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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Thread Information Into Poems

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Turn Any Information Into Poems

One topic can be the inspiration
for several poems. Let's look at
history, for example.

I was curious as to the name of
the person responsible for writing
"taxation without representation..."

Research confirmed that James Otis
was given credit for writing the

Otis wrote and spoke-out to encourage
the American colonists to become
independent of England.

Here's a free verse poem off the
top of my head.

Stand Tall

James Otis




Seize colonists



Mother England

A second phrase grabbed my attention,
and it was: "If they want to have a

The words was spoken by captain John
Parker, April 19, 1775.

Parker battled, with a few men, three
companies of British soldiers.

Take a look at my Pantown poem.

We Came

Chilling April night melts into dawn

Men ravaged by time,

Boys not yet at full term

Stood for the battle.

Men ravaged by time

Sprinkled on a Boston road,

Stood for the battle

Strong of heart.

Sprinkled on a Boston road

Boys not yet at full term,

Strong of heart,

Chilling April night melts into dawn.

Select a topic of your choice and
create poems.
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