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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Marcella Glenn - Writer

Marcella Glenn - Writer

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014: Make It Better

Make 2014 better than all the years before. Don't stress about making a New Year's resolution(s) that will fade from your memory and life by February. It's a waste of time to tackle, try to, promises, resolutions, that you have no control over.

Start with small steps to making 2014 a better year.

Some people want a new career, for example, in 2014. Begin looking into requirements for the new career. You need to take courses for it? Remove an activity from your life, to free-up time for the new career. Do research about the intended career. Determine how you'll move forward with a list tailored to your needs. There should be more positive than negative reasons for such a move.

Make-up your mind about how to reach into a new career, or goal.

Refuse to be in the company of people who want you to live their way. Don't be afraid to say "no." Live your life.

Separate yourself from people who find fault with you, your goals.

Hug yourself from time to time.

Write in big letters, Yes, I Can. Tape the words on your mirror, desk, computer or wall.

Surround yourself with people that understand you, your goals.

Push self-doubt and fear away. Use the energy to move forward, and never look back.

If you make a mistake, learn from it. Keep moving toward your goal.

Stay motivated. Remind yourself of the reasons for the goal.

Work hard.

Simply, believe in yourself.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Your Voice

Practice writing to get better, as with anything in life, and allow your voice freedom. There's no need to search for your voice. You can't type your name in a Search engine and then pull-up your voice.

Voice, uniquely yours, develops over-time through writing.

An important goal is to keep writing. Practicing writing puts you on the path of finding your voice. It's how to become the best writer possible.

Keep working, writing, to see improvement as well as changes in your delivery. From time to time, writers mold, change, how writing projects are made/delivered. It could be words used, how they're used, your voice.

Writers should always reach higher, better, for excellence.

Before long, someone, people, will comment on your voice.

Simply, practice writing while your voice shines.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Detail-Less Writing

I don't feel that there's can't write or writer's block. My blog,, lists many avenues to escape can't write and writer's block.

Detail-Less Writing is one more tool to stop can't write and/or writer's block.

First, you must push stress out of the door. Wash your hands of stress. Stress frustrates. It keeps you motionless and your goals are ignored. Of course, your goal is writing, or to finish/start your writing project.

Calm down. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly.

Detail-Less Writing is selecting one word from a writing idea or writing project.

Write any related words or information about the word. Write a poem, even, to encourage your creative flow.

Keep Detail-Less Writing until you're able to work on your writing idea or writing project.

Pinch the first letter of any word to spring-board into writing about your topic. This is an additional facet to Detail-Less Writing.

At this point, you should be more relaxed. Creative flow is inspired. If yes, good. No? Work with other letters of your topic.

Most likely, writing ideas for more topics will emerge.

The writing exercise is worth the time. Design it to fit you, your writing needs.

Let me know how the Detail-Less Writing tool helped you.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Writing Check-List

In writing, it takes more than a few well placed words for vivid images to live. Writers should consult Writing Check-List. Writing ideas, work-in-the-making, are sifted through Writing Check-List, to make your projects better.

Writing Check-List is a writer's tool that should be used frequently.

It's wise to take a break from writing projects. You'll come-back refreshed, and better able to critique. Issues and problems with your work becomes clearer. It's easier to deal with an issue, problem, when you can see it.

Writing Check-List requires question asking like the following.

1. Is your writing understandable?

The night melted into darn...

In my mind, I meant to write dawn. The Check-List pointed out my mistake.

2. Writing projects must be stuffed with vivid images. This applies to fiction and non-fiction.

3. Strong verbs makes reading more interesting.

Bill ran.


Bill dashed.

Dashed tells how urgent the situation is for Bill.

4. Paragraphs move with ease from one to the next.

Each idea begins a new paragraph.

5. Transitions flow from idea to idea, effortlessly.

6. Discard words that's not needed.

Well, it happened, last night, on November 14, 8 p.m.

What word(s) should be discarded.

