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Friday, May 13, 2011

Start A Book

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Successful Book Starts

The idea is to have your book
appeal to a large segment of
the population. Decide on a
writing idea to accomplish it.

Sit down. Develop a writing
idea that stirs-up your
imagination. A book starts
as the writing idea is spun
into being.

Writing ideas await in a haunted
house, at work or on the
trains' platform.

Is there a house in your
neighborhood that's rumored
to be haunted. Perhaps, facts
say it is haunted. Put your
own spin on a writing idea.
Take a look at my writing idea.

"Who is it?" Maureen shouted
through the door.


"Sal?" Maureen opened the
front door.

"Mac's gone and his paws can't
handle the cold."

"How did he get out of the
apartment?" Maureen motioned
with her hand for Sal to come

"Alls I know is when we walk
pass the haunted house, he'd
stop and bark at it."


"And," Sal interrupted Maureen,
"a bad feeling comes over me."

A loud bang thundered...

What would you write next?

Get in the good habit of looking
at writing ideas from different
view points.

A decided on writing idea is the
plot. How a problem is played-out
unfolds the plot.

Every story has a beginning, middle
and it ends. Be fair with the reader.
Leave no question introduced in
the story unanswered.

Populate the story with characters.
You have to know your characters
before their story can be told well,

Create profiles for characters. Each
character is individual, have flaws
and is different from when the story

Profiles can include weight, height,
eye color, quirks and likes/dislikes.
He/she has to experience change,

Questions needed asking. Who should
be the main character? Man? Woman?
Senior citizen? Who will best fit
into the role?

Where will the story take place?
It's called setting. Haunted house?
Work? Train platform?

The season of year is mentioned within
the first five chapters, or beginning
paragraphs of a short story.

Write romance, mystery or any genre,
but add plenty of suspense.

Suspense is doubt, uncertainty. It's
Sal, from the earlier example, full
of fear and shouting the haunted house
stole her dog.

Start the story in the middle of an
issue, situation. It pulls the reader
into a story. Readers become concerned
and want to know what happens next.

Each page reveals something exciting or
hint at an on-coming threat.


Start your book.
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