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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Create A Poem

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Our senses gather tons of information
from the Internet, books, news headlines,
the work-place and moving along any day.
They provide excellent sources to write
poems from.

Let's look at the process.

1. Information runs to us from different
mediums like: books, the Internet and news
headlines. Sift through information to
shape images into poems.

2 A co-worker mentioned his/her daughter's
attraction to collecting critters. The next
step is to write poems.

3. Poems shake-wake-up readers when clear
images are sprinkled throughout them.

--The images must inspire happiness, sadness
or some emotion after reading your poems.

4. Decide on an idea for a poem. If more than
one idea pops-up, make note of them. Select
the idea that ignites your imagination.

--Go back later to work on ideas for poems
not picked.

5. Think of what captured your attention when
you read poems. Tap into it. Form word pictures
into images relating to your theme.

6. Title your work. The main idea is, sometimes,
used as a title. A title is pulled from the first
line, middle or end line.

7. Set your finished work aside. In a day or two,
edit it.

8. The editing is over when you feel a poem is


"Gun! Gun! Gun!"- Campus Lock-Down

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Colton Joshua Tooley, 19, on Tuesday
morning dressed in a white shirt, a
dark suit coat, a ski mask and an

Tooley's next step was to terrorize
the University of Texas campus for more
than 30 minutes by firing four shots in
air before going into the Perry Castañeda
Library. He stormed up a stairwell,
screamed, and took his own life with his
rifle on the sixth floor.

The campus went on lock-down, classes were
stopped. A search for another shooter started.
Police cleared the way for students to leave

Pedro Duran, 26-student, was on campus to meet
his sister as shots rang out. People shouted,
"Gun! Gun! Gun!" Duran explained. He shielded
himself behind a tree as shots were fired and
saw people run from the library.

Dan Culpepper, sophomore, in ROTC who is studying
sociology, shared he heard gunshots and headed
toward the sound.

Students were sent a UT Alert text message at 8:17
a.m., told them to stay where they were and to wait
for more information.

Police received multiple descriptions of the second
suspect, but the only armed man was Tooley, a
university spokesman said.

Tooley, sophomore, majored in math with no known
history of trouble. The son of a local veterinarian,
he graduated seventh in a class of 318 at Austin's
Crockett High School in 2009. Tooley's family said
they didn't suspect anything like this could happen.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Titanic Truth Hidden

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Louise Patten, writer/granddaughter
of Titanic second officer Charles
Lightoller, announced that the truth
about what happened almost 100 years
ago was hidden.

The fear was of soiling the reputation
of her grandfather, who later became a
war hero.

The Titanic hit an iceberg in 1912 because
of a steering error, and sank as fast as
it did when an official persuaded the
captain to continue sailing, per
Wednesday's report.

The RMS Titanic was the world's biggest
passenger liner as it left Southampton,
England, for New York on its maiden voyage
in 1912- April 10. Lightoller, the most senior
officer survived, covered up the error in
two inquiries on both sides of the Atlantic.
He worried it would bankrupt the liner's owners,
and his colleagues would be jobless.

"Instead of steering Titanic safely round to
the left of the iceberg, once it had been
spotted dead ahead, the steersman, Robert
Hitchins, panicked and turned it the wrong
way," Patten shared with the Daily Telegraph.

"If Titanic had stood still, she would have
survived at least until the rescue ship came
and no one need have died," Patten continued.


How To Be A Successful Writer

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It's a must to, first, believe in
yourself, your talent. The belief
inspires passion, determination.

"I wish I could write like that."
A few have mumbled after looking at
an author's work.

It's a waste of time/energy to
complain/sigh about not being at a
certain writing level.

A successful writer will pluck-out
time to write, and uncover weak areas
to strengthen. Pour passion into your
work, and push doubt to the curb.

Actual writing time should be, at least,
two hours per day. The routine will
expose areas you need to work on.

Your writing lack vivid images, for
example. It means you have to stir-in
strong verbs.

Read authors you admire. Take note of
how they use strong verbs, and develop
clear word pictures.

Use your passion to re-write others'
work. Look at it from a different view-
point. If the first re-write isn't enough,
re-edit. Let your creative flow run free.

Dig from within. Determination will carry
you through.