7. The opening sentence, fiction or non-fiction, must grab the reader's attention.

8. Titles are what potential readers see, usually. The title is an invitation to read your writing
project. The invitation tickles the senses, opens-up disbelief, for example.

This is the hook to catch readers interests. You have only seconds.

In closing, Writing Check-List is a tool to inspire the best fiction or non-fiction within you.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Bitstrips has been available since 2008. It launched the IOS App about one month ago.

Bitstrips is a free mobile app that uses Facebook login. However, Bitstrips login will be out soon, according to the company.

The app turns you into a cartoon character, Jacob Blackstrock, Creative Director. "Then you can take those characters and put them in crazy scenes."

Users build avatars by selecting physical features like: skin color, hair-style.

The characters are displayed in thousands of different, updated scenes. You have the option to include Facebook friends, or not.

Characters can be shared on other social networks.

Bitstrips gained popularity in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, recently.

I signed-up for an account today. It was easier than I thought, or was told it'd be to get an account.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Peel Ideas Into Writing Projects

Writing ideas stand-tall in dreams, walk around the market and live on the Internet. It takes a writer's creative flow to peel ideas into writing projects.

A dream that repeats itself, night after night, can unfold into fiction. Some dreams appear vividly and refuse to be forgotten.

Slice-away a segment, part, of the dream to write about. You don't want to write fiction? Write an essay about a portion of the dream. Your creative flow may prefer to write non-fiction on your dream. Use the dream in as many angles as possible. This is how the process of peeling ideas into writing projects begins.

The more you write about it, the better you'll understand your dream. After all, writing is therapeutic and good for you.

Stay on the look-out for writing ideas, no matter where you are. I can't emphasize that enough.

At the market, this happened to me, a stranger was on his cell phone. I didn't pay it any special attention.

"She's here with pink flip-flops on," he said.

Needless to say, I quickly moved away from him.

There are many writing ideas within that incident that comes to mind.

Fiction based on a stalker holds promise. An essay probing the loud tone people use on a cell phone. One last short story idea is that the man didn't have anyone on his cell phone. He wanted to speak to a female, but fear had him in it's grip.

The Internet, too, is a place to peel ideas into writing projects. Every link, Web site, offers material. Writers must decide which idea to use, how.

Let's look at an example.

Critique And Write Fiction

There's one more step to the writing process before sharing with the world. Few, if any, can skip it. Read the entire post at:

Do you get any ideas from Critique And Write Fiction? If yes, share them.

The last words are that it's time to write.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Writing Niche

Niche is an area that has great interest to you. You excel at it. A comfortable place, if given time, you'll turn into a profitable business. The potential is limited only by you. It takes little to inspire you for this niche.

Likewise, writing niche is writing you understand. Sometimes, the writing makes sense when others don't get it.

The perfect writing niche is when a-piece of writing/reading feels right.It stirs around your creative flow. You, in your opinion, can re-write it better. Your mind begin to think of ways to profit from a writing business, promote it.

Set a goal. Do some research to see what you'll need to get started.

Is it a business that will fit into your life? You have enough time for it? Right tools? Should the writing niche be done part time? Is there anyone in your life that can help? Barter for services.

Bartering is when a friend/relative provides an item or service to your business. The item could be paper clips. A relative offers to handle the business side.

Bartering ends with what you'll give in exchange for the paper clips, and the management of your business.

Keep an account of bartering in writing. There'll be no confusion.It makes life easier. Someone in doubt about how many paper clips, for example, were agreed on? Check the contract, or the bartering agreement.

Writing niche can be a profitable out-let to writing.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Critique And Write Fiction

There's one more step to the writing process before sharing. Few, if any, can skip it. Often, it's not the mot fun prt of writing.

It's the critique and write of fiction process. The initial writing centers around developing characters, scenes and peeling-out an exciting plot. The main focus isn't on sentence structure and weak writing.

Now, attention has to be given to all sentences. Sentences must move the plot forward, connect and stimulate a reader's imagination.

Put aside your manuscript. Start a new project. Make the calls you meant to weeks ago. The longer a work of fiction is, the more time needed away from it. Of course, pay attention to dead-lines.

