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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Person's Karma

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I'm from the school of thought
that believes a person's Karma
dictates development of life,
the quality life takes and
death rides in on Karma. In
other words, you reap what
you sow. Or, what you send-out
to the world returns, good
or bad.

A pattern of behavior comes
back to the sender. It doesn't
matter the behavior: lying,
thievery or fairest of them

The Bible explains Karma
better. "For whatever a man
is sowing, this he will also
reap..." "New World Translation
of the Holy Scriptures."

The word Karma isn't mentioned
in the verse.

Let's look closer at Karma
according to Wikipedia.

Karma comes originally from
Shramana tradition. Buddhism
is an extension of the
tradition. The Brahmanic
religion was influenced by
this tradition, early in the
Vedantic movement- 1st
millennium BC.

The world's version was
taken from this religious
culture by Brahmin orthodoxy.
The Brahmins scribbled down
the earliest recorded

Some believe that a supreme
being is a factor, like the
one who passes out good Karma.

Many followers of Hinduism and
followers of Buddism favor
natural laws of cause and
effect to explain Karma.

Karma isn't set in stone, but is
a result of natural acts, cause
and effect. A good act now,
for example, isn't guaranteed
to bring a similar act on a
certain date. It means the
action/reaction of life,
circumstances, that happens.

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