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Saturday, March 29, 2008

How To Write Whodunit

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"That's hard." You looked at the title.

The first step is to have a good idea.
One that has been thought through from
beginning to end. Or, research an idea.
You're looking for what would make an
interesting book. Is there a specific
topic that grabs your attention?

Pick a subject that's appealing.
You don't want to reach chapter
five, and nothing else to write.
It, even, bored you. The topic should
be exciting for you, and appealing to

After you've settled on an idea, start
your chapter outline. Write out what
each chapter will be about. Jot down
as much as you need to. Edit later.

The plot, is how the problem gets
solved, exposes murder, for example.
There has to be a main character,
others, to find out why Mr. X was
murdered. Along the way, murders

The main character realizes she's being
stalked, more confusion.

The twists and curves have to be worked
out through the characters.

Each scene moves the story forward. A
scene can be a paragraph, or pages long.
It's up to you, the writer.

Writing the whodunit requires an idea,
topic that appeals to the masses, and
a good plot.
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