Return to your manuscript. The second time work through critique and write by making sure characters read like real people. A character, for example, could tap his/her fingers anywhere when stressed.

Sometimes, dialogue helps.

Take a look at a simple morning greeting.

"How are you?" Mary asked.

People don't necessarily use those exact words.

Some say:

"What up?"


"How ya doin'?"

Dialogue, too, should glide plot along with conflict and suspense. A fiction community's language should mimic real language.

There isn't room for words, lines or paragraphs that fail to show-case an action packed story.

A good place to start stories is on page one. Begin conflict as the reader is hooked. Establish a viewpoint, characters are exposed for who they are and the type of story being told is displayed.

The final words are that when writers critique and write better fiction comes to life.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Re-Call Writing Exercise

The Re-Calling Exercise is a writing tool geared toward igniting a writer's creative flow. There's never too many ways to awaken creative flow. This writing exercise can be applied to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Let's go through how the Re-Call Writing Exercise works.

Sit down in your writing place. Get comfortable. Make sure you have everything you'll need. Take food or water. Fruit? Leave the phone outside of the room you're in.Write, at least, two hours before getting up.

Look at anything in the room you're in, for five seconds.

Next, write down, in ten words, everything you remember.

I scanned a notebook for five seconds.

I remember the following: yellow, lined, notes, writing, stuffed, square, dull color, informative, book and name.

The above ten words leads to many paths.

Yellow color inspires an article about ducks, non-fiction. Possible question: Where are the happiest ducks.

Lined, hmm? What or how do lines in fashion help/hurt specific body types?

Notes can play-out in fiction. A crime!

The man stared at me as he spoke into his cell phone. I turned away, fled down another aisle. Two strange females followed me...

The idea has all kinds of possibilities.

Writing means poetry too. Or, your opinion?

All words are sifted through your creative flow, and writing projects happen.

Finally, Re-Call Writing Exercise is to help you, the writer, explore new depths.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Get On The Blogosphere

Subjects range from cooking to commerce on the blogosphere. Blogging is an online journal, or whatever you want it to be. It's one way to stop using paper, go Green. It leaves one less foot-print.

It's done by typing or posting on your subject of choice. Your blog should be what you're passionate about.

The blog is viewed only by you, or whomever you want to see it. It depends on how you set the blog up. Some people share photos, audio and/or videos.

There's no age limit on the blogosphere. In a few steps, you can become a blogger.

Get a free account at

Meet me on the blogosphere at

My blog taps on various subjects, but it's mostly about writing topics. My blog suggests where/how to get ideas for fiction and non-fiction. I point-out games to stop writer's block. Advice exists there to help writers self-edit.

You, too, can be on the blogosphere. Today, start your blog.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shut-Down

A United States government shut-down begins Monday, if the Republicans and Democrats fail to agree on a funding bill.

President Obama's 2010 healthcare reform law was to be available on October 1.

Funding for national security and public safety continues. People will receive Medicare health insurance and Social Security retirement benefits.

People to be furloughed are those who process pass-ports to National Parks/Museums.

Most federal agency workers would be furloughed, but a few will work like air traffic controllers and prison guards.

All military personnel operates normally, but civilians working for the military would be temporarily furloughed per the Pentagon.

Federal courts will open 'til October 15. After that date, the Judiciary will give the necessary guidance.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to start its 2013 session on October 7. The Supreme Court operated as usual during previous furloughs, according to a spokesman.

The IRS will have about 90 percent of its work-force furloughed. The call center would be closed and audits stopped, the agency stated.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Slip Of The Tongue

A slip of the tongue happens, but take a moment to think before speaking. The tongue is used for many things, and talking, talking too much, is one of them.

The tongue can be a weapon to hurt you and others. It's wise to guard carefully what you say.

A slip of the tongue can pop-out around acquaintances or walking with another person.

