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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look At A Writer's Work

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A Writer's Power
Writing is my power, and every
other writer's power too. Some
call it gift, talent, career
and life. Simply, it's writing.

I'm going to give you a glimpse
at a writer's work.

Osama Bin Laden's Fake Death
Photo Goes Viral

A photo of Osama Bin Laden's
bloodied face went viral on the
Internet and was reproduced on
the front page of newspapers
around the world, but it's a

The Guardian newspaper in Britain
reported that the photo is a
combination of two photographs.
A bloodied corpse and a real
image of Bin Laden that was
taken in 1998, used by the
Reuters news agency.

The fake photo splashed onto
the Internet hours after Bin
Laden's death and was picked
up by news groups near and far,
in places like Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Senegal and Iraq.

U.S. officials are still deciding
whether to release an actual
image of Bin Laden's corpse.

"I'll be candid that there are
sensitivities here in terms of
the appropriateness of releasing
photographs of Osama Bin Laden in
the aftermath of this firefight,"
White House Press Secretary Jay
Carney explained to reporters
Tuesday. "We're making an
evaluation about the need to do



Sony Hired Investigators To Catch
Hackers Behind Security Breach

Sony hired investigators to catch
the hackers behind a security
breach that exposed the personal
data of more than 100 million
video game users.

Sony, the Japanese electronics giant,
retained a team from Data Forte,
which is led by a former special
agent with the U.S. Naval
Criminal Investigative Service,
to work alongside agents from the
F.B.I., who are also looking into
the matter.

The situation became worse after Sony
admitted that hackers stole into its
servers on the 16th and 17th of
April 2011.

Hackers may have stolen personal user
data. This time, hackers targeted the
accounts of Sony Online Entertainment
(SOE) users per Sony. It includes
personal data from approximately 24.6
million SOE accounts, as well as some
of the data from an outdated database
from 2007.

This database includes about "12,700
non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers
and expiration dates, not credit card
security codes, and about 10,700 direct
debit records of certain customers in
Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Spain."

The newly discovered attacks are being
investigated. SOE has shut down all
servers related to SOE services.

Sony has apologized to its customers
for any inconvenience and promised to
send emails to all customers whose
data may have been stolen.



How To Edit

Editing is a necessary part of
writing. It's how the editor's
eye is developed, and your
writing becomes publishing ready.

Get comfortable. Bring everything
you'll need to finish a session of
editing. Place your coffee/tea in
its spot. A piece of toast, apple,
chewing gum and any other snack is
positioned in your writing place.
Keep what you'll want near-by, and
have no excuse to stop your editing
session early.

1. Read your article, chapter, poem
or project.

2. Put it down to have a snack.

3. Read it again, out-loud.

4. Check for typos, syntax errors,
grammatical mistakes and incorrect

5. Make sure strong verbs dominate.

6. Adjectives are used if there's no
other choice.

7. The editing process is complete
when every word has been turned upside
down. Or, when you feel it's time to
show-case it.



From The CelebrityCafe

Lohan angered by jail sentence

Lindsay Lohan, 24, was “blindsided” after
being sentenced to jail, while many
speculated that if her charges were
reduced from felony theft to misdemeanor
charges, she'd be able to escape any
time behind bars.

TMZ reports that didn't happen, and she
was slammed with three months of hard
time, plus 480 hours of community service.

Lohan was in custody about five hours
after her hearing. She then posted
bail and is expected to appeal the
judge’s decision on jail time.

It all started on January 22 when she
allegedly left Kamofie & Company, a
Venice, California jewelry store,
with a $2,500 necklace. Lohan was
caught on surveillance tape trying
on the necklace and departing the
store with a group of friends

She is “angry” about how things ended
up “because she has been working so
hard on turning her life around --
She didn’t do what they said she did.
She didn’t steal that necklace,” said
producer Nathan Folks, a friend of

Lohan made a statement on Twitter:

“With my family and thinking of my
grandfather whos birthday was yesterday
and unfortunately passed away a few
years ago… i am just grateful for the
life i have, i cannot explain how excited
i am to begin working on films again, on
top of that- i better get one of my two
favorite scripts that i am in love with.
my friends know what they both are….. all
my love- LL god bless and g’night :)”

Lohan asserts that she's not guilty of the
felony grand theft charges.


An excerpt of my novel follows.

Heads bobbed and turned, some people
cried. They knew the horror awaiting
him. A few drifted to their places of
security while the homeless intruder
wobbled into Grave Street House. They
reacted with clear warning to stay out.
He slowed down, fear filled his eyes.

Why would this son, husband, brother or
father allow the House to seal his fate.
It disliked anyone that entered.

He disappeared into the House. His
footfalls echoed throughout. Cries
for help blasted from within. The
assistance he needed was from an
ambulance or coroner. The House that
stole souls claimed another unwilling
victim. Something or someone evil
lived in the bowels of that structure.

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