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Friday, August 27, 2010

Morality Laced In Facts

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The facts play a major role in the
side I'm on, and morality influences
it. Facts can't be pushed aside, because
they make the case. Facts speak for
themselves. The question is: Do you have
enough moral fiber to do what's right?

"Who cares?" Friends said." "What's moral
for him/her isn't for us."

A moral value system is how human beings
treat one another. Moral human beings treat
one another as he/she wish to be treated.
It's easy to go-along with the crowd-friends.
It takes inner strength and morals to stand
for somethng, to rise above the crowd.

It's the difference between losing freedom
and living a good quality life. Freedom is
lost when a person ends up behind bars or in
the legal system. A life of quality is picking
to live, work, in a certain place.

When facts are ignored, morals pushed aside, a
human being is lost. It's very hard to find the
way back. Most times, it's impossible.

Never push-aside morality laced in facts because
a friend or relative disagrees.


Friday, August 20, 2010

How To Be The Best Writer

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The secret to being the best writer
is practice, and often. Writing the
article, post, paragraph, when you
get a chance never happens. A problem,
situation, usually pops-up to stand in
the way.

Get in the rhythm of writing by reaching
your goal in steps. Write one or two pages,
instead of five, for example.

Select a time during the day or evening
just for writing. Surround your writing
place with writing related items. It
should include a computer, typewriter,
books that inspire your creative flow,
pens and any other writing producing
tools required.

Avoid non-writing interruptions such as
exercise equipment or computer games.

Turn-off your cell phone, click-off the
radio/television and begin writing. Writing
time should be when others aren't around
to disturb you. This time is for you to
write, be the best writer possible.

"I've done the above steps, but still don't
have any writing ideas." A few people said.
"Drawing blanks."

Think about the day before, two days earlier
or a month ago. Was there an experience you
witnessed that circles your mind? A news
headline caught your attention?

Let's look at an example.

You were waiting for a train. A middle aged man
rushed passed you. Seconds later, man two sped
through the gathering crowd. The first man
glanced back, saw the second man and moved

The incident is material for a spy story,
mystery. There's no limit to what path the tale

The news headline: "Dr. N. Busted" is enough to
spin-off an essay. What would you write about
the headline?

Write down the points you want to say, make, about
the headline. You're on your way to writing, being
the best writer.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook's Location Tool: Places

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On Wednesday, Facebook started a
location service. Mobile device users,
owners, with Facebook accounts can give
friends their exact location. The service
is free.

The service works with iPhone, iPod, Touch,
Black-Berry, iPad, Torch and Android devices.
The logo is a purple icon situated above a
map image.

Click on "Here Now" to find which friends
are where.

'Places' is a hit with consumers and advertisers.
It's divided with small businesses, Greg Sterling,
independent social networking analyst explained.

"What we see with Facebook is a massive learning
curve. Every time they make a change, consumers
scramble to figure out the privacy settings,"
Rainey Reitman pointed out-spokeswoman for
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in the US. "Location
data is tied to people's safety, if people know
where you are, they know where you're not. Your
location data is some of the most sensitive data
we have. I expect we'll see from the get go people
who don't understand how to control the privacy
settings," she continued.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Could Be Out of Rehab Early

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Lohan's doctors at UCLA Neuro-
Psychiatric Hospital could free
her of rehab as early as this
week per TMZ's sources.

Doctors are leaning toward the
belief that her psychiatric problems
aren't as bad as first thought, and
she isn't bi-polar according to the
same sources.

Doctors, too, have doubts about the
drug dependency issues. It was reported
that Lohan had problems with Adderall,
which needs more inpatient care.

Doctors think she's a candidate for
out-patient care.

A judge has to approve the early release.

The doctors have to write their final report,
and Lohan's lawyer has to return to court
with it. The lawyer has to request that
Lohan be set-free.

It's believed that if doctors feel it's in
Lohan's best interest than the judge will

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Eat Pray Love"- Review

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"Eat Pray Love" is based on Elizabeth
Gilbert's best-selling memoir about a
freelance writer residing in New York
whose marriage is decaying and a quest
for happiness.

Julia Roberts stars as Elizabeth Gilbert.

Elizabeth Gilbert leaves her husband, gets
into a relationship with a younger man and
spends a year praying across India, eating
through Italy and falling in love with Bali.

Gilbert goes to India to pray. She wants to
become independent, free of men.