A few friends, for example, gathered to go see a concert. They rented a limousine too. A back-seat driver asked the driver asked the driver, again, to stop for additional alcoholic beverages. The driver, known to them as friend, denied the third request to stop.

"M, I can't." The driver pulled-over. "All of ya had enough."

"Just cuz ya part owner of the limousine company don't mean..."

"Get out!" The driver interrupted he back-seat driver.

"Sam, ya're biz partner, and ya got the same girl-friend." The back-seat driver departed quickly.

The slip of back-seat driver's slip of the tongue hurt friendships, not sure if they'll recover. A friendship lost is hard to get back.

Most people in back-seat driver's life will find out about it, and never trust him/her.

The fact that you know or think you know isn't the "green light" to share it. It goes back to the kind of person you are, your character.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Three Letter Words To Writing

Three Letter Words To Writing is a writing tool that inspires creativity. Think-up as many three letter words as possible. Why? Three Letter Words To Writing can help pull-together fiction, poems or non-fiction.

Let's look at how to use Three Letter Words To Writing.

Sit down in your writing place. Bring everything you'll need. Don't give yourself an excuse to move. Spend, at least, two hours working with Three Letter Words To Writing. Make sure to pick the same time each day to write. It helps you get into good writing habits. Before long, you'll write any-time and in most places.

Start with three letter words that you'll comfortable with.

Write a three letter word. Look at it. Tinker with it.

Add lines to the three letters, and make claims, statements. Let the words dance a tune of short stories, gather pools of poems and bring articles to life.

Here are some three letter words: fee, saw, him, win, too, not, bee, tea, low, off, well, your, dig, how and set.

I plucked set.

S ocial

E tiquette

T omorrow

The three letter word dig in fiction has possibilities.

I woke dizzy, unsure why. The last thing I remembered was Pat, friend, being at a party with me. We were dared to dig up a grave.

This place is dark, small and feels hard. Oh no!

Words should be tinkered with to see how your creative flow responds. Use more than one of your three letter words in fiction, poems or non-fiction.

A non- fiction article on how well bees live in colonies, for example, has possibilities for non- fiction.

The goal is to take Three Letter Words To Writing in new, creative, ways.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shooter: Building 197

Aaron Alexis, 34, entered the Washington D.C. Navy yard to execute as many people as possible. Alexis had clearance to walk-in the building, according to F.B.I.

What made a nice guy, some said, massacre people innocently going to work?

Let's look closer.

Alexis was hearing voices, had a bad relationship break-up.

Friends brought Alexis food while he played violent video games up to 16 hours a day. A sign of problems, or what will come?

Friends were aware of the voices Alexis heard, but not one person pushed him to seek help.

Now, it's reported that Alexis tried to reach-out to the Veterans Administration. For reasons that are unclear, he didn't get the necessary help.

How about free clinics, ER? His friends could've staged a kind of intervention.

Alexis was diagnosed with mental problems, include PTSD, before the break-up.

It's reported Alexis visited Thailand, became serious about a woman. He wanted her to move back to the United States with him. She didn't, and he was hurt.

Alexis returned from Thailand alone, moved around the country.

He was liked. A few thought he was nice.

Alexis' behavior started to get aggressive, and the unthinkable happened.

Someone along the chain of friends, associates, should've recognized that Alexis needed help. Friends, associates, should of made sure Alexis received help.

The F.B.I. Is looking for tips or any information about Aaron Alexis. The telephone number is: 1-800-call-FBI.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Twitter's Plan To Re-Design iOS App

Twitter has a plan to re-design its mobile apps according to AllThingsD. Home, Connect, Me Sections, Content and Discover will become streams, and managed/navigated by swiping. The Discover section will be taken out, and Media available in all streams.

Twitter is experimenting with a stream that shows only television related tweets and conversations. The idea is to help users retain/enjoy by delivering interesting content.

Now, the re-designed app becomes available after the iOS 7 is out. It arrives with a focus on streams, but the standard Menu bar on the bottom, gone.

