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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Write Poetry

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with
me? Leave me your opinion.

Each of us store tons of information
to write poetry from. Experience is
an excellent medium to draw from.
Relationships, what you thought the
relationship could be, and/or something
you dreamed starts the writing process.

You can travel through romantic
land-marks, converse with ladies
and gentlemen of another time by
reading a book.

"I'm still drawing a blank." You coughed.

Ideas for poetry arrive from something
that happened at work. The last article
you read from a newspaper. The thought
of it makes you laugh. Allow your
creativity to spin out a poem.

Read poetry by different authors. Keep
your mind alert to your surroundings.
Soak-up images, details, for writing


Tempo is the speed of the poem.
Poets use different speeds. In
one poem, the subject matter
calls for a jog.

A poem on driving home, at three
a.m., after witnessing a murder
stirs in a faster beat.

A walk down memory lane
with grandmother plays to a
slower tempo.

Some poets naturally have a
slower or faster tempo.

Pace a fast tempo poem with
a slower tempo between
paragraphs, or within a paragraph.
It depends on the strength of tempo
in your poem, or your needs.

In a slow tempo poem, speed-up
tempo in the stanzas, or every three
lines, for example.

The goal is to have a natural flow
of poetry.


Lines, first, grab the eyes at its
display, and then stop. Lines
continue in two words, three words,
five words, or more. Lines rise in
tempo, stand in rhythm while dancing
to your beat. Lines jump to the essay,
mark the stanza, take a paragraph, and
knead the song.

You, the poet, will determine how
lines support your poetry. Or, how
poetry glides along.

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind...

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Writing Ideas

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing ideas are everywhere. There is
no such thing as I can't come-up with
an idea. Let's take a stroll down any
day in search of writing ideas.

The alarm goes off. It's a call to
get your day started. Will you
hit the snooze button?

You twist, turn, finally stand.
You yawn several times, try to
focus, and get moving.

Start breakfast. Drag back upstairs
to shower.

The coffee slowly drips into your
system. Suddenly, you remember
the tons of accounts waiting. You

The train is late. You hope the boss
is in a good mood. For some reason,
the beginning of the week finds her
in a foul mood, less understanding.

I found a writing idea centering
around the alarm clock.

"I can't get up." Pepia slurred
her words.

She reached, struggled to turn
the alarm clock off. She moved in
slow motion. She laid still.

"What's wrong with me?" She cried

The writing idea is open to
various paths. I have the option of
writing a short story, or a book
length work.

A second idea follows.

The alarm sounded. Pepia didn't
waste any time rising.

She bounced out of bed, showered,
and was downstairs within thirty-

'Today is the day.' She sang
out-loud. 'Gonna march into
work, and get that pay raise.'

She prepared coffee. A frown
wrinkled her brows.

"'My coffee container was moved.
Who?" She complained loud
enough for her neighbor to
hear. "'Maybe, Mother stopped
by, but she'd have told me."

The click of foot-steps echoed
through Pepia's house. Suddenly...

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