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Monday, July 29, 2013

Prejudice Exists

It's interesting to live in a culture that allows open expression, opinions. People judge, have preconceived opinions, based on their life experiences, and tales from others.

Human reaction of clutching a purse, for example, when passing-by teens is normal after being robbed by them. Perhaps, a loved one had bad encounters with teens, and your loved one re-counts the circumstances, often. It's not unusual to form a prejudice, especially when the loved one's keeps telling you about it. The prejudice is compounded when your love one's life is turned-upside-down by actions of teens, or the negative encounter.

Let's look at another situation.

There's one job available, but two applicants of different races wanting the position.

Feelings of prejudice will tip into the mind of whichever applicant remains unemployed. Most likely, race didn't play a role.

The unemployed applicant spreads his/her experience to family and friends. The preconceived opinions take root.

The most production action to take is step around prejudice. if it's real, handle it through the law. Often, it's a preconceived opinion.

Everyone is different. There's no reason to blame a group or race for the actions of one, few.

Prejudice exists because people permit it.

If you live with someone pointing-out preconceived flaws of someone, group, then prejudice grows.

Prejudice can't exist when the facts are known. Facts are freeing, or should be.

Seek-out medical or legal help when facts let prejudice exist within you.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healthy Writing Habits

it's never too early for writers to start healthy writing habits, or too late.

Healthy writing habits means steady-work and an abundance of writing ideas. Writing ideas and steady-work equals money, presence and/ or stability.

Is there such a thing as healthy writing habits? A few asked.

The answer: Yes.

Healthy writing habits begins with writing everyday. Curve-out a space for you to write in. It could be in the attic, basement, barn, or closet. Fill your space with your writing tools.

What is a writing tool?

A writing tool is a book, app or any item that provides inspiration for writing.

Disconnect from everything but writing. Your writing space is just for writing, creating.

Select a specific time to write each day. Stay there for, at least, two hours. Try to write more than two hours. Take anything you'll need before sitting down to write. Could you want fruit, for example? Don't give yourself an excuse to not write.

Of course, turn-off your cell phone, and other writing stealing appliances.

Healthy writing habits are keys to success.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Set Goals

People encourage you to have goals, set goals. A goal is important, because it guides you toward success. Still, you have to know how to set goals.

Let's look at what goes into setting goals.

First, decide what matters most to you, or figure-out what you want. Place a time limit on it. In other words, how long will it take to reach your goal?

Sit down. Think about it. It could take weeks, months, before you come to a decision.

Set rules for your goal when you have one.

Is writing, for example, your goal?

Rules for writing follows. Write everyday. Writing time is at twelve noon. Write for two hours each day. Possibly, write a novel in two years.

Stick as close as possible to your set rules. Yes, there will be days when you can't write. It's allowed. Return to the schedule as soon as you can.

Sometimes. A break is needed. You'll come-back more enthusiastic for your goal.

The healthy habit of setting goals can't begin too early, or too late.

Goals require discipline. Often, extra effort has to be mustered for a goal.

Make a note, scribble down an appointment or pencil-in time for your goal.

Believe in you, your goal. Don't allow doubt or nay-sayers to push you into their version of your goal.

Change or modify your goal only if you feel there's a need.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Question Of Morals

Many people, be it George Zimmerman or anyone else, taking an action because they can have the wrong attitude/thoughts. It's a question of morals. Don't act due to a bad mood or twisted feeling.

It isn't good conduct to approach another just because you can. The wrong attitude, thought, brings un-necessary pain, chaos.

The thoughts, attitude, that shortness makes people aggressive, because they're compensating for lack of height stirs ill-will.

A person with the above thoughts, attitude, will cause harm or inspire much conflict. One-sided thinking rarely ends well.

Good conduct is following a set of moral values and/or protocol. When or if all else fail, wait. Waiting allows you to re-think, and not act too quickly.

Let's look at the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, situation.

Had George Zimmerman waited, there would be a different out-come. Although, a jury of Zimmerman's peers found him not guilty.

Still, Trayvon Martin's blood will forever stain the mind and heart of George Zimmerman.

Lesson: Never take an action just because you can. It rarely ends well.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

12 Writing Tips

Writing, as with other paths, requires a stepping stone or a point to start from. It has has been said write what you know.

Sure, it's fun and easy to write what you know. A writer grows when he/she manages to reach higher by researching and/or investigating a topic/subject.

Let's look at 12 writing tips to get and keep you writing.

Find a place that's comfortable, your writing place. Your writing tools should be sitting and waiting, because they inspire.

Although, there'll be times when you, the writer, can't be in your writing place. Still, writers write. Curve-out a spot where your creativity can run-free.

Writing ideas that keep flashing in your mind could be promising writing ideas for songs/poems, fiction or non-fiction.

Life and living offers excellent writing material.

Family gatherings are stuffed full of tips and material for writing.

Quotes are sources for writing tips. Like: The jealous are troublesome but a torment to themselves William Penn

Use simple words.

Use strong verbs, and avoid adjectives as much as possible.

Titles dance their way into the reader's mind. They allow a quick look into your work. Titles summarize in a stimulating and interesting way.

Play a game to writing when creativity stalls.

The first word, that jumps to mind starts the game. The word shirt begins my game.

The word shirt can spin into songs/poems, fiction or non- fiction.

A possible non-fiction article: What's the best material for a summer shirt?

One fiction idea revolves around the disappearing shirt. It was last seen in the closet.


S oar

H igh

I n

R ocking

T ime

Passion shines through, just write.

Critique, more than once.

Have fun writing!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Writing Heals

The act of writing heals, is a treatment to becoming a better you.

A need for writing therapy, treatment, comes from experiences of people involved or have been in the military service. The writing heals technique aids when you're ill, received low college grades and/or lost of a job.

This isn't to say that the medical profession should be ignored. Writing comforts when the medical profession can't quit reach you, or you may want an alternative to healing.

The re-telling of what happened, often, is hard and uncomfortable. It's easy to jot down what happened, how, in a comfortable place.

The actual time could be during dawn, for example. Or, your thoughts flow more before bed? There's no one to compete with, or urge you along. Move as slow or fast as you like.

Writing gives you the opportunity to heal. It's therapy. The writing can be a journal, poems, songs, fiction or non-fiction.

Simply, write. You see the words. Read them. See your experience. Let the words be a treatment. Distance yourself.

Now, it may take more than one time or one treatment.

The first time scanning through the words may be too hard. Stop. Put the words away. Let a few days go by.

Return to the words. Take a deep breath. Relax. Embrace the words. Allow healing through writing to begin.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Reached Goal

A reached goal is something you've been working on, toward. Goals aren't always reached in a month, year.

The length of time a goal is reached depends on you, and the time given to a specific goal.

Set a time period for your goal, and work toward it. The time period for a goal has to fit into your life-style. You'd like to be jogging three miles in two weeks.

If, for example, a goal is to jog each morning, but it's impossible for you to get-up--stop. This particular goal isn't fitting into your life-style.

Shift, change, the goal to fit into your life-style, and a reached goal will be yours.

You can be successful when goals aren't reached in a specific time-frame. Simply, change the path of how you move to it.

It has to fit into your life-style, be comfortable for you. It's important that you follow your goal, not a friend's version of your goal.

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