state of ecstasy.

According to Kansas News 9, it's
called "i-dosing," and an online
dealer supply the digital drugs
through head-phones.

I-dosing is droning noise and
listening to music. The web sites
promise to get you high.

"Kids are going to flock to these
sites just to see what it is about
and it can lead them to other places,"
Mark Woodward- Oklahoma Bureau of
Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs spokesman.

Teens are getting a high off of tracks to
"Gates of Hades," and it's on YouTube,
free. The first hit is free.

It's reported that those who want a constant
high can buy tracks to bring the same effects
as marijuana, cocaine, opium and peyote.

A 40 page guide explains how to get high
on MP3s.

Officials are looking closely at it.

Kansas' Mustang Public School district sent
letters to parents about it. They've banned
iPods at school, News 9 reported.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

AT&T Faults iPhone

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AT&T faults iPhone for slow upload
speeds on 3G wireless gear from
supplier Alcatel Lucent.

AT&T in a statement, Wednesday, said
the software problem in Alcatel Lucent
is restricting data upload speeds from

"AT&T and Alcatel Lucent jointly identified
a software defect- triggered under certain
conditions- that impacted uplink performance
for Laptop Connect and smartphone customers
using 3G HSUPA capable wireless devices in
markets with Alcatel Lucent equipment,"
explained Jenny Bridges, spokes-woman.

"This happens to less than 2 percent of our
wireless customer base," Bridges continued.
"White Alcatel developed the software fix- we
are providing normal 3G uplink and consistent
performance for affected customers with HSUPA
capable devices."

AT&T isn't using Alcatel Lucent gear in all
of its network. The glitch is in certain regions
of the country like: New York, Philadelphia,
Washington D. C., Salt Lake City and Seattle.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Turn Any Idea Into Fiction

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Ideas for writing fiction are
everywhere. They come from living

Take a look at your life. What event
or situation stands-out in your mind?
Stir-up the reason it was funny, sad
or shocking. Put a new spin on it.

Sometimes, you’re not sure what direction
to go with a writing idea. Simply, start
writing. Jot down everything you remember
about the idea.

If necessary, turn the writing idea upside

Let’s look at possible writing ideas.

A co-worker has a habit of snooping,
gossiping, about what goes on at the

The co-worker, Jane Gossip, arrived earlier
than usual for work, and saw the manager
whispering with another employee.

“I can’t go,” Sarah replied.

Sarah turned to walk-away, gasped as her
eyes found Jane.

“How long you been standin’ dere?” Mr.
Canulowski barked.

“Just a second or so, why?” Jane fibbed.

“Go to work,” he said.

Sarah went to her desk.

Jane tipped around telling stories about
Sarah and Mr. Canulowski.

Before long, Jane spoke of people in the
shadows, and calls where no one said

The writing idea can be displayed in a short
story, or a longer work of fiction. What would
you write? Write no less than 2,000 words.

A second writing idea surrounds a person
stuffing food in his/her pants at the market.

Will a character alert security?

A story begins with two characters
exchanging words about stealing.
Your opinion?

Idea three is about a teen who runs
over to a character for help.

“Someone is after me, help.”

A character offers to escort the teen
to security.

The character begins following, but
stops. The teen urges the character
to come-on.

Two other teens appear before the
character can get help.

Explore other storylines.

There’s no limit to where writing ideas
are found. Flip an idea upside down
to shake-awake your creative flow.

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