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Monday, September 26, 2011

Writer's Belief

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A writer must have a strong belief
in his/her writing projects. Self-doubt
stops writer from trying, succeeding.
All people, no matter the profession,
have successes and failures. Writers
improve from failures.

Failures push a writer to look closer
at a writing project, and discover why
it didn't make the cut or was published.

Failures that grab the attention helps a
writer to move forward and avoid the same
mistakes. Still, failure/rejection, can
be painful. It should be looked at as a

A motivator to do better, reach higher. A
writer internalizes the motivating force
of being the best he/she is capable of.
Each day work toward a better you, the

Work on your craft, and recite the writer's
belief: I believe in me, my talent. Say it
as many times as necessary to ignite working,
writing. Some days are harder than others to
get motivated, write.

Often, there will be people to stop you from

"Take-off today." A friend said.

"You not gettin' nowhere writin' anyways." One
relative reminded.

"Only, a few make money, get famous or are
remembered." A few people shared.

Yes, the nay-sayers throw all kinds of
reasons not to write your way.

It's up to you. Repeat the writer's belief.
Hold on to your own beliefs while others slam-
down excuses.

Remember, if you don't believe in yourself
and talent then you're prey for anyone.

Don't be afraid to jot down the writer's belief.
Pin it on a wall, door, mirror and anywhere
you can see encouraging words.

In closing, writers must believe in their
talent, writing projects or be prey for
anyone. Recite the writer's belief as often
as needed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

They're Threatening To Shut-Down Government

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"They're threatening to shut-down
the government to get what they
want," Senator Harry Reid, Democrat
majority leader.

A government shut-down circles as
the House while Republican leadership
refuses to agree to a bill to fund
the government that demanded cuts
in programs like aid for victims of
Hurricane Irene and similar programs.

The legislation didn't pass by a
small margin Wednesday. Conservatives
see the bill as a high level spending
spree, and Democrats pushed it away
due to costs.

A bill is needed to keep the government
from shutting-down through November 18th.
There's a matter of days for Congress to
come to an agreement, or fix the problem.

"We continue to work on a responsible
plan that can pass the House," House
speaker, John A. Boehner- Ohio Republican.

Normally, funds for disasters get
bi-partisan support. Only, this year
Republican leaders maintained that
supplemental emergency funds be
balanced by spending cuts.

"Now it's time to pass the Senate
disaster aid bill," House Minority
Leader, Nancy Pelosi-- San Francisco
Democrat-- said on a Twitter Post.

The Federal Emergency Management
Agency's disaster fund for floods,
tornadoes, hurricanes and wild-fires
is due to run-out Monday.

"It's with great sadness that we
even have to have a debate about
it," Pelosi on the House floor.

The House bill leaned toward a loan
program for alternative energy vehicle
manufacturing to pay for more
aid to victims of Hurricane Irene
as well as other disasters.

Forty-eight Republicans opposed the
measure, and it failed 195 to 230
according to reports.

Law-makers are to recess Friday for
the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana next

Last week, the Senate passed a larger
FEMA aid package without balanced
spending cuts. No one knows if the
Senators will throw their support
toward the disaster package. It's an
up-hill battle for the bill.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Story Ideas?

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Authors get story ideas from life,
family members or social networks.
Each author will provide a different
answer. Everyone have a different
view of the world, or gather story
ideas differently.

I was unjustly fired from a job some
years ago. From time to time, I'd
jot down accounts of what happened.
Writing down incidents helped me see
the situation clearer as well as
moving me forward in life.

I kept looking at what was written,
and decided to write a book. My book,
Grave Street House, was published in

An excerpt from Grave Street House.

When I walked onto my street heads
bobbed and turned,
some people cried. They knew the horror
awaiting him. A few drifted into their
places of security. The homeless intruder
wobbled, stumbled on his way into the
House. They reacted with clear warnings
to stay out. He ignored them. He, slowed
down, whirled his head toward me with
fear in his eyes. I motioned with my
hand for him to come back. I rushed
closer to the House, forced my way
through the mob of people.

Family is an excellent source for story
ideas. Have your family talked around a
secret, no one knew what really happened?
An idea is to do research to find out
the facts and then write about it.

A second story idea is of a certain
family member's favorite word- dang.
The word could become that of a
fictional character.

A third story idea from family is
relatives re-telling what happened
to a neighbor on a wintry night.

Networks, like Twitter, offers an
author various story ideas. Look at
any tweet to get a story idea. Find
a tweet that would interest a large
segment of the population. Spin-out
an attention grabbing title. Work
the story idea. Let your creative
flow run free.