People/friends will urge you to stop thinking
about writing. They'll point you in the
direction of Burger King for employment.

You must, first, believe in yourself, your


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Relax And Write

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Prepare a cup of coffee for yourself.
Take a few minutes to drink it.
Relax before going to your writing
place. Happy thoughts of writing ideas
should be flowing around your mind.
Relax and use the following writing
ideas, or technique.

1. Sing a tune that has played over
in your mind. Is there a note,
sentence, that can be used for an
interesting writing idea?

2. Who is your favorite pet, past or
present? What adventure can you write
about him/her?

3. Think of an incident in your life
to write a mystery about.

4. Go to your favorite beach, resort,
and write about it.

5. Grab a news headline to stir-up fiction
or non-fiction with.

6. Take a shower. Is there anything about
steam, water, to write about?

7. Put together an article on fashion.
What's hot? What's not?

8. Did a strange person pass you? What
gave the impression he/she was strange?

9. A name you always wanted to research,
curious about? Let others know how the
research process is done.

10. Go outside. Stand in the same spot
for 10 minutes without saying a word.
What ideas came to mind? What did your
senses experience?

Move to where you'll begin a writing
project, and create master-pieces.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

How Best To Write Fiction

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Before deciding on a writing idea,
look at it from every possible view
and then pick how best to write

Fiction is thought-of, imagined or
created stories. Characters are
sprinkled in a setting to solve a
problem. Before deciding on a writing
idea, look at it from every possible
view and then pick how best to write

Ask yourself questions. Is there a
specific problem to address? How will it
be aprroached?

Look around the problems, situations,
in your life. Is there a mystery at work
to explore in writing? A haunted house
everyone talks about? Interesting headline?

Every work of fiction starts, has a middle
and ends.

Characters are stirred-in. Let the characters
show and tell the story through their actions,

Long fiction has a major problem and a minor
one. Short fiction handles one problem. Work
with as many problems as you're comfortable
with in long fiction.

Suspense is sifted in. Stack-up suspense,
and let a situation blow-up. A scene is two
paragraphs or pages long.

Any problem introduced must be given a fair,
satisfactory, conclusion.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Edit

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Editing is a necessary part of
writing. It's how the editor's
eye is developed, and your
writing becomes publishing ready.

Get comfortable. Bring everything
you'll need to finish a session of
editing. Place your coffee/tea in
its spot. A piece of toast, apple,
chewing gum and any other snack is
positioned in your writing place.
Keep what you'll want near-by, and
have no excuse to stop your editing
session early.

1. Read your article, chapter, poem
or project.

2. Put it down to have a snack.

3. Read it again, out-loud.

4. Check for typos, syntax errors,
grammatical mistakes and incorrect

5. Make sure strong verbs dominate.

6. Adjectives are used if there's no
other choice.

7. The editing process is complete
when every word has been turned upside
down. Or, when you feel it's time to
show-case it.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

"The Man Told Everyone To Just Stay Still"- Discovery Channel Building

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

James Jay Lee, of San Diego,
California, is known for protesting
the Discovery Channel's environmental
programming. He stormed the network's
Maryland headquarters carrying a hand-
gun on Wednesday, held three people
hostage for hours.

"These guys have been very sneaky and
deceptive as to their contribution to
the planetary problems. Just look at
their 'new' show about saving the planet,
'Planet Green,' to me, it's just another
show about more PRODUCTS to make MONEY,
not about actual solutions. We can't let
them get away with doing it anymore," The
words are from a web site registered to Lee.
It's believed Lee distributed a manifesto
outside the Discovery building several weeks
ago that called on the network to "broadcast
to the world their commitment to save the
planet." "All programs on Discovery Health
TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any
more parasitic human infants and the false
heroics behind those actions," the list read.

"The man told everyone to just stay still,"
A Manager explained.

Police reports indicate how he paid homeless
people to join his protest and carry signs
outside the building.

A crowd of more than 100 people gathered around
Lee, who referred to money as "just trash" and
began throwing it in the air.

Discovery Communications LLC operates cable and
satellite networks in the U.S. including The
Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet.

Discovery Communications employees and a security
guard were not harmed. The police saw Lee point a
hand-gun at a hostage via security cameras.

He was shot and killed by police, according to


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