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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah Palin's Gettysburg Stop

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The sun began to peep at Tuesday
morning when supporters and
reporters congregated in front
of Sarah Palin's bus in a hotel
parking lot, former Alaska
governor, whose third day of her
East Coast tour is expected to
include stops at the Civil War
battlefield and maybe a trip
to the Liberty Bell in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Yesterday, Palin was reserved
about the possibility of
plans to run for president
in 2012.

A reporter asked about her
plans, "I don't know, I
honestly don't know. It's
still a matter of considering
much, there truly is a lot to
consider before you throw your
name out there in the name of
service because it's so all

One Nation tour was a ploy to
play with the media.

"No, that's not the purpose,"

Palin was asked what a
presidential run might look like
if she made one, Palin said that
it wouldn't be like those of her
potential rivals for the GOP

It would be unconventional and
nontraditional, Palin.

The indecision isn't stopping
the support Palin's getting in

Scribbings in notes from well
wishers were taped to the door
of the Sarah PAC "One Nation"
bus by 6:45 a.m.

Two fans took pictures in front
of the bus. The young women, who
refused to give their names,
explained that they had waited
for three and a half hours on
Memorial Day at a battlefield
monument where Palin was a no
show for several hundred fans.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Hackers Post Log-In Information From PBS

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Online hackers, The Lulz Boat,
stole into the PBS web site and
posted a story that the rapper
Tupac Shakur who has been dead
for almost 15 years is alive
and living in New Zealand.

The hackers stated that they
posted passwords of journalists,
log-in information for the PBS
series "Frontline" and
sensitive information about
PBS stations.

The "WikiSecrets" documentary
aired last week on the PBS
show "Frontline." United States
Army Private Bradley Manning's
father and close friends were
talked to.

Manning, a military intelligence
analyst, is suspected of leaking
hundreds of thousands of classified
documents that ended up on the
WikiLeaks web site.

"Anyway, say hello to the insides
of the PBS servers, folks. They
best watch where they're sailing
next time," The Lulz Boat.

PBS acknowledged the hack early
Monday morning.

The Lulz Boat created a page in
the address. It reads
LULZSEC." The title of the page
(expletive) FRONTLINE!"

The group's bio states: "We are
LulzSec, a small team of 80-year-
old men and people who smoke on
webcam. Right?"


Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Look At Funky Fashion

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Funky Fashion has gone from the
bold look of the 90s to glow-sticks,
photon lights and jewelry. There's
all kinds of clothing to give you
the Funky Fashion look.

Funky Fashion can be added to an
out-fit without destroying your

Animal prints can add a new look
to your out-dated wardrobe. A
zebra top will update last year's
capris. Slide into a pair of
comfortable sandals/shoes, and
you're ready.

Animal print dresses/skirts with
solid colored tops works. A jacket
can be worn with the outfit.

Arrange, mix-and-match, tops/
dresses and skirts to your
taste. Pants go well with
animal prints.

Avoid wearing an animal print
bottom and top unless it's a

The layered look is hot. The more
necklaces, the better. Add
several bracelets. The jewelry
will give a dress, skirt/top,
a whole new look.

If you ready want to go Funky
Fashion, polish each fingernail
a different color.

A trip to your beauty supply
store for hair color will
finish your new look. Anyone
can wear Funky Fashion without
looking "weird." Simply, dress
how you would normally. The
key is to have fun with it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Writing Prompts To Enhance Creativity

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Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is a method,
word association, to stir-up
the creative process. Enhance
creative skills by keeping a
writing prompt on the night-
stand, mirror, door or anywhere
it can be seen frequently.

A writing project centered on
fashion, for example, means
fashion related writing prompts
are situated around your space.

Keep great fashion ideas written
by the bed. New dress ideas are
pasted to the mirror. I'm going
to have a creative day is
plastered to the front door.

Quotes, remarks, from a favorite
designer can adorn the television.

You'll reach a destination ready
to work.

Quotes are writing prompt sources,
and ideal for bursts of writing
ideas. Take a look at the
following quote.

"You must, first, believe in

Read it out-loud, more than once.
Get a feel for the words. Make
yourself comfortable with them.
Don't just say them. Live them.