In closing, authors get story ideas
from anywhere that they go. It's a
matter of picking one with large

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

NBC News Twitter Account Hacked

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NBC News Twitter account, on Friday
afternoon, was hacked. Messages
detailing a false report of a plane
crash on the site of where New
York's twin towers were destroyed
September 11, 10 years ago, were

The Script Kiddies are taking
credit for hacking the Twitter
feed of NBC News. A number of
tweets like the following were

"Breaking News! Ground Zero has
just been attacked. Flight 5736
has crashed into the site,
suspected hijacking. more as the
story develops."

The hacking came just two days
before America marks its 10th
anniversary of the 2001 terrorist

"We are working with Twitter to
correct the situation and sincerely
apologize for the scare that could
have been caused by such reckless
and irresponsible act," NBC News
in a statement.

The Twitter account was later
suspended, but the false tweets were
sent quickly per reports.

The Business insider called it a
"disgusting 9/11 prank."

The Educational factor

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"A world-class education is the
single most important factor in
determining not just whether our
kids can compete for the best
jobs but whether America can
out-compete countries around the
world. America's business leaders
understand that when it comes to
education, we need to up our game.
That's why we're working together
to put an outstanding education
within reach for every child."
President Barack Obama, July 18,

The importance of education is
undeniable. it sets a child on
the path to success, from childhood
through adulthood.

Education stirs-in communication
skills, which are important in
everyday use and critical for
employment. Higher level jobs,
managerial positions, avail
themselves to the educated.

The educational factor gives an
ability to compete for better
jobs. The importance of education
is seen as more job opportunities
are directed toward educated people,
even during an economic down-turn.
People who bring more skills to
the table are considered first for
a job.

Knowledge is gained through education
and then comes wisdom. Knowledge helps
a child/person to become a productive
individual within that culture.

Productive people move a society,
and pass on values of that society
to the next generation. Tools, values
and skills taught effect minds,
behavior. Learned information is
recycled back into a culture for
its advancement.

An individual takes the tools, values
and skills he/she has learned and
builds. He/she makes society a better
place to live.

A society that fails to provide the
best tools, values and skills fall
prey to its own children/people.

Education starts a child on the path
to success. Verbal skills are developed
for everyday use. Later, in life,
verbal skills are needed to interact
with employers/employees. People who
learn verbal skills do better in the
work place.

The better tools, values and skills
provided to children/people, in the
long run, will allow that society to
prosper. Everyone living in that
society benefits.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confidential Information?

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Confidential by its nature means only a few
people are privy to the information, or
certain people aren't authorized to gain
access to specific information.

Confidential information is handled by sharing
it with need to know people/personnel only.

Providing confidential information to other
than those that need to know could cause
harm or worse.

In other words, confidential information is
sensitive, and should be handled with lots
of silence stirred-in.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop Your Child from Being Bullied

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Children will soon be going back to
school, and some schools have already
opened their doors. Bullying is a
problem that has found new avenues
to explore. Bullies are at school,
on the Internet and cell phones.
Stop your child from being bullied
by making it a habit of asking about
his/her school day. Keep the lines
of communication going with your

A child who never talks about school
or what's happening there rarely
shares a bullying incident.
Communication is important in
stopping your child from being

A child who normally talks with
a parent has no problem mentioning
a bullying incident. The incident
could have been a push or verbal.
Show concern, but don't argue.
Comfort your child. Find out who,
when and where. Who bullied? When
did it happen? Where did the bullying
take place? Take notes about the
incident. Determine if your child
can address the situation alone.
Let him/her know you're there, and
will help anyway possible.

The next day gently approach your

"How did your go, Billy?"

"Kevin pushed me when we were playing

"What did you do?"

"Walked away."

"Good job," Mrs. Berling said. "Tell
an adult if it happens again, and play
with your own friends."

Make a note of the second incident.

Prepare your child with ways of handling
a bully. Practice or give your child
ideas of what he/she should say to a bully.
Most times, bullies can't be reasoned with.

Often, bullies keep pressuring, bullying.
The next step is to make an appointment
to speak with a child's teacher, school
counselor and/or principal. The school
counselor may offer techniques to help
your child deal with the situation.

Mention to his/her teacher, principal,
the behavior changes due to bullying.
Most likely, your child's grades will
hit the floor too. Discuss it with the

The battle to stop your child from being
bullied is on-going. Have frequent talks
with your child to make sure the bullying
stopped. Contact teachers to, often, be
informed of situations involving your
child. Don't wait for them to phone you.

Bullying isn't a problem that goes away
in a few days. Turn to the legal system
if you're not getting help or results
from school officials.


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