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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook's Location Tool: Places

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On Wednesday, Facebook started a
location service. Mobile device users,
owners, with Facebook accounts can give
friends their exact location. The service
is free.

The service works with iPhone, iPod, Touch,
Black-Berry, iPad, Torch and Android devices.
The logo is a purple icon situated above a
map image.

Click on "Here Now" to find which friends
are where.

'Places' is a hit with consumers and advertisers.
It's divided with small businesses, Greg Sterling,
independent social networking analyst explained.

"What we see with Facebook is a massive learning
curve. Every time they make a change, consumers
scramble to figure out the privacy settings,"
Rainey Reitman pointed out-spokeswoman for
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in the US. "Location
data is tied to people's safety, if people know
where you are, they know where you're not. Your
location data is some of the most sensitive data
we have. I expect we'll see from the get go people
who don't understand how to control the privacy
settings," she continued.

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