Twitter iOS is an app that can be downloaded from the App Store, for free.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fund-Raising For School Supplies

Fund raising for Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Education Supplies Fund, schools was announced by Mayor Michael Nutter. The idea is to purchase school supplies for students. Nutter wants school supplies available in September, March and when needed.

Nutter, too, gave a city-wide challenge to citizens, business and philanthropic communities to raise $500,000 by October 15th. Also, Nutter wants to have $2.5 million in the next five years.

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey will administer the fund.

The school district and teachers' union are in contract negotiations.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Write Time

There isn't a write time, location or reason to scribble down word pictures. Inspiration comes any-time of the day or night. Unless, you, the writer, set a specific writing time. Work, busy life, can get in the way of the write time. Simply, pencil-in a calendar date to write, and stick-to-it.

You could be at a store, gathering or reading the paper. The write time pops up through someone stealing at a store. Store employees notice the person, and take necessary actions.

You were several feet away, lots of drama/confusion.

How will you write about it? An article? Fiction? It's up to you.

Or, you prefer to write about the missing recipe from a family gathering?

Change of hands time for a family recipe, from one generation to a younger generation. The newly typed recipe had been laid in a draw. The recipe disappeared? Who took it?

Would you write short or long fiction?

No? Your choice is to write about a news article?

The write time offers no reason to share pictures in words. Still, many times, writers have reasons to write about an incident, life.

A situation that touched a writer, often, will push him/her to show-case the experience. Also, he/she writes about what happened to others.

It spills-out in the form of an essay, perhaps. It depends on how the writer wants to share information.

Finally, there isn't a write time to share thoughts on events, life. It depends on you, the writer.

Monday, September 2, 2013


The job of a transition, in fiction, is to smoothly move stories along in time, location or point-of-view.

Fiction, especially long fiction, requires a time change. You don't have to bring-along five hundred words before a new day, time. Unless, your story can't be told without lots of words.

Take a look at my example.

I was awakened out of a sound sleep by someone shaking, knocking, at my door.

"Who...who is it?"

No one answered.

I reached for my cell phone, but it was dead.

"Who is it?" I asked, again.

No response.

I jumped into jeans, sleeveless top, and pink flip-flops. In case, I had to run. I plugged my phone into the charger, laid on the bed. Sleep refused to visit me.

Time Change

Night began to melt into day. I rushed to the door. A man was face-down on my porch.

I quickly closed the door, not sure what was going on. The police had to be called. Upstairs, I dashed. My cell phone still wouldn't work.

Downstairs, I returned. I cracked the door, and the man had disappeared.,I slammed the door shut.

I had to get to my cousin's house, help a few minutes away.

I locked the door, ran.

Location Change

At her house, I explained what happened.

View-Point Change

Deadman on ya're porch?" Louise looked at me with furrowed brows.

Louise was pencil thin with a man's crew-cut. She stared at me, shook her head.

"What now?" Louise sat down in her L-shaped kitchen.

In conclusion, transitions can make the writer's job easier, and entertain readers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inner Drive

Inner drive is the motivation that encourages you to try a new writing project, personal goal and/or life challenge. Often, it's not easy and requires special effort. Simply, allow inner drive to work for you.

Don't be afraid to write a novel, for example, if you post on a blog. Or, write a non-fiction article instead of the usual. Essay? Start a recipe book. Draw off your inner drive.

The point is to ease out of the usual, and into the new. The act of trying something new pulls motivation to you.

Pick a view-point to write from. Gather notes and research to determine how the information will be shared. Filter it through your creative flow, and begin the writing process. Most likely, you'll be able to spin more than one writing idea from your notes/research. Make it your personal goal.

What's your personal goal? Do you want to start a business? Learn a new dance?

A personal goal has to be worked toward. Some personal goals take longer than others to realize. Some days, it may seem the personal goal isn't what you want. If you have too many of those thoughts, stop. Your personal goal may have to be changed.

A goal change is fine. Keep goals in your life, and a time-frame of how long it'll take to reach it. Goals can be one life challenges.