Spin the words around your mind.
How can you use the words
toward creativity?

Start writing about the quote.
Apply it to a specific writing
project, or just scribble
anything. The more you write,
ideas will come to mind.
Later, go back to edit.

A suggestion is to write five
hundred words before getting up.

Look at my view about the quote.

I believe in my creative skills.
My writing skills are advancing.
I'll write better tomorrow.

It means nothing that nay-sayers
and doubters repeat, "You won't
make it as a writer."

An idea popped to mind as I was

A novelist on the last chapter
develops writer's block. He/she
tried exercises, games, to no
avail. The publisher was pushing
when suddenly...

The point is jotting information
down about a quote can lead to
an interesting writing idea.

Writing prompts don't stop there.
Any word can spark a writing idea.
Simply, open your senses to
enhance creativity.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Alleged Mistress Twitter Argument

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Osama bin Laden's alleged mistress,
award winning novelist Kola Boof,
and Maybach Music rapper Wale had
a exchange.

The verbal debate began when Kola
stated her opinion about Wale not
having black women of a dark
complexion in his videos to another
twitter user, and fans chimed in.

Boof tweeted:

"There wasn't a single Black woman
in "Pretty Girls" what in the
f- was he saying about African
women?? His own race?" @WALE is a
little Punk B-h Nigerian Skin
Bleacher who wants to escape his
own people & gets PAID 2 do s.
I know enough about @WALE ...and
he's a LOSER a- Motherf-er in my
book. Don't give a s-t who's IN

If #WALE was my g-damn son I'd
drown that Chimp-brained
Nigerian N-erstock motherf-er.
And feed his a- to the Red Ants.
Loser mofo! And Black Women....
keep making excuses & supporting
these mofos.....that's what IRKs
me. Dumb a- Black Women. You
would think Black Women would
have 2 halves of a brain to tune
out these mofos..but they the #1
supporters. This man HATES US...
hates our whole f-ing existence
& wants to escape blackness...
and we making him rich!!??

"To me....a man like
no different than a f-ing
Clansmen. He just gets away with
his s-t bec. he's dark black. But
let WALE have to decide between
saving YOU from drowning and a
European. He's a skin bleacher.
Might as well be Jergen. NO DUMB
A-....he doesn't "REP" Nigeria.
You're just too stupid to see his
messages. He promotes f-ing

Why wouldn't NIGERIAN children
want to bleach their skin after
watching a WALE video?? How could
they not? Think about the IMAGES
in Wale's videos....and then look
at why Nigerian kids, both male &
female, want to skin bleach. HIS
VIDEOS!! partly. Just remember....
that KOLA will kick your f-ing a-
@WALE're f-ing GUPPIE!
OH PLEASE....people are acting like
I can't cuss someone out because
I'm a Novelist?....I'm harder than
ANY f-ing rapper. NOVELIST, POET....
Bin laden's Ex-Mistress....and
**HARDER** than any f-ing Rapper.
These punks are snot nosed wimps. a f-ing Nigerian Cl-t-B-
h. F-k Wale. Oh please....I'm
HARDER than any
insecure little colortsruck roach

Wale tweeted:

"Kola boof... I won't beef with
you as a rapper, but as a proud
black man with intellect. We can
show the world what ignorance
looks like. Excuse me @KolaBoof.

According to this lunatic @kolaboof
I promote "skin bleaching" and I
hate black women. And @kolaboof
thinks that because she contributed
to writing a few books, that she
can talk down to me. With all due
respect ms @kolaboof I can sit up
here and say you were porking a lot of your
peers say. But I'd rather not,
because I'm ignorant to @kolaboof
whatever relationship you had with
Ol' Boy [Osama bin Laden]. ..and my
ignorance to THAT particular subject
will keep me quiet. W/ that said u
should 2. @kolaboof your pretentious.
Your a disgusting human being, an
absolute disgrace to the very people
you pretend to endorse."

Boof continued. Fans suggested that
she listen to his song, "Shades"
where he addresses the issue. "We
as black dudes tend to lack unity,
and them blacker girls ain't on the
tube usually".


