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Friday, August 20, 2010

How To Be The Best Writer

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

The secret to being the best writer
is practice, and often. Writing the
article, post, paragraph, when you
get a chance never happens. A problem,
situation, usually pops-up to stand in
the way.

Get in the rhythm of writing by reaching
your goal in steps. Write one or two pages,
instead of five, for example.

Select a time during the day or evening
just for writing. Surround your writing
place with writing related items. It
should include a computer, typewriter,
books that inspire your creative flow,
pens and any other writing producing
tools required.

Avoid non-writing interruptions such as
exercise equipment or computer games.

Turn-off your cell phone, click-off the
radio/television and begin writing. Writing
time should be when others aren't around
to disturb you. This time is for you to
write, be the best writer possible.

"I've done the above steps, but still don't
have any writing ideas." A few people said.
"Drawing blanks."

Think about the day before, two days earlier
or a month ago. Was there an experience you
witnessed that circles your mind? A news
headline caught your attention?

Let's look at an example.

You were waiting for a train. A middle aged man
rushed passed you. Seconds later, man two sped
through the gathering crowd. The first man
glanced back, saw the second man and moved

The incident is material for a spy story,
mystery. There's no limit to what path the tale

The news headline: "Dr. N. Busted" is enough to
spin-off an essay. What would you write about
the headline?

Write down the points you want to say, make, about
the headline. You're on your way to writing, being
the best writer.
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