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Friday, September 20, 2013

Three Letter Words To Writing

Three Letter Words To Writing is a writing tool that inspires creativity. Think-up as many three letter words as possible. Why? Three Letter Words To Writing can help pull-together fiction, poems or non-fiction.

Let's look at how to use Three Letter Words To Writing.

Sit down in your writing place. Bring everything you'll need. Don't give yourself an excuse to move. Spend, at least, two hours working with Three Letter Words To Writing. Make sure to pick the same time each day to write. It helps you get into good writing habits. Before long, you'll write any-time and in most places.

Start with three letter words that you'll comfortable with.

Write a three letter word. Look at it. Tinker with it.

Add lines to the three letters, and make claims, statements. Let the words dance a tune of short stories, gather pools of poems and bring articles to life.

Here are some three letter words: fee, saw, him, win, too, not, bee, tea, low, off, well, your, dig, how and set.

I plucked set.

S ocial

E tiquette

T omorrow

The three letter word dig in fiction has possibilities.

I woke dizzy, unsure why. The last thing I remembered was Pat, friend, being at a party with me. We were dared to dig up a grave.

This place is dark, small and feels hard. Oh no!

Words should be tinkered with to see how your creative flow responds. Use more than one of your three letter words in fiction, poems or non-fiction.

A non- fiction article on how well bees live in colonies, for example, has possibilities for non- fiction.

The goal is to take Three Letter Words To Writing in new, creative, ways.

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