Monday, May 23, 2011

President Obama Celebrates His Irish Roots

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President Obama landed in Dublin
today as the sixth United States
president to visit Ireland and
celebrate his Irish roots.

"It is heartwarming to be here,"
Obama stated. "People even
arranged for the sun to come
out shortly after I arrived."

Presidents John F. Kennedy,
Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan,
Bill Clinton and George W.
Bush visited the small island
home of 4.5 million people.

His visit will include an
hour-long visit to Moneygall,
in County Offaly, where his
great-great-great grandfather
was born in 1830, and a speech
in Dublin at an outdoor concert
to tens of thousands of people.

Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton are
the most celebrated presidents
to have visited. Kennedy came
first, in 1963, just months
before his assassination, and
spent three days. Reagan visited
another tiny village south of
Moneygall called Ballyporeen to
celebrate his family's ancestry

Clinton helped to bring peace
to Northern Ireland in 1998
through the signing of the Good
Friday Agreement.

Obama's visit is being celebrated
culturally too. There's a new 90-
minute film, Barack Obama's Irish
Roots, which just premiered at
Cannes. There's a painting by
former Miss Ireland Nuala Holloway,
Famine Ship, depicting the type
of vessel that would have brought
Falmouth Kearney, Obama's ancestor,
to America


Friday, May 20, 2011

Where To Get Poem Ideas?

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Poem Ideas From Life

You are the fun ingredient in
family gatherings, picnics or
the elevator ride. It means the
"stuff" of great poems exist
in you. Don't stop at throwing
lines out at people.

Sit down. Expose activities in
life, the work-place, college
living, loss of a job, events
during the economic turn-down
or how a specific bank treated

Point a poem at people, places,
or the happiest/strangest day
in your life.

Several people passed an area
without seeing it. A twenty-dollar
bill grabbed your feet the moment
you entered. Happiest day?

Poems of pets





to life.

Pets have been around all
your life. A house-hold of
various pets? What could you
say about them? The potential
for such poems to bring
laughter, inspire, are only
limited by your imagination.

The first person to enter your
space is a possible subject,
poem. Perhaps, something
about that person is poem

Book characters are ready to
be picked for poems. Characters
from those books shouldn't
resemble the originals unless
you created them.

Tons of information, online
and off, stand-ready to provide

Pieces of data learned, history
or experiment to see what works
equals excellent poems.

Take a look at my poem in prose.
Prose is language that's not
metrically structured.

B owing to his country's needs

E ndowed with many talents

N oticed for his advice on Declaration of Independence

J ourneyed aboard quieting disputes

A nother giant of a man

M uch of his time taken away from his land

I n service of man-kind

N ow, his works lives on

Material for poems are everywhere. Simply,
open-up your senses.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interview: Master It

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The time has come in life when
a job change is needed, the
current employer down-sized,
or you out-grew a job position.
A search high and low turned up
a job interview. Be prepared.
Take time to visit the
organization's web site. Look
at the mission statement. The
mission statement explains an
organization's purpose.

The mission statement cited
that the organization is going
green, for example.

Refer to it in an answer that
you'd like to share in the
experience. Or, pick another
point to stir-up an answer
with. Always, be upbeat.

Your answers should reflect a
positive attitude.

The interview day arrived.
Don't focus on how nervous
you are.

Arrive at the interview, at
least, forty-five minutes
earlier than your appointment
time. It gives you an opportunity
to freshen-up, and get
comfortable in your new

Take a deep breath before the
interview, several. Organize
your thoughts, and avoid using
slang words.

The word money isn't uttered
from your lips. Push the
following unit of words,
thoughts, out of your mind.
Any idea when I'll get a pay-
raise? Although, maintain eye

Be respectful of those you
encounter. "Good morning." A
person rushed by you.

Some would say nothing, but
respond with a greeting. It
could be your interviewer.

Below are possible questions.

Why are you looking for

I'm looking to share my
experiences with a new
organization, and learn
new skills.

What do you want to share?

I'm organized, detail
oriented, and communicate

A supplier contacted my
office about an order. I
was able to pull-up the
necessary information on
the computer system, and
explain how payment was
mis-applied. I followed
up with the proper
department. What are
your weaknesses?

