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Friday, May 27, 2011

Writing Prompts To Enhance Creativity

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Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is a method,
word association, to stir-up
the creative process. Enhance
creative skills by keeping a
writing prompt on the night-
stand, mirror, door or anywhere
it can be seen frequently.

A writing project centered on
fashion, for example, means
fashion related writing prompts
are situated around your space.

Keep great fashion ideas written
by the bed. New dress ideas are
pasted to the mirror. I'm going
to have a creative day is
plastered to the front door.

Quotes, remarks, from a favorite
designer can adorn the television.

You'll reach a destination ready
to work.

Quotes are writing prompt sources,
and ideal for bursts of writing
ideas. Take a look at the
following quote.

"You must, first, believe in

Read it out-loud, more than once.
Get a feel for the words. Make
yourself comfortable with them.
Don't just say them. Live them.

Spin the words around your mind.
How can you use the words
toward creativity?

Start writing about the quote.
Apply it to a specific writing
project, or just scribble
anything. The more you write,
ideas will come to mind.
Later, go back to edit.

A suggestion is to write five
hundred words before getting up.

Look at my view about the quote.

I believe in my creative skills.
My writing skills are advancing.
I'll write better tomorrow.

It means nothing that nay-sayers
and doubters repeat, "You won't
make it as a writer."

An idea popped to mind as I was

A novelist on the last chapter
develops writer's block. He/she
tried exercises, games, to no
avail. The publisher was pushing
when suddenly...

The point is jotting information
down about a quote can lead to
an interesting writing idea.

Writing prompts don't stop there.
Any word can spark a writing idea.
Simply, open your senses to
enhance creativity.

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