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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Writing Niche

Niche is an area that has great interest to you. You excel at it. A comfortable place, if given time, you'll turn into a profitable business. The potential is limited only by you. It takes little to inspire you for this niche.

Likewise, writing niche is writing you understand. Sometimes, the writing makes sense when others don't get it.

The perfect writing niche is when a-piece of writing/reading feels right.It stirs around your creative flow. You, in your opinion, can re-write it better. Your mind begin to think of ways to profit from a writing business, promote it.

Set a goal. Do some research to see what you'll need to get started.

Is it a business that will fit into your life? You have enough time for it? Right tools? Should the writing niche be done part time? Is there anyone in your life that can help? Barter for services.

Bartering is when a friend/relative provides an item or service to your business. The item could be paper clips. A relative offers to handle the business side.

Bartering ends with what you'll give in exchange for the paper clips, and the management of your business.

Keep an account of bartering in writing. There'll be no confusion.It makes life easier. Someone in doubt about how many paper clips, for example, were agreed on? Check the contract, or the bartering agreement.

Writing niche can be a profitable out-let to writing.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Critique And Write Fiction

There's one more step to the writing process before sharing. Few, if any, can skip it. Often, it's not the mot fun prt of writing.

It's the critique and write of fiction process. The initial writing centers around developing characters, scenes and peeling-out an exciting plot. The main focus isn't on sentence structure and weak writing.

Now, attention has to be given to all sentences. Sentences must move the plot forward, connect and stimulate a reader's imagination.

Put aside your manuscript. Start a new project. Make the calls you meant to weeks ago. The longer a work of fiction is, the more time needed away from it. Of course, pay attention to dead-lines.

Return to your manuscript. The second time work through critique and write by making sure characters read like real people. A character, for example, could tap his/her fingers anywhere when stressed.

Sometimes, dialogue helps.

Take a look at a simple morning greeting.

"How are you?" Mary asked.

People don't necessarily use those exact words.

Some say:

"What up?"


"How ya doin'?"

Dialogue, too, should glide plot along with conflict and suspense. A fiction community's language should mimic real language.

There isn't room for words, lines or paragraphs that fail to show-case an action packed story.

A good place to start stories is on page one. Begin conflict as the reader is hooked. Establish a viewpoint, characters are exposed for who they are and the type of story being told is displayed.

The final words are that when writers critique and write better fiction comes to life.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Re-Call Writing Exercise

The Re-Calling Exercise is a writing tool geared toward igniting a writer's creative flow. There's never too many ways to awaken creative flow. This writing exercise can be applied to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Let's go through how the Re-Call Writing Exercise works.

Sit down in your writing place. Get comfortable. Make sure you have everything you'll need. Take food or water. Fruit? Leave the phone outside of the room you're in.Write, at least, two hours before getting up.

Look at anything in the room you're in, for five seconds.

Next, write down, in ten words, everything you remember.

I scanned a notebook for five seconds.

I remember the following: yellow, lined, notes, writing, stuffed, square, dull color, informative, book and name.

The above ten words leads to many paths.

Yellow color inspires an article about ducks, non-fiction. Possible question: Where are the happiest ducks.

Lined, hmm? What or how do lines in fashion help/hurt specific body types?

Notes can play-out in fiction. A crime!

The man stared at me as he spoke into his cell phone. I turned away, fled down another aisle. Two strange females followed me...

The idea has all kinds of possibilities.

Writing means poetry too. Or, your opinion?

All words are sifted through your creative flow, and writing projects happen.

Finally, Re-Call Writing Exercise is to help you, the writer, explore new depths.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Get On The Blogosphere

Subjects range from cooking to commerce on the blogosphere. Blogging is an online journal, or whatever you want it to be. It's one way to stop using paper, go Green. It leaves one less foot-print.

It's done by typing or posting on your subject of choice. Your blog should be what you're passionate about.

The blog is viewed only by you, or whomever you want to see it. It depends on how you set the blog up. Some people share photos, audio and/or videos.

There's no age limit on the blogosphere. In a few steps, you can become a blogger.

Get a free account at

Meet me on the blogosphere at

My blog taps on various subjects, but it's mostly about writing topics. My blog suggests where/how to get ideas for fiction and non-fiction. I point-out games to stop writer's block. Advice exists there to help writers self-edit.

You, too, can be on the blogosphere. Today, start your blog.

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