I have a tendency to arrive
for work before my shift
begins. My goal is to exceed
the quota, but after listening
to co-workers slowed the
practice. Why did you leave
your last job?

It's not a good idea to remark
badly about your former manager,

Tell the truth. It's possible
you didn't like your former
manager. There's no need to
share it in the interview.

I reached my potential there,
and want to explore a new
career. Be yourself during
the interview.

There is a question that
spreads panic, but stay calm.

The question is: Why were
you fired from your previous

My experiences, qualifications,
weren't appreciated. However, I
feel your organization can
benefit from them. Is there
anything you'd like to add, ask?

I read in your mission statement
about your company going green.
I like the concept, and want to
share in it.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Calls For Dominique Strauss-Kahn To Resign

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Global financial leaders are
persuaded that the International
Monetary Fund Managing Director,
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is unable
to run the fund because of the
sexual scandal he's facing.

Strauss-Kahn's situation has led
to calls for the IMF chief to

United States Treasury Secretary
Tim Geithner and European Union
finance ministers are among
those calling for Strauss-Kahn's

The sexual assault charge against
Strauss-Kahn has rendered the
62-year old IMF chief no longer
capable of running the fund,

Geithner pressed for the IMF
executive board to designate an
interim head, although the fund
had named on Monday another IMF
official, John Lipsky, as
temporary replacement for

Austrian Finance Minister
Maria Fekter backed Geithner's

The court's refusal to grant
the IMF head bail is hurting
the fund's image, Fekter.

Due to the extraordinarily
serious charges filed against
Strauss-Kahn, he should make
the decision to step down from
his post, Spanish Finance
Minister Elana Salgado.

The Chinese and Brazilian
foreign ministries stated it
was time to end a six-decade
gentleman's agreement that
guaranteed the managing
director's post to a European.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Murder Charges Filed in Execution Style Slaying of MTV Producer

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Destiny Young, 29, of Los Angeles
was charged with murder Friday
and two male accomplices were
charged with robbery in a
shotgun crime spree.

The spree added up to 10
robberies and two homicides
over 11 days in the mid-town
area of Los Angeles,
according police.

One of the homicide victims
was 30-year-old MTV music
coordinator Gabriel Ben-Meir,
killed by a shotgun blast
to the head in the early
morning hours Sunday after
parking his car outside
his apartment, police.

Ben-Meir worked on several
MTV shows that included
"Punk'd" and "Nitro Circus."

The other homicide victim
was Marcelo Aragon, 35,
who was killed on April
30, authorities.

The female suspect, Young,
was also charged with five
counts of second degree
robbery, prosecutors.

Richard Edward Anderson, 33,
of Reseda, California, was
charged with six counts of
second degree robbery,

Jabaar Vincent Thomas, 26, of
Los Angeles was charged with
three counts of second degree
robbery and one count of being
a felon in possession of a

Thomas is a convicted felon
who was paroled in December,
Los Angeles Police Chief
Charlie Beck told reporters
at a press conference Friday.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Start A Book

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Successful Book Starts

The idea is to have your book
appeal to a large segment of
the population. Decide on a
writing idea to accomplish it.

Sit down. Develop a writing
idea that stirs-up your
imagination. A book starts
as the writing idea is spun
into being.

Writing ideas await in a haunted
house, at work or on the
trains' platform.

Is there a house in your
neighborhood that's rumored
to be haunted. Perhaps, facts
say it is haunted. Put your
own spin on a writing idea.
Take a look at my writing idea.

"Who is it?" Maureen shouted
through the door.


"Sal?" Maureen opened the
front door.

"Mac's gone and his paws can't
handle the cold."

"How did he get out of the
apartment?" Maureen motioned
with her hand for Sal to come

"Alls I know is when we walk
pass the haunted house, he'd
stop and bark at it."


"And," Sal interrupted Maureen,
"a bad feeling comes over me."

A loud bang thundered...

What would you write next?

Get in the good habit of looking
at writing ideas from different
view points.

A decided on writing idea is the
plot. How a problem is played-out
unfolds the plot.

