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Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shut-Down

A United States government shut-down begins Monday, if the Republicans and Democrats fail to agree on a funding bill.

President Obama's 2010 healthcare reform law was to be available on October 1.

Funding for national security and public safety continues. People will receive Medicare health insurance and Social Security retirement benefits.

People to be furloughed are those who process pass-ports to National Parks/Museums.

Most federal agency workers would be furloughed, but a few will work like air traffic controllers and prison guards.

All military personnel operates normally, but civilians working for the military would be temporarily furloughed per the Pentagon.

Federal courts will open 'til October 15. After that date, the Judiciary will give the necessary guidance.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to start its 2013 session on October 7. The Supreme Court operated as usual during previous furloughs, according to a spokesman.

The IRS will have about 90 percent of its work-force furloughed. The call center would be closed and audits stopped, the agency stated.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Slip Of The Tongue

A slip of the tongue happens, but take a moment to think before speaking. The tongue is used for many things, and talking, talking too much, is one of them.

The tongue can be a weapon to hurt you and others. It's wise to guard carefully what you say.

A slip of the tongue can pop-out around acquaintances or walking with another person.

A few friends, for example, gathered to go see a concert. They rented a limousine too. A back-seat driver asked the driver asked the driver, again, to stop for additional alcoholic beverages. The driver, known to them as friend, denied the third request to stop.

"M, I can't." The driver pulled-over. "All of ya had enough."

"Just cuz ya part owner of the limousine company don't mean..."

"Get out!" The driver interrupted he back-seat driver.

"Sam, ya're biz partner, and ya got the same girl-friend." The back-seat driver departed quickly.

The slip of back-seat driver's slip of the tongue hurt friendships, not sure if they'll recover. A friendship lost is hard to get back.

Most people in back-seat driver's life will find out about it, and never trust him/her.

The fact that you know or think you know isn't the "green light" to share it. It goes back to the kind of person you are, your character.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Three Letter Words To Writing

Three Letter Words To Writing is a writing tool that inspires creativity. Think-up as many three letter words as possible. Why? Three Letter Words To Writing can help pull-together fiction, poems or non-fiction.

Let's look at how to use Three Letter Words To Writing.

Sit down in your writing place. Bring everything you'll need. Don't give yourself an excuse to move. Spend, at least, two hours working with Three Letter Words To Writing. Make sure to pick the same time each day to write. It helps you get into good writing habits. Before long, you'll write any-time and in most places.

Start with three letter words that you'll comfortable with.

Write a three letter word. Look at it. Tinker with it.

Add lines to the three letters, and make claims, statements. Let the words dance a tune of short stories, gather pools of poems and bring articles to life.

Here are some three letter words: fee, saw, him, win, too, not, bee, tea, low, off, well, your, dig, how and set.

I plucked set.

S ocial

E tiquette

T omorrow

The three letter word dig in fiction has possibilities.

I woke dizzy, unsure why. The last thing I remembered was Pat, friend, being at a party with me. We were dared to dig up a grave.

This place is dark, small and feels hard. Oh no!

Words should be tinkered with to see how your creative flow responds. Use more than one of your three letter words in fiction, poems or non-fiction.

A non- fiction article on how well bees live in colonies, for example, has possibilities for non- fiction.

The goal is to take Three Letter Words To Writing in new, creative, ways.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shooter: Building 197

Aaron Alexis, 34, entered the Washington D.C. Navy yard to execute as many people as possible. Alexis had clearance to walk-in the building, according to F.B.I.

What made a nice guy, some said, massacre people innocently going to work?

Let's look closer.

Alexis was hearing voices, had a bad relationship break-up.

Friends brought Alexis food while he played violent video games up to 16 hours a day. A sign of problems, or what will come?

Friends were aware of the voices Alexis heard, but not one person pushed him to seek help.

Now, it's reported that Alexis tried to reach-out to the Veterans Administration. For reasons that are unclear, he didn't get the necessary help.

How about free clinics, ER? His friends could've staged a kind of intervention.

Alexis was diagnosed with mental problems, include PTSD, before the break-up.

