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Friday, October 28, 2011


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Why Keep A Journal?

The reasons to keep a journal is
personal, varies. Some writers,
people, prefer to avoid the
routine of documenting daily.

Today, lives are full and a re-
organization is needed to fit-in
another activity. There aren't
many people that would take such
a step for journal keeping.

A journal comments on culture, life
as it's lived.

Culture goes through changes. Culture
in the USA, 1950, is different than
USA, 2011. The many changes include
technology, methods of transferring
knowledge to new generations and the
economic down-turn.

Specifically, land-lines were in
almost every house-hold in the USA,
1950. House-holds in the USA, 2011,
have cell phones, and very few of
the occupants have land-lines.

Journals would've noted the switch
from land-lines to cell phones as
well as news reports about them. A
journal's remarks by friends and
relatives before cell phones became
popular, most likely, could be found.

Journals are a storage of writing
ideas. A possible writing idea:
Are cell phones a necessity or health
risk? Arguments can be made for both
sides of the question.

Methods of transferring knowledge and
the economy's up/downs are more
writing ideas.

Explore the transference of knowledge
to next generations. The process
is the best it can be? If no, how can
it be improved? Spin your answers into
articles, fiction too.

An idea relating to fiction could be
that someone has control of certain
human beings through cell phones. Yet,
some human beings escaped. Why?

A person, writer, jotting down changes
in the economy could offer advice from
his/her journal. At least, mention the
past vs. present situation. Or, a version
of it can be used. Modified? Simple
life adjustments make a difference?

In closing, journals provide a look
at changes in culture and stores tons
of writing ideas.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 Ways To Ignite Creative Flow

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Writer's Block

A writer's creative flow or writer's
block stops producing at inconvenient
times. There's no warning. Writers
are left staring at a blank computer
screen, playing paper basketball with
the nearest wastebasket or finger
tapping a tune out.

I've discovered, from years of writing,
ways to ignite creative flow and stop
writer's block. The following lists
10 ways to ignite your creative flow.

1. What to write? You're working on a
writing project, and creative flow
decided to nap. Stop fretting. Take
a deep breath.

What would fit well into the writing
project? Is there an aspect that you
haven't considered? Or, a different
angle works better? Allow creative
flow to weigh in and then start the
writing process.

2. Pick an event that happened during
the last 24 hours. The event grabbed
your attention and continued to nag
at your creative flow. The moment it
happens, begin jotting down notes.
Figure-out how to share it. Is the
better view through fiction, non-
fiction or poetry?

3. A gathering of any kind is a storage
of possible writing ideas to nudge
creative flow, and push writer's block
to the curb. A family group togetherness
or holiday offers many writing ideas.

Have you listened to toddlers agreeing
on a movie to watch?

"No, don't wanna watch it." Toddler number
1 cried.

"I wanna." Toddler 2 said.

"Nooo." Toddler 3 screamed.

Several non-fiction articles could be
written before the family get-together

4. The experience of a life time piece.
It's the experience that had a profound
influence on you.

One of the profound experiences in my life:
I was unjustly fired from a job. It was the
focus of my book, Grave Street House, and

The point is to get information from life
and write about it.

5. Write a piece that's different from
what you normally do. A poem, for example.

6. Make-up a sentence to shape writing

The rain driven snow pounded all night.

You get any ideas from the statement?
Make-up some of your own.

7. Ghost-writers address writing needs.

What form would your answer take to
stir-up creative flow or stop writer's

8. Pick your ideal place to be. How would
your essay start? A travel writing article?

9. Grab the book you thought was poorly
written. Your book?

10. Write about your favorite time of the
year. Why is it your favorite? Could you
sell the article?

The ten ways to stimulate creative flow
and stop writer's block is a writer's tool,
but shape-it to fit your needs.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Successful Writers: Write

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Successful writers write through
stress, approaching dead-lines
when more is required than the
three paragraphs you've written
or as creative flow goes on strike.

"I've written the paragraphs ten
times, and can't think of anything
else to write." A writer said.

"Too many ideas, can't sleep." A few
writers shared.

The above statements are a result of
stress, but successful writers don't
allow it to stop them.

Stop stress blockages by writing
anything related to the paragraphs
or written work. Distance yourself
from the writing project for as long
as possible.

Come-back to it refreshed and with
new writing ideas. Continue developing
your writing ideas. There's a chance that
the original writing idea has lost its
appeal. Don't waste time on a writing
idea going nowhere.

Begin exploring the new writing idea.
Write anything about it. Random writing
stimulates the creative process. Writing
ideas will take shape. The more you write,
the more stimulation for your creative

If writing about a specific topic fails to
help, write about any subject. Pick a
topic that's new to you. It'll push you to
write more. Perhaps, do some research? The
goal is to write.

An approaching dead-line demands a finished
writing project. A met dead-line makes a
statement about your professionalism.

First, take a deep breath, two and

Select any phrase in your writing project
as the dead-line grows closer. Write about
the phrase. Pick a second and third phrase,
if necessary.

Is there a funny aspect to your topic?
The funny line, sentence, takes your
mind off the dead-line and frees your
creative flow.

Sometimes, creative flow takes a rest.
Still, successful writers write, but how?

One method to encourage creative flow
is to write down why you can write.
Look at it. Move pass it. Go back to
your writing project and complete it.

It helps to look at research about a
writing project and then spin-out your
own writing project. It's time to pass
your goal, and writing is the way to
do it.

Creative flow can be stimulated by
research, writing.

Successful writers use writing, research,
when stressed about dead-lines that can't
be ignored, and when creative flow wants
a time-out.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plan to Kill Saudi Ambassador Foiled

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Saudi Ambassador to the United States

U.S. agents, Tuesday, stopped a plan
to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to
the United States, per U.S. Attorney
General Eric Holder.

The plan "is a fabrication," Spokesman
for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
stated Tuesday.

Court documents filed in federal court
point the finger at Manssor Arbabsiar
and Gholam Shakuri for the failed attack.

They "were part of a well-funded and
pernicious plot that had, as its first
priority, the assassination of the Saudi
ambassador to the United States, without
care or concern for the mass casualties
that would result from their planned
attack," Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney
for the New York southern district.

According to The New York Times, the
Justice Department described a plan
of international proportion.

Gholam Shakuri, an Iran member of Iran's
Qods Force, is in the special operations
unit of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps that's said to sponsor and
promote terrorist activities abroad, FBI.

Arbabsiar secretly planned with Shakuri
to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to
the United States. The Justice Department's
criminal complaint.

Arbabsiar "confessed" to his part in the
alleged plan and gave specific details,
U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder.

The plan was "conceived, sponsored and
directed from Iran," Holder.

The suspects are an Iranian and an
Iranian-American from Texas per NBC

Shakuri isn't in custody.

The case, dubbed Operation Red Coalition,
started in May when an Iranian-American
from Corpus Christi, Texas went to a DEA
informant for help that stirred-in a
Mexican drug cartel, ABC News.

The suspect thought he had contacted a
member of the Zetas Mexican drug
organization, per ABC.

The U.S. government will take action
against the Iranian government as soon
as Tuesday afternoon.

The Mexican government was instrumental
in the investigation, Holder.

The case illustrates that we live in a
world where borders and boundaries are
increasingly irrelevant, FBI Director
Robert Mueller.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

H4llow33n N1ght

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I jumped out of a light sleep as the wind
tapped on my window pane. The clock read
eleven p.m.

"Don't go to the Halloween party." A
voice in the depths of mind said.

I splashed back on the bed, pondered
about going. I dozed. A ringing cell
phone woke me.

"Hey, Anna," I answered.

"Sound like you're waking up."


"Get ready for the party."

"Not going, tired."

"Beverly Coppla, been knowing you
five years and we're best friends."


"Feeling, again?" Anna laughed. "That's
why you don't want to go?"

"Hmm," Beverly paused, "I wanted to rest
this Halloween weekend."

"Jack's really into you."

"He's a womanizer and no telling what

"But he's rich, and it's his family's
cosmetic company we work for."

"Still, a womanizer."

"If you don't go, I'll be by myself."

"Most likely, others from work will be

"Beverly, do this for me. Besides, he's
only two streets over from you."

"I...I don't feel like a party."

"How can you say no? Jack's almost your

"Why are you..."

"I asked you to go with me, favor."


"Guess I'll spend the night getting
drunk, alone."

"Anna, come to my apartment," I offered.
"We'll microwave popcorn and watch some

"I really need to go to Jack's party."


"Just want to."

"What's the real reason?"

"I kinda told Jack you and I were coming
to his party, and his uncle likes me."

"You shouldn't have accepted for me. Hmm,
Jack's uncle has to be twice your age,
like sixty."

"If you don't go, I'm dead." Anna laughed.
"Jack's uncle is richer, yay."

"I'll go this time, but don't do this

"Yay, got it."

"Pick me up, Anna."

"Meet me there."

"Anna, she hung up."

I showered and then dressed in jeans,
sneakers and a jacket.

My mind's voice kept cautioning me not
to go. I shrugged it off.

I walked out of my apartment building,
knew Jack's address. Females twenty-five,
like me, and under received his contact
information as part of job training.

The trick or treaters were out in full
force. Some parents held their children's
hands and candy bags. A few parents stared
at me, or was it my imagination over-flowing?

My mind's voice began to nag me.

A person in black passed me, knife in hand.
Someone screamed as he or she passed. The
people, everything, moved in slow motion.
I looked at the lady who screamed. She pointed
at the person in black, and discussed him/her
with the man with her.

"Run!" My mind's voice screamed.

Fear riveted me in the spot where I stood.
The sea of people scattered. I tried to move,
right foot then left, to no avail. My vocal
cords refused to push a scream out.

"Take a deep breath." My mind's voice
repeated several times.

The deep breaths shook fear away.

"Come with me." The person in black
grabbed my arm.

"No." I wiggled free. "Who are you?"

The person in black sounded familiar,
but I couldn't place a name to the voice.
I wasn't sure if it was a male or female.

The person in black lunged at me, still
holding the knife. A scream slipped out
of my mouth.

"Dat person gotta a knife." Someone in
the street yelled.

I ran, person in black caught me. He or
she put the knife to my throat. I pounded
my heel into his or her foot as hard as
possible. He or she moaned, dropped the
knife. The person in black reached for my
neck. I kicked him or her below the waist.
To my surprise, she wasn't male.

She jumped at me, pinned me against a car.
I twisted, turned, trying to free myself.

"Wait." I wanted to stop this person from
possibly killing me.

"Shut up!"

"Hmm, Anna?"

The person in black didn't say a word.

She pulled my hair, like Anna had done as
a joke several times before. I had no
choice, but to fight for my life.

I snatched off the black mask.

"Anna, why?"

"Joke, Jack, but you ruined it."

I poked her in the eyes, punched her
face with all my might. I ran, looked
back to see her staggering toward me.

I stopped, faced her.

"Just wanted a better life and Jack's
uncle..." Anna welled-up with emotion.

"Our friendship is over." I returned home
as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Own A Business?

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Own a business to make the decisions.

Your business, mission, is formed. It's your
vision of what a business should be, and
rewarding to see it happen. There's little
or no cost to own/operate a small business.

A small business affords you the choice of
picking who to work with.

Specialize in a particular niche, or set-up
the business with more than one product
or service.

A small business allows you to branch-out.

Lastly, a small business can be operated
on a part-time basis until you feel/think
running it full-time is best.

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