Every story has a beginning, middle
and it ends. Be fair with the reader.
Leave no question introduced in
the story unanswered.

Populate the story with characters.
You have to know your characters
before their story can be told well,

Create profiles for characters. Each
character is individual, have flaws
and is different from when the story

Profiles can include weight, height,
eye color, quirks and likes/dislikes.
He/she has to experience change,

Questions needed asking. Who should
be the main character? Man? Woman?
Senior citizen? Who will best fit
into the role?

Where will the story take place?
It's called setting. Haunted house?
Work? Train platform?

The season of year is mentioned within
the first five chapters, or beginning
paragraphs of a short story.

Write romance, mystery or any genre,
but add plenty of suspense.

Suspense is doubt, uncertainty. It's
Sal, from the earlier example, full
of fear and shouting the haunted house
stole her dog.

Start the story in the middle of an
issue, situation. It pulls the reader
into a story. Readers become concerned
and want to know what happens next.

Each page reveals something exciting or
hint at an on-coming threat.


Start your book.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Take Down Osama bin Laden in a Video Game

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A video game, launched shy of a
week after United States Special
Forces killed Osama bin Laden at
his compound in Abbottabad,
Pakistan, allows players/gamers
to re-enact the circumstances
that took down bin Laden.

KumaWar Episode 107- Osama 2011,
the latest in a series of free
online games based on anti-terror
themes. The game gives players
the chance to lead the team that
took down bin Laden.

The game offers one variation on
the actual mission, and it's
that the virtual Special Forces
can suffer casualties.

"In forty minutes and a rain of
hot lead, a decades-long,
worldwide manhunt for Osama bin
Laden will be ended... by you,"
the web site of New York based
Kuma Games, which released online
the first person shooter over
the weekend.

The company made the claim of
realistically recreating the
compound, weapons and mission
objectives from bin Laden's
real-life take down based on
news reports.

One screen shot on the game's
web site creates an image that
the Obama administration hasn't
released, and that's bin Laden's
corpse with a head wound.

"I think it might actually draw
interest for young men and women
to serve in the military," Neil
Livingstone, CEO of the corporate
security firm ExecutiveAction.
"The Army had its own video game
at one point to draw young men
and women into the service,"
Livingstone added.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Person's Karma

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I'm from the school of thought
that believes a person's Karma
dictates development of life,
the quality life takes and
death rides in on Karma. In
other words, you reap what
you sow. Or, what you send-out
to the world returns, good
or bad.

A pattern of behavior comes
back to the sender. It doesn't
matter the behavior: lying,
thievery or fairest of them

The Bible explains Karma
better. "For whatever a man
is sowing, this he will also
reap..." "New World Translation
of the Holy Scriptures."

The word Karma isn't mentioned
in the verse.

Let's look closer at Karma
according to Wikipedia.

Karma comes originally from
Shramana tradition. Buddhism
is an extension of the
tradition. The Brahmanic
religion was influenced by
this tradition, early in the
Vedantic movement- 1st
millennium BC.

The world's version was
taken from this religious
culture by Brahmin orthodoxy.
The Brahmins scribbled down
the earliest recorded

Some believe that a supreme
being is a factor, like the
one who passes out good Karma.

Many followers of Hinduism and
followers of Buddism favor
natural laws of cause and
effect to explain Karma.

Karma isn't set in stone, but is
a result of natural acts, cause
and effect. A good act now,
for example, isn't guaranteed
to bring a similar act on a
certain date. It means the
action/reaction of life,
circumstances, that happens.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look At A Writer's Work

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

A Writer's Power
Writing is my power, and every
other writer's power too. Some
call it gift, talent, career
and life. Simply, it's writing.

I'm going to give you a glimpse
at a writer's work.

Osama Bin Laden's Fake Death
Photo Goes Viral

A photo of Osama Bin Laden's
bloodied face went viral on the
Internet and was reproduced on
the front page of newspapers
around the world, but it's a

The Guardian newspaper in Britain
reported that the photo is a
combination of two photographs.
A bloodied corpse and a real
image of Bin Laden that was
taken in 1998, used by the
Reuters news agency.

The fake photo splashed onto
the Internet hours after Bin
Laden's death and was picked
up by news groups near and far,
in places like Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Senegal and Iraq.

U.S. officials are still deciding
whether to release an actual
image of Bin Laden's corpse.

"I'll be candid that there are
sensitivities here in terms of
the appropriateness of releasing
photographs of Osama Bin Laden in
the aftermath of this firefight,"
White House Press Secretary Jay
Carney explained to reporters
Tuesday. "We're making an
evaluation about the need to do



Sony Hired Investigators To Catch
Hackers Behind Security Breach

Sony hired investigators to catch
the hackers behind a security
breach that exposed the personal
data of more than 100 million
video game users.

Sony, the Japanese electronics giant,
retained a team from Data Forte,
which is led by a former special
agent with the U.S. Naval
Criminal Investigative Service,
to work alongside agents from the
F.B.I., who are also looking into
the matter.

The situation became worse after Sony
admitted that hackers stole into its
servers on the 16th and 17th of
April 2011.

Hackers may have stolen personal user
data. This time, hackers targeted the
accounts of Sony Online Entertainment
(SOE) users per Sony. It includes
personal data from approximately 24.6
million SOE accounts, as well as some
of the data from an outdated database
from 2007.

This database includes about "12,700
non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers
and expiration dates, not credit card
security codes, and about 10,700 direct
debit records of certain customers in
Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain."

The newly discovered attacks are being
investigated. SOE has shut down all
servers related to SOE services.

Sony has apologized to its customers
for any inconvenience and promised to
send emails to all customers whose
data may have been stolen.



How To Edit

Editing is a necessary part of
writing. It's how the editor's
eye is developed, and your
writing becomes publishing ready.

Get comfortable. Bring everything
you'll need to finish a session of
editing. Place your coffee/tea in
its spot. A piece of toast, apple,
chewing gum and any other snack is
positioned in your writing place.
Keep what you'll want near-by, and
have no excuse to stop your editing
session early.

1. Read your article, chapter, poem
or project.

2. Put it down to have a snack.

3. Read it again, out-loud.

4. Check for typos, syntax errors,
grammatical mistakes and incorrect

5. Make sure strong verbs dominate.

6. Adjectives are used if there's no
other choice.

7. The editing process is complete
when every word has been turned upside
down. Or, when you feel it's time to
show-case it.



From The CelebrityCafe

Lohan angered by jail sentence

Lindsay Lohan, 24, was “blindsided” after
being sentenced to jail, while many
speculated that if her charges were
reduced from felony theft to misdemeanor
charges, she'd be able to escape any
time behind bars.

TMZ reports that didn't happen, and she
was slammed with three months of hard
time, plus 480 hours of community service.

Lohan was in custody about five hours
after her hearing. She then posted
bail and is expected to appeal the
judge’s decision on jail time.

It all started on January 22 when she
allegedly left Kamofie & Company, a
Venice, California jewelry store,
with a $2,500 necklace. Lohan was
caught on surveillance tape trying
on the necklace and departing the
store with a group of friends

She is “angry” about how things ended
up “because she has been working so
hard on turning her life around --
She didn’t do what they said she did.
She didn’t steal that necklace,” said
producer Nathan Folks, a friend of

Lohan made a statement on Twitter:

“With my family and thinking of my
grandfather whos birthday was yesterday
and unfortunately passed away a few
years ago… i am just grateful for the
life i have, i cannot explain how excited
i am to begin working on films again, on
top of that- i better get one of my two
favorite scripts that i am in love with.
my friends know what they both are….. all
my love- LL god bless and g’night :)”

Lohan asserts that she's not guilty of the
felony grand theft charges.


An excerpt of my novel follows.

Heads bobbed and turned, some people
cried. They knew the horror awaiting
him. A few drifted to their places of
security while the homeless intruder
wobbled into Grave Street House. They
reacted with clear warning to stay out.
He slowed down, fear filled his eyes.

Why would this son, husband, brother or
father allow the House to seal his fate.
It disliked anyone that entered.

