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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Death Will Knock

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Death Comes For Us All
Death knocks at every door, sooner
or later. It doesn't matter if you're
a CEO, leader, baker or candle-stick
maker. Sometimes in human opinion,
death knocks too early.

It can be reasoned that death is
merciful, even relieves suffering.
Perhaps, death is better for the
terminally ill.

Death has no patience for survivors
or mourners. Death claims and departs.
Death turns a deaf ear to pleas for
more time.

Where there is a thread of life, talk
and tell people how you feel. Often,
death surprises.

Cry for a love one, let it out. It's
all right. Don't be afraid to bring
that emotion to the surface. You'll
feel better.

I speak from experience. I lost my
mother, and my husband nine months


Monday, December 27, 2010

WikiLeaks Founder's $1.3 Million Book Deal

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has
a $1.3 million book deal to cover legal
costs relating to his arrest and lawsuits
directed at his whistle blowing web site.

"I don't want to write this book, but I
have to," he told the Sunday Times. "I
have already spent £200,000 for legal
fees and I need to defend myself and to
keep WikiLeaks afloat."

The book will be published in the U.S. by
the Alfred A. Knopf publishing house, part
of the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group at
Random House, and British publisher Canongate.

Assange told the British newspaper that he
will receive $800,000 from Knopf and about
$502,000 from Canongate.

WikiLeaks came under financial strain when
Paypal, MasterCard and Visa cut off all
processing of donations to the web site.
According to Assange, the web site has
lost approximately $650,000 since the
funding was stopped. The web site was
receiving approximately $130,000 in
daily donations.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New York Times Link To WikiLeaks

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David E. Sanger, a New York Times
reporter looked through the latest
WikiLeaks information and wrote
stories based on the leaked
material, said in an interview on NPR.

It "was never an easy decision to
publish national security information,"
but "at the end of this process, what
we did was responsible, it was legal
and it was important for a democratic

The Times was the only American news
organization to receive government
documents that were released by WikiLeaks,
the Internet organization that specializes
in exposing government secrets through
leaked information.

WikiLeaks released about 90,000 documents
prepared by U.S. military sources on the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this summer.

WikiLeaks cut its link with The Times,
offered the State Department cables to
two other American news outlets, CNN and
the Wall Street Journal. Both refused,
decided that its terms - including a demand
for financial compensation under certain
circumstances were unacceptable.

WikiLeaks decided not to work with The
Times on the latest leaks.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Thread Information Into Poems

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Turn Any Information Into Poems

One topic can be the inspiration
for several poems. Let's look at
history, for example.

I was curious as to the name of
the person responsible for writing
"taxation without representation..."

Research confirmed that James Otis
was given credit for writing the

Otis wrote and spoke-out to encourage
the American colonists to become
independent of England.

Here's a free verse poem off the
top of my head.

Stand Tall

James Otis




Seize colonists



Mother England

A second phrase grabbed my attention,
and it was: "If they want to have a

The words was spoken by captain John
Parker, April 19, 1775.

Parker battled, with a few men, three
companies of British soldiers.

Take a look at my Pantown poem.

We Came

Chilling April night melts into dawn

Men ravaged by time,

Boys not yet at full term

Stood for the battle.

Men ravaged by time

Sprinkled on a Boston road,

Stood for the battle

Strong of heart.

Sprinkled on a Boston road

Boys not yet at full term,

Strong of heart,

Chilling April night melts into dawn.

Select a topic of your choice and
create poems.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Believe In Self

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Believe In You

You must, first, believe in
yourself to succeed at life,
writing. People will, often,
fail to see your vision, goal.
They'll suggest a different
path for you.

If you have no belief in self,
anyone can persuade, turn, you
against what's right or your
goal. You'll believe, trust,
anyone or everyone.

Before long, confusion sets in.
From listening to others, stress
builds-up and sickness over-takes

There's nothing wrong in considering
other opinions, but believe in self.
Do what's best for self. Live your
vision, dream.

Learn to say no, speak-up for self. If
you don't believe in self, who will?


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