Goals become life challenges when some people try to stop you. Some jealous people spread rumors/lies about you. Why? They aren't happy with themselves, and want others to feel/be angry, unhappy, like them. Still, you have to muster the inner drive to move forward.

Inner drive is the courage that helps you move forward to reach goals, and do you.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Writing Idea Fragments

Writing idea fragments are almost ready, incomplete. Writing idea fragments need more thinking about before the writing process begins. A writer has to decide from what angle he/she wants to share the writing idea fragment.

Let's look at a writing idea fragment of mine. I wanted to write a post about non-fiction. The post should explain what non-fiction is, and some information on non-fiction writing ideas.

The above sentence uncovered my title: "Non-Fiction Writing Ideas."

The next step is determine what to write about the topic. The facts can come from research, something in the news or a certain way of looking at how-to make a book-shelf.

Look at your writing idea fragments. Ask yourself questions. How will you share it? Your writing idea fragment is a problem, comment on life or a topic of your choice?

A problem is explained in a how-to article. Step by step explain solutions to problems. Perhaps, you've found how to do it better/faster.

Many situations/circumstances require comments. Someone could've had a similar situation as you, and can benefit from your experience.

Maybe, a topic exists that you want to write about. Take this time to tackle the topic. Explore and write. You'll be surprised at what you come up with.

Writers will find all kinds of uses for writing idea fragments. Simply, start.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Non-Fiction Writing Ideas

Non-fiction writing ideas are factual, and are gathered from anywhere, everywhere. Many people research writing ideas for non-fiction.

Non-fiction writing ideas address problems, comment on life or are topics of your choice.

Write a how-to article about the problem that you handled successfully. How did you manage the going-back-to school costs? Explain it in easy to understand steps. People pay money for helpful advice. Put an interesting spin on it, not what's already out there. In other words, the article should be uniquely yours.

Do you know of a drink/food that lowers a person's chance of getting a cold? A formula for building an excellent credit score/rating would be of interest. Many could use information on paying debt down, or general debt information.

Can you think of other possible non-fiction writing ideas?

One way to comment on life is through non-fiction writing.

What are your comments on Paula Deen's use of the negative word? Or, her court ordeal about racism?

Your comments on Trayvon Martin's murder trial? His family? George Zimmerman's account?

Perhaps, you want to comment on the media's coverage of a specific event? You have insight on an illness, and want to share it.

Is there a topic that have always held your interest? For some reason, you've never written about it.

It's time to research, look at what angle you want to write the topic from. Simply, write.

Non-fiction writing ideas lives everywhere. It's a matter of picking which view to work with. Start today.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chaotic People

The nature of a free society is choice. Some people make choices that benefit only them, chaotic people. They don't concern themselves with the chaos it causes. They have no morals.

Chaotic people say or do anything in pursuit of what they want, no matter the extreme confusion it costs.

Chaotic people have a tendency of crashing into people that enjoy a less chaotic life-style. Since chaotic people have no respect, they don't understand the word "no." They continue spreading chaos until they're hurt.

Who, in their right mind, would want to be associated with them?

Chaotic people are always in the middle of drama, trouble. They blame others for negative results. They don't take responsibility.

A few good people are caught in the chaotic web. Sadly, the caught don't see, understand, until it's too late. Remember, chaotic people will do anything to further their cause.

How to tell if someone is a chaotic person? Look at a person's actions. How do they live their life? Person always in conflict with someone? Talk bad about people? Need to drag someone down for pleasure? Trouble, drama, follows them. Any morals?

It's wise to stay away from chaotic people.

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brain Storming Writing Ideas

Brain storming writing ideas gives writers fresh ideas. It turns a writing idea side-ways, upside-down, to allow a different view of it.

Different views of writing ideas inspires creativity. Brain storm, for example, through this process became Brain Storming Writing Ideas.

Simply, take any writing idea. Look at how many articles, posts or poems that you can curve-out. Perhaps, the writing idea leads to a novel?

Slices of writing ideas, too, make excellent brain storming material. The sun, gossip, news and chair are slices of writing ideas.