He disappeared into the House. His
footfalls echoed throughout. Cries
for help blasted from within. The
assistance he needed was from an
ambulance or coroner. The House that
stole souls claimed another unwilling
victim. Something or someone evil
lived in the bowels of that structure.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Fake Death Photo Goes Viral

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A photo of Osama Bin Laden's
bloodied face went viral on the
Internet and was reproduced on
the front page of newspapers
around the world, but it's a fake.

The Guardian newspaper in Britain
reported that the photo is a
combination of two photographs.
A bloodied corpse and a real
image of Bin Laden that was
taken in 1998, used by the
Reuters news agency.

The fake photo splashed onto
the Internet hours after Bin
Laden's death and was picked
up by news groups near and
far, in places like Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Senegal and Iraq.

U.S. officials are still
deciding whether to release
an actual image of Bin Laden's

"I'll be candid that there are
sensitivities here in terms of
the appropriateness of releasing
photographs of Osama Bin Laden
in the aftermath of this firefight,"
White House Press Secretary Jay
Carney explained to reporters
Tuesday. "We're making an evaluation
about the need to do that."


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Controversy Over Osama Bin Laden's Corpse

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President Obama and national
security officials are thinking
about releasing a photo of
Osama Bin Laden's corpse today,
per officials.

The White House has DNA evidence
and photographs proving that
Osama Bin Laden is dead, and is
deciding whether to release them,
along with video of Bin Laden's
burial at sea.

Senior lawmakers want photos of
Bin Laden's corpse released to
quiet skeptics in the Arab world,
and then there are conspiracy
theorists in the U.S.

"They'll have to make that judgment-
there are some who are talking about
confirmation. Perhaps this will
provide it in some parts of the
world," Condoleezza Rice, former
secretary of state. "There's really
no reason to doubt that Osama Bin
Laden is killed and now that chapter
is behind us and he's been buried at
sea. I don't think there's any reason
to doubt that."

"The death of Osama Bin Laden brings
an important chapter to a close. Al
Qaeda still has Ayman al-Zawahiri,
number 2 in command, I assume now
the number one in command,"
Condoleezza Rice continued. "We know
that they try everyday to plot and plan
to kill us and so we can't lose focus
and vigilance of the continuing
terrorist presence- it's also important
that Afghanistan not go back to failed
state status which after all led to the
kind of territorial integrity where Al
Qaeda could plot and plan 9/11."


Monday, May 2, 2011

Passionate Writer

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Passion leads To Success

Passionate is defined as showing
strong feeling, intense, according
to Webster's Desk Dictionary.

Passionate writers can't afford
to put-off tomorrow what can be
written today. Writing ideas
jump-out continuously. Waiting
for another day bombards a writer
with too many possible writing

Make notes on a writing idea as
it exposes itself. When time
wedges itself between writing
idea and writer, the original
idea gets lost. It's next to
impossible to remember what the
writing idea was.

Carry a note-pad, text yourself,
to record/remind yourself of a
writing idea.

When you're ready to write, refer
to your notes.

Passionate writers, intense writers,
find time to write. Give, at least,
two hours per day to writing,
grooming your craft. It's rare for
passionate writers who are
successful not to scribble on a
regular basis.

Passionate writers must write to
become better which leads to success.

Passionate writers take writing
seriously. They work on areas of
weakness. Run-on sentences a problem?
Brush-up on punctuation. Spelling is
a problem. Spell-check several times.
A suggestion is purchase a dictionary
to understand how trouble-some words
are spelled. Notice how words are
broken into syllables. Learn to spell
by sounding words into syllables.

Passionate writers don't wait to be
told to use strong verbs. They search,
read, and dig-up how verbs will better
their work.

The passionate writer will hear various
writing crushing statements from family
and friends, but writes through them.

"Get a real job." A friend suggested.

"When will you make some money?" A family
member asked.

"It's hard to be a "real" writer." Someone

The passionate writer smiles and writes

Still, take a job at any time. You decide
if your circumstances require employment,
and not because someone have doubts about
your writing ability.

Passionate writers find time, day or night,
to write. A writer is successful due to
the passion within.

I, too, am a passionate writer and speak
from experience.


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