It's reported Alexis visited Thailand, became serious about a woman. He wanted her to move back to the United States with him. She didn't, and he was hurt.

Alexis returned from Thailand alone, moved around the country.

He was liked. A few thought he was nice.

Alexis' behavior started to get aggressive, and the unthinkable happened.

Someone along the chain of friends, associates, should've recognized that Alexis needed help. Friends, associates, should of made sure Alexis received help.

The F.B.I. Is looking for tips or any information about Aaron Alexis. The telephone number is: 1-800-call-FBI.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Twitter's Plan To Re-Design iOS App

Twitter has a plan to re-design its mobile apps according to AllThingsD. Home, Connect, Me Sections, Content and Discover will become streams, and managed/navigated by swiping. The Discover section will be taken out, and Media available in all streams.

Twitter is experimenting with a stream that shows only television related tweets and conversations. The idea is to help users retain/enjoy by delivering interesting content.

Now, the re-designed app becomes available after the iOS 7 is out. It arrives with a focus on streams, but the standard Menu bar on the bottom, gone.

Twitter iOS is an app that can be downloaded from the App Store, for free.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fund-Raising For School Supplies

Fund raising for Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Education Supplies Fund, schools was announced by Mayor Michael Nutter. The idea is to purchase school supplies for students. Nutter wants school supplies available in September, March and when needed.

Nutter, too, gave a city-wide challenge to citizens, business and philanthropic communities to raise $500,000 by October 15th. Also, Nutter wants to have $2.5 million in the next five years.

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey will administer the fund.

The school district and teachers' union are in contract negotiations.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Write Time

There isn't a write time, location or reason to scribble down word pictures. Inspiration comes any-time of the day or night. Unless, you, the writer, set a specific writing time. Work, busy life, can get in the way of the write time. Simply, pencil-in a calendar date to write, and stick-to-it.

You could be at a store, gathering or reading the paper. The write time pops up through someone stealing at a store. Store employees notice the person, and take necessary actions.

You were several feet away, lots of drama/confusion.

How will you write about it? An article? Fiction? It's up to you.

Or, you prefer to write about the missing recipe from a family gathering?

Change of hands time for a family recipe, from one generation to a younger generation. The newly typed recipe had been laid in a draw. The recipe disappeared? Who took it?

Would you write short or long fiction?

No? Your choice is to write about a news article?

The write time offers no reason to share pictures in words. Still, many times, writers have reasons to write about an incident, life.

A situation that touched a writer, often, will push him/her to show-case the experience. Also, he/she writes about what happened to others.

It spills-out in the form of an essay, perhaps. It depends on how the writer wants to share information.

Finally, there isn't a write time to share thoughts on events, life. It depends on you, the writer.

Monday, September 2, 2013


The job of a transition, in fiction, is to smoothly move stories along in time, location or point-of-view.

Fiction, especially long fiction, requires a time change. You don't have to bring-along five hundred words before a new day, time. Unless, your story can't be told without lots of words.

Take a look at my example.

I was awakened out of a sound sleep by someone shaking, knocking, at my door.

"Who...who is it?"

No one answered.

I reached for my cell phone, but it was dead.

"Who is it?" I asked, again.

No response.

I jumped into jeans, sleeveless top, and pink flip-flops. In case, I had to run. I plugged my phone into the charger, laid on the bed. Sleep refused to visit me.

Time Change

Night began to melt into day. I rushed to the door. A man was face-down on my porch.

I quickly closed the door, not sure what was going on. The police had to be called. Upstairs, I dashed. My cell phone still wouldn't work.

Downstairs, I returned. I cracked the door, and the man had disappeared.,I slammed the door shut.

I had to get to my cousin's house, help a few minutes away.

I locked the door, ran.

Location Change

At her house, I explained what happened.

View-Point Change

Deadman on ya're porch?" Louise looked at me with furrowed brows.

Louise was pencil thin with a man's crew-cut. She stared at me, shook her head.

"What now?" Louise sat down in her L-shaped kitchen.

In conclusion, transitions can make the writer's job easier, and entertain readers.

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