Brain storming writing ideas for the sun can spin-out articles, poems and books.

A possible article title about the sun: The Solar System's Star.

Brain storming writing ideas for gossip offers many paths. Truth and Gossip, title?

There exists too many roads for brain storming writing ideas when it comes to the news.

How to brain storm writing ideas? decide what kind of chair to write about. Antique? New chair? Pretty chair? Let your creative flow decide.

Brain storming writing ideas is a writer's tool to inspire creativity.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Prejudice Exists

It's interesting to live in a culture that allows open expression, opinions. People judge, have preconceived opinions, based on their life experiences, and tales from others.

Human reaction of clutching a purse, for example, when passing-by teens is normal after being robbed by them. Perhaps, a loved one had bad encounters with teens, and your loved one re-counts the circumstances, often. It's not unusual to form a prejudice, especially when the loved one's keeps telling you about it. The prejudice is compounded when your love one's life is turned-upside-down by actions of teens, or the negative encounter.

Let's look at another situation.

There's one job available, but two applicants of different races wanting the position.

Feelings of prejudice will tip into the mind of whichever applicant remains unemployed. Most likely, race didn't play a role.

The unemployed applicant spreads his/her experience to family and friends. The preconceived opinions take root.

The most production action to take is step around prejudice. if it's real, handle it through the law. Often, it's a preconceived opinion.

Everyone is different. There's no reason to blame a group or race for the actions of one, few.

Prejudice exists because people permit it.

If you live with someone pointing-out preconceived flaws of someone, group, then prejudice grows.

Prejudice can't exist when the facts are known. Facts are freeing, or should be.

Seek-out medical or legal help when facts let prejudice exist within you.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healthy Writing Habits

it's never too early for writers to start healthy writing habits, or too late.

Healthy writing habits means steady-work and an abundance of writing ideas. Writing ideas and steady-work equals money, presence and/ or stability.

Is there such a thing as healthy writing habits? A few asked.

The answer: Yes.

Healthy writing habits begins with writing everyday. Curve-out a space for you to write in. It could be in the attic, basement, barn, or closet. Fill your space with your writing tools.

What is a writing tool?

A writing tool is a book, app or any item that provides inspiration for writing.

Disconnect from everything but writing. Your writing space is just for writing, creating.

Select a specific time to write each day. Stay there for, at least, two hours. Try to write more than two hours. Take anything you'll need before sitting down to write. Could you want fruit, for example? Don't give yourself an excuse to not write.

Of course, turn-off your cell phone, and other writing stealing appliances.

Healthy writing habits are keys to success.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Set Goals

People encourage you to have goals, set goals. A goal is important, because it guides you toward success. Still, you have to know how to set goals.

Let's look at what goes into setting goals.

First, decide what matters most to you, or figure-out what you want. Place a time limit on it. In other words, how long will it take to reach your goal?

Sit down. Think about it. It could take weeks, months, before you come to a decision.

Set rules for your goal when you have one.

Is writing, for example, your goal?

Rules for writing follows. Write everyday. Writing time is at twelve noon. Write for two hours each day. Possibly, write a novel in two years.

Stick as close as possible to your set rules. Yes, there will be days when you can't write. It's allowed. Return to the schedule as soon as you can.

Sometimes. A break is needed. You'll come-back more enthusiastic for your goal.

The healthy habit of setting goals can't begin too early, or too late.

Goals require discipline. Often, extra effort has to be mustered for a goal.

Make a note, scribble down an appointment or pencil-in time for your goal.

Believe in you, your goal. Don't allow doubt or nay-sayers to push you into their version of your goal.

Change or modify your goal only if you feel there's a need.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Question Of Morals

Many people, be it George Zimmerman or anyone else, taking an action because they can have the wrong attitude/thoughts. It's a question of morals. Don't act due to a bad mood or twisted feeling.

It isn't good conduct to approach another just because you can. The wrong attitude, thought, brings un-necessary pain, chaos.

The thoughts, attitude, