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Saturday, March 29, 2008

How To Write Whodunit

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"That's hard." You looked at the title.

The first step is to have a good idea.
One that has been thought through from
beginning to end. Or, research an idea.
You're looking for what would make an
interesting book. Is there a specific
topic that grabs your attention?

Pick a subject that's appealing.
You don't want to reach chapter
five, and nothing else to write.
It, even, bored you. The topic should
be exciting for you, and appealing to

After you've settled on an idea, start
your chapter outline. Write out what
each chapter will be about. Jot down
as much as you need to. Edit later.

The plot, is how the problem gets
solved, exposes murder, for example.
There has to be a main character,
others, to find out why Mr. X was
murdered. Along the way, murders

The main character realizes she's being
stalked, more confusion.

The twists and curves have to be worked
out through the characters.

Each scene moves the story forward. A
scene can be a paragraph, or pages long.
It's up to you, the writer.

Writing the whodunit requires an idea,
topic that appeals to the masses, and
a good plot.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How To Write A Newsletter

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A newsletter is something that's informative
to readers, and fun for the editor to write.

A newsletter should begin with a comment,
word, thought, or insightful share with
readers. It is your section. Share
something about yourself.

Pick topics out of life to chat about.
Did a stranger walk-up to you, thought
you were someone else? Your furry friend,
pet, helped you in some way. Were you
published somewhere? You received a

Make sure the newsletter is, stuffed, full
of theme material. Give tips, new buzz on
that industry, certain technology help,
or explain a niche.

Feature a contest(s) from others, and have
your own.

Tackle a debate. How many people hit snooze,
four times, before getting up? Most likely,
89% percent of the population.

Dress up or down the newsletter as you see
fit, include anything you like.

Writing a newsletter opens up a new world
to you. Have fun with it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How To Write

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A few months ago, I thought-up a worst word
list. Here's an example of what I mean.
The words can come from anywhere, everywhere.
Take a look.

The worst three, tasting, drinks happen when
the brewing process goes, horribly, wrong.
They are:
1. acid tasting black coffee
2. tea brewed too many times in the
same pot
3. white lightening liquor

I can take one or all the answers to write
about. It's possible to take words, thought-
up at randow, write fiction or non-fiction.
The process keeps writer's block at your
neighbor's house, and away from you.

My writing idea is to have a, young,
couple move into a house. They find
a coffee pot, that the wife cleans to use.

"Park, you're so thoughtful." Brent turned
over in bed. "The coffee smells good."

"I smell it too, but..."

"So, you like our new house?" Brent jumps
out of bed.

Before Park can say another word, her
husband goes downstairs to get a cup of

Park hurries behind him.

The coffee pot hiccups, and then it leaps

It's easy to get writing ideas from
rejected articles, poems, essays, fiction,
or words you heard.

Try your hand at writing from any word.
Most likely, you'll come-up with more
than one writing idea from a, word,
phrase. At the same time, writer's
block is kept at a distance.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Turn Life Into Writing Ideas

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

I believe life is exciting,
challenging, wonderful, demanding,
and stuffed full of writing ideas.

I wrote a piece on best friend
shopping, which didn't make the

Now, I can sit around complaining,
or find another place for the

Let me share some of it with you.

This story idea is from living
life, and ideas do come to you
this way. You must act like a
sponge, find a fit, for rejected

**Best Friend Shopping**

Your eyes roll skyward, knowing
a gift is needed for him/her.

"What do I get?" You twisted
a piece of hair.

You don't want to get a gift like
last time. You saw the disappointed
expression as it was unwrapped.
Even though, he/she tried to disguise

Of course, you pondered, fussed, over
getting the right item. Times like
these test a friendship. Sure, you
can grab some bobble. Possibly, your
friend will feel the uncaring that
went into that.

Or, shop for what your friend likes
best. Search for the object that
most appeals to your friend. No
one knows that better than you.
It's best to start shopping early.

The sponge process started for a
story idea. A character was at
a Used Clothing Store, looking
for something unique.

"I've been to five other stores,
nothing caught my eye." Chell's
eyes rolled along the floor.
What is that?"

It appeared to be a clown.

"That would be a fun gift, life
size clown."

She bent down to inspect it,
noticed it was a dead body...

The plot unfolds in any
direction of my choice. Also,
other ideas can be spun from it.

I can travel down a fiction road,
roll-out essays, or jot down poems.

I suggest to take any writing idea,
and look at it for other avenues
to writing.

When your work is rejected, look
for other ways to show-case it.
A sponge drips everywhere, soaks
in everything. Be the sponge when
it comes to writing ideas.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

How To Write About An Encounter

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

I had the opportunity, chance, to
meet an odd person. Perhaps, I
should say different.

"Why is she odd?" You read the
paragraph, again.

People talked about a serious
subject, on numerous occasions.
Cathy would burst out laughing.
Cara appeared, one day, with the
same mannerisms, likenesses, as
Cathy. Yet, they claimed not to
know one another.

This is how I'd take that reality,
and turn it into a work of fiction.

My idea is to have Cathy working
in a school. Cara is unemployed.

At school, one day, Cathy began
talking, acting, like Cara. The
people around Cathy wondered what
was wrong.

"Mornin', Cathy. " Mr Berg Spoke.

Cathy looked at him, seemed not to
recognize him.

Cathy wondered around the school,
missed her scheduled classes.
Suddenly, for no reason, she

See how easy it is to take something,
someone, from reality to write about.

How would you continue the story?

Make sure to change actual
circumstances, names, dates,
addresses, and physical

"Why bother?" You looked around.

Aside from the fact, it can cause
hurt feelings. Using such
information without written
permission can end you up in a
court room.

All stories have a beginning,
middle, and end.

Start off with a question, narrative,
or startle. You want to grab,
hold, the reader's attention to the

Your title should stop the reader,
and pull his/her eyes to your
work. The middle builds up, comes
down to a satisfactory conclusion.

Take note of the odd encounters in
your day. Pick out, at least,
one to write about. Spin reality
into fiction to always have a
writing idea.

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