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Thursday, September 2, 2010

"The Man Told Everyone To Just Stay Still"- Discovery Channel Building

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James Jay Lee, of San Diego,
California, is known for protesting
the Discovery Channel's environmental
programming. He stormed the network's
Maryland headquarters carrying a hand-
gun on Wednesday, held three people
hostage for hours.

"These guys have been very sneaky and
deceptive as to their contribution to
the planetary problems. Just look at
their 'new' show about saving the planet,
'Planet Green,' to me, it's just another
show about more PRODUCTS to make MONEY,
not about actual solutions. We can't let
them get away with doing it anymore," The
words are from a web site registered to Lee.
It's believed Lee distributed a manifesto
outside the Discovery building several weeks
ago that called on the network to "broadcast
to the world their commitment to save the
planet." "All programs on Discovery Health
TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any
more parasitic human infants and the false
heroics behind those actions," the list read.

"The man told everyone to just stay still,"
A Manager explained.

Police reports indicate how he paid homeless
people to join his protest and carry signs
outside the building.

A crowd of more than 100 people gathered around
Lee, who referred to money as "just trash" and
began throwing it in the air.

Discovery Communications LLC operates cable and
satellite networks in the U.S. including The
Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet.

Discovery Communications employees and a security
guard were not harmed. The police saw Lee point a
hand-gun at a hostage via security cameras.

He was shot and killed by police, according to

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