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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Educational factor

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"A world-class education is the
single most important factor in
determining not just whether our
kids can compete for the best
jobs but whether America can
out-compete countries around the
world. America's business leaders
understand that when it comes to
education, we need to up our game.
That's why we're working together
to put an outstanding education
within reach for every child."
President Barack Obama, July 18,

The importance of education is
undeniable. it sets a child on
the path to success, from childhood
through adulthood.

Education stirs-in communication
skills, which are important in
everyday use and critical for
employment. Higher level jobs,
managerial positions, avail
themselves to the educated.

The educational factor gives an
ability to compete for better
jobs. The importance of education
is seen as more job opportunities
are directed toward educated people,
even during an economic down-turn.
People who bring more skills to
the table are considered first for
a job.

Knowledge is gained through education
and then comes wisdom. Knowledge helps
a child/person to become a productive
individual within that culture.

Productive people move a society,
and pass on values of that society
to the next generation. Tools, values
and skills taught effect minds,
behavior. Learned information is
recycled back into a culture for
its advancement.

An individual takes the tools, values
and skills he/she has learned and
builds. He/she makes society a better
place to live.

A society that fails to provide the
best tools, values and skills fall
prey to its own children/people.

Education starts a child on the path
to success. Verbal skills are developed
for everyday use. Later, in life,
verbal skills are needed to interact
with employers/employees. People who
learn verbal skills do better in the
work place.

The better tools, values and skills
provided to children/people, in the
long run, will allow that society to
prosper. Everyone living in that
society benefits.

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