In Bali she falls in love with a Brazilian man,
Felipe (Javier Bardem).

Gilbert makes a few decisions that are hard to
understand. Perhaps, she doesn't understand them

The men in her life fail to understand the reasons
for Gilbert's unhappiness, and they were unclear to
me as well. She feels bad over the pain caused to
ex-men in her life. It will be an on-going struggle
to find peace for her.

Julia Roberts and cast members give a good performance.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Ideas: Exist In Letters

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

The Letter Writer

Have you written letters, but, for
one reason or another, never mailed
them? Pull the letters out.They have
a wealth of ideas for writing. The
time has come to stop hiding-away
your writing.

Letters are an expression of the
inner self, intended goals, times in
history and ways lives are groomed.

Stories pleading to be told sit buried
in written letters. Non-fiction for the
picking awaits, and poetry is dancing
to be re-written.

Ask friends and relatives if they own
letters of yours.

Select funny situations or not, places
visited and carve new projects, tales.

Expand on one point as you write about
visiting wacky, crazy, cousin Steve. He
really dances when there's no music playing.
A character based on his oddities would
make a good comedy?

He allowed the closed room to be explored.
You were getting comfortable in the old house
until a dead body showed-up. All kinds of
writing ideas flood in as letters are read.

What interesting writing ideas exist in your


American Idol Winner Fantasia: Attempted Suicide

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

The attempt follows news of the 26-year-
old being named in a divorce petition,
because of an 11-month relationship with
a married man. She used sleeping aids and

Paula Cook said that Fantasia's
relationship with her husband, Antwaun,
ended their marriage. She claimed to have
intimate video footage of the two together.

Fantasia denied parts of Cook's allegations,
and said she was not responsible for ending
the marriage.

Photos emerged of Fantasia with Cook.

Fantasia's "heart was broken and is sorry for
any pain she may have caused," Brian Dickens-

The police is treating the incident as an
attempted suicide.

She was found collapsed in her closet, at home,
in North Carolina.

"She was overwhelmed with the lawsuit and the
media attention. Fantasia is stable now. She
will be released from the hospital soon," her
spokes-person assured.

Fantasia was American Idol's third season winner.

Fantasia was a single mother when fame stormed
her on American Idol. She has a daughter, Zion.

TMZ reported that she's in stable condition.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Re-Fit Writing

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

It's time to edit your non-fiction,
fiction, poetry, but there are other
things you need, want, to do. You,
too, regret the task of plucking-out
titles, lines or paragraphs. Stop. There's
no need to throw them away. Simply, re-use
your writing.

Re-use sliced away editior-grabbing titles,
prancing lines or page turning paragraphs into
new projects.

Jot them down on three by five index cards,
a computer file or note-book. One line can
spell-over into many different projects.

I wrote a scene about characters in a power
struggle. It was fast paced, and to say one of
the character's knees buckled didn't fit into
the scene. I realized it after going back to

I made notes on a computer file.

Months later, I was scanning through the file,
and peeled away the start of a new project.

The new project was about human-like beings in
a corporate setting. It wasn't the only idea.

In conclusion, there is always a world, setting,
waiting for reuseable words.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Facebook Users Listed On Bit Torrent

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

The data of 100 million Facebook
users was emptied on the file
sharing service Bit Torrent.

Ron Bowes, Canadian security researcher,
wanted to help with the testing of login

Bowes wanted to help other researchers, and
he put the information on Bit Torrent. It
was downloaded several hundred times, and
made its way to Pirate Bay.

Bowes pulled account names, URLs and contact
details. The names of those users' friends,
even if they were not listed in search engine

"As I thought more about it, and talked to other
people, I realized that this is a scary privacy
issue," per Bowes blog post. "I can find the name
of pretty much every person on Facebook." Facebook
helpfully informs you that "anyone can opt out of
appearing here by changing their Search privacy
settings," but that doesn't help much anymore
considering I already have them all and you will
too, when you download the torrent. Suckers!" His
post continued.

"People who use Facebook own their information and
have the right to share only what they want, with
whom they want, and when they want," Facebook's
statement. "In this case, information that people
have agreed to make public was collected by a single
researcher and already exists in Google, Bing, other
search engines, as well as on Facebook. Similar to
the white pages of the phone book, this is the
information available to enable people to find each
other, which is the reason people join Facebook."


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