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Sunday, August 28, 2011


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"You hear that?" Penny looked at
the basement door.

"Like, I ain't hear nothin', again."
Sherry rolled her eyes toward the
ceiling. "Whatcha hearin' now?"

"Same cries."

"Like, let's go see and end it."

"I don't want to go down there,"
Penny lowered her head. "End what?"

"What ya keep hearin' when I'm ova."

It's strange."

"Like, yeah." Sherry laughed out-loud.

"I hear the cries at other times, but
always when you're here."

"Let's check it out."

"Sherry," Penny took a deep breath,
"from the day we moved in, the cries
started. It kinda scared me, but I've
heard cries and voices in other places
we've lived."

"Like, you've been livin' here 'bout
five years." Sherry looked across the
table at Penny.

"Since I was ten." Penny smiled. "You
introduced yourself before the movers
were done."

"Like, I lived on this street foreva,
know everybody." Sherry paused. "Before
ya're family moved in, Ashley and her
family lived in this house. We hung-out
in the basement and neva heard..."

Penny jumped up, opened one window to
allow the Spring breeze in. The sudden
movement interrupted and startled Sherry.

"Basement, not a good idea." Penny sat
back down and didn't comment on what
Sherry said.

"Like, Ashley's younger brother
disappeared and her father weird-out
about it." Sherry laughed. "I 'member
her brother cried all the time. My
parents talked 'bout how Ashley's dad
spent too much time in the basement
after Reg went missin'."

"They say, I'm...I'm sensitive,
gifted." Penny ignored Sherry's tale.

"Always knew ya was different." Sherry
laughed. "Like, why tell me now?"

"Thought you'd understand why we can't
go in the basement."

Sherry fixed her eyes on the basement

"Not going down there," Penny said.
"Let's do something else."

"Like, ya got money or ya're parents'
credit card?"


"Sherry stood, headed to the basement

"Stop!" Penny shouted. "Why go in
the basement?"

"Like, I'm bored and tired of the
same conversation 'bout cries."

"Let's play with my PSP, in my bedroom,"
Penny offered.

"Don't wanna." Sherry pouted.

"Sherry, my parents will be back, soon."

"Like, so."

"I have to clean-up the kitchen."

"Not gonna take long to go down there."
Sherry smiled. "I'll even help ya
clean the kitchen."

"My parents told me not to go in the
basement when they're not here."
Penny's brows furrowed.

"Like, let's go." Sherry pulled Penny
by the arm.

Penny snatched her arm away from Sherry,
and toddler stepped over to the basement
door. Sherry stepped behind Penny. Penny
unlocked the door. It flew open. The
girls ran away from the door.

"Like, what..."

"Still want to go down there, Sherry?"
Penny faced Sherry.

", yeah." Sherry trembled.

They inched back to the door, slowly
walked downstairs. Penny switched the
light on when her feet touched the
bottom step.

"Like, the same old basement." Sherry
broke the silence. "Ugly brick walls,
hot water heater and some new junk.

"Ready to go back upstairs?" Penny
turned around.

"Like, what's there to be scared of?"
Sherry laughed so hard that her full
figured body slammed against the wall,
several times.

Penny positioned her body where Sherry

The wall loosened, brick and other
debris fell to the floor.

Penny moved her lips, but no sounds
came out.

"What...what!" Penny's eyes became wide
as half dollar pieces. She stared at the
area of wall Sherry hit against.

"Like, run!" Sherry was half-way upstairs
before she called, "Penny!"

"Come-back," Penny said.

Sherry, eventually, returned. She pinned
herself to Penny's side.

"Like, what now, Penny?"

"Be quiet."

Penny looked at the debris that dislocated
itself from the wall. She ran her hands
across different sections of it, like
her hands searched for something. Penny
glued her face to the sections of wall
Sherry banged her body into.

"Like, I gotta go home." Sherry trembled.

Penny rushed over to where her father kept
his tools. She grabbed a hammer and hurried

Penny didn't hammer long before remains
were exposed.

"Like, that's it." Sherry took two steps
at a time getting upstairs.

The tapping of her designer sneakers could
be heard stomping across the floor as she
left penny's house.

Penny dropped the hammer, and didn't stop
until she was behind her locked bedroom door.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Procrastination: How To Stop It?

Discipline is required for writing as
in life. Writing improvement extends
from training and enough self-control
to write. Training and self-control
equals discipline. No one is too young
to learn the healthy habits of

Often, you have to muster-up extra
effort for discipline, writing or
reaching a goal. Dig-out a calendar
and pencil-in dates to write. Yes,
make an appointment with yourself.
If necessary, have a planned treat
after you complete the writing date
with yourself or reach a goal. Making
a writing date with yourself falls
under the heading of extra effort.

After repeated effort, you'll no
longer need to make an appointment
with yourself. Writing or reaching
a goal, in time, happens

When one writing project is finished,
go to the next one. Continue to make
goals and reach them. It's up to you
as to whether or not self-treating
goes on. Always believe in you, your
writing talent.

A person can be pushed, encouraged,
but if he/she doesn't believe in him/
herself than words will enter one ear
and exit the other. He/she is un-
changed and remains on a doubting
self path.

Doubt yourself and few others will
believe in you, your talent. It's a
matter of choice, self belief and

Life has a habit of not going your
way. Still, believe in yourself,
write and reach goals. Over time,
the writing process gets easier and
a better understanding of your
talent dawns.

Don't allow procrastination to steal
away writing goals. It's important
to actively work toward writing

Change and improvement happens when
you actively work on writing projects.
This is how goals are reached and
procrastination stopped.

It's a major accomplishment to look
at or hold finished writing projects
in your hands. Don't relax there.
Start the next writing project.
Besides, it's best to put aside
the finished writing project before
editing. Come-back on another day
to edit. A time away gives the gift
of new, better, writing ideas.

In the end, procrastination is stopped.
You're, finally, on a first name basis
with discipline.

In closing, today is a good time to
start. Sit down. Pencil-in an actual
date to stop procrastination, write
and actively work toward goals.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Personal Experience Articles

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

A personal experience article has to reach-out and spark interest. A culture where the economy is still recovering means people are stressed. The personal experience article could explain how-to improve stress levels, a topic must show how readers will benefit or provide a reason why an individual should take time to read an article.


There are people who do poorly on tests due to stress, wake-up in the early morning hours with pretzel stomachs, tend to be nervous from living life and certain situations, for some, boil-up stress automatically.

Spark Interest With A Topic

Every now and then stress wakes me up in the early morning hours with pretzel stomach. My choices: Twist-and-turn 'til it's time to get up, run down-stairs for a glass of warm milk or try a simple breathing exercise accidentally discovered.

Share How The Exercise Improves Sleep

Get comfortable. Stop moving. Clear your mind. Take deep breaths. Slowly inhale with the nose, exhale through an open mouth. Repeat for as long as necessary.

Feelings About The Topic

The early morning awakenings were becoming a problem, serious. One morning, I sighed and sighed some more. I laid there, took several deep breaths and noticed relaxation tipping in. I began to yawn, felt tired. The next sound I heard was a ringing alarm clock. I'd actually went back to sleep using deep breathing.

The deep breathing technique helped me relax, slept without medication or a visit to the health-care provider.

It'll work for those who do poorly on tests, people nervous from living life and calm when certain situations boil-up stress.

End Thoughts

Use more or less deep breathing as needed. Test stress, for instance, may require less deep breathing than what's used for sleeping. The technique is an alternative and not a replacement for health-care providers.


In conclusion, the personal experience article involves deciding on a topic, grabbing interest, explaining your experience, feelings on the topic and changes experienced.


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