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Monday, June 23, 2008

Poems Heal

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with
me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing a poem is one's life, and
an out-let of expression to others.
Some situations, in life, are painful.
They require you to sit down, and write
about them. It's therapeutic while
energizing the healing process.

"How do I start writing a poem?" You tapped
a pen on the desk-top.

Simply, jot down what you're feeling. Don't
worry if the poem is free verse, or another
form. There are many forms of poetry. You
can research, the various forms, at a later

The goal, for now, is to pour-out
problems, issues, on paper or a computer.
Mold, re-arrange, your poems when you've
written a few.

I'll write one, off the top of my head.
My poem is free verse. Free verse is


Thunder lightens the sky
slams any in its path.

It stomps
looking over
your town and mine
for the next invasion.

Simply, write down what you feel.
This form of expression can be painful,
but it's therapeutic, and it heals. It
soothes the discomfort, and brings joy.

The act of writing relieves the mind of
tension, gives it a channel for negative

The loss of jobs, rising gas prices,
late stimulus checks, or any number of
issues can pull you into frustration.
Sometimes, worse.

Write it down, include everything that's
bothering you. Start with the most
nagging problem.

Look at the words. Harmless words.
Put them in context. Think. One
problem at a time. How do you feel
after writing them down? Give it a
few days, if necessary.

What steps can you take to make
your life better, happier? Remember,
there's no need to, constantly, concern
yourself over what can't be changed.

"If I can't change it, why try?" You rolled
your eyes.

It's about not giving up. Make adjustments
in your life.

You, actually, took the step to writing
poems. The one step is a major
accomplishment. Now, move
around an issue that can't be changed.

Fill your time with pleasant tasks.
Keep your mind occupied, stuffed with
matters within your control.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Creative Writing Activities

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me?
Leave me your opinion.

"Is there an easy way to write a story?"
I've been asked.

I thought about it, and came up with
creative activities anyone can do.

This writing lesson is fun, teach it to
your children, and mold it to fit your

Before starting to write, think.
What kind of people will populate
the story? Is the leading role for
a male or female? Whose the
bad person? Or, the person with
a different point of view than the
leading character?

What was the disagreement over?

Keep in mind that every work of
fiction has a beginning, middle,
and it ends. Once the problem is
solved, conclude the story.

Short fiction works, well, with
one problem, but long fiction
has room for more.

Begin the story as the problem

"Man, you stepped on my foot!"
Rodney shouted.

"Said sorry." The short man
walked away.

Rodney ran behind him.

See how the suspense, tension,
pulls the reader in? He/she will
want to know the story's end.
Perhaps, he/she has been in a
similar situation, or know
someone who has. Or, dislikes
one of the characters, and will
read to, the story's end, see
how the situation is resolved.

In conclusion, have in mind a
problem, and the characters
you want to solve it. Characters
shouldn't be flat. Give one slurred
speech, for example.

The main character almost
succeeds, at least, three times.
Each time something, someone,
stops him/her from reaching the
goal. Also, new information is
uncovered, each time, to help
move the story along.

Characters are changed, for the
better or worse, when the story
is over.

Note: This is a game to help
children's writing skills. An option
is to have children act out a story,
character's role. It adds to the fun.

Monday, June 9, 2008

In Your Opinion

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me?
Leave me your opinion.

"What's this about?" You frowned.

I'm going to explain how to gather writing
ideas from your opinions. Here are twenty
writing ideas.

1."Going Green" talk is everywhere. The
conception points to being safer, easier on
humans, and better for the environment. In
your opinion, what's the best way to start
the process?

Would you write an article, essay? A
short story detailing how a couple murdered
over the price of a solar roof.

2. If someone walked up to you, gave you
twenty dollars you didn't drop, would you
accept it? Write down your reaction to
the situation.

3. A friend helped him/herself to your
idea. In your opinion, out the person?
Talk to him or her, and come to a

A possible writing idea is a character,
in short or long fiction, caught with a
set of two company books.

4. You arrive home to find your front
door open. You go in? Call someone?
Write about it, how?

5. You gained knowledge of a friend
by accident. It makes you nervous,
uncomfortable around the person.
In you opinion, what writing ideas
could you curve.

6. A recipe has been passed down
in your family for generations. You
shared the recipe with a few at your
last family-get-together.

You went to the kitchen to pull it out,
weeks later. You looked in every
corner, between shelves, but the
recipe was gone. Your opinion?

7. In you opinion, life is what you
make it. Someone in your circle of
friends disagree.

Write your thoughts about it down.
What spin can you put on it?

8. A red ball, one day, appeared
in your house. The ball wasn't
there when you went to bed.
In your opinion, where did it
come from?

9. Someone knocked on your
front door. You answered, but
no one was there. Your
imagination? Jot down your
opinion in fiction, no longer than
2,000 words.

10. A stranger followed you around
the market. Dial 911? Call someone

An essay on stalkers? A whodunit?

11. You heard a voice of a child outside
your window. You looked out of curiosity,
found no one. The thread for a thriller?

12. An animal kept walking in the living
room. Only, you didn't own one. Opinion?

13. Summer, this year, bought out nosy
neighbors, but one was missing. Idea?

14. Someone called your name. Woke
you out of a sound sleep. No one was there.

15. The clock worked backwards. Opinion?

16. Your favorite cup fell off the table. What

17. You heard crying. You paced to the
room, empty. Hmm.

18. You dreamed of a far away place.
Only, in your bedroom, evidence of that
place was found. How?

19. On the rode driving, a car passed you.
It looked like the first car you had, years
ago. Impossible?

20. You kept seeing the same numbers.
Why? How will you write about it?

The above writing ideas will help your
creative flow. Make the writing idea
yours. Turn it inside out, upside down,
to see what comes to mind.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Write Too

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me?
Leave me your opinion.

It's necessary to pick a time, during
the day or night, for writing. A moment
when your creative flow is bursting to
explore, form. Is it dawn? Perhaps,
midnight suits you better.

Allow, at least, two hours. Slip on
comfortable gear, slippers. Turn-
off the cell phone, telephone, television,
and close the window. This is your time.

The requirement for writing is passion.
It doesn't matter how many rejection
slips, or doubters. Continue to improve
your writing skills.

If I, for example, believed people who
thought I didn't have what it took, my
novel, Grave Street House, would
have never been published.

You must, first, believe in yourself,
and dreams will come true.

The amount of rejection slips you're
getting can make you second guess
yourself. Still, muster the courage to
work toward your goal, write.

Every writer, unless perfect, receives
rejection slips. Look at rejection
slips as a motivator, work harder.

Make sure your work is suited for
the publication you have in mind.
Perhaps, you need to edit, again.
Sometimes, a publication printed a
similar idea. So, your work wasn't
published because of your talent,
or lack of.

The secret to writing is doing it.
Yes, it has to be a ritual. Each
day write a chapter start, finish
a chapter, poem, essay, two pages
of non-fiction, or re-write an earlier
piece of yours.

There are no short cuts, for most
of us. Writing has to become part
of your life.

Make a game of it. Time yourself.
How many words, today? Last
month? Six months ago? Are you
a better writer compared to one
year ago?

What would you write about yourself,
this moment? How would you write
an essay about yourself? A friend?
An article on your favorite charity?

Start writing what you most like to
read. Have you read something, and
thought you could of done a better job?
Re-write it, for practice.

The secret to writing is you do it, often.
It doesn't matter where, what, you write.
You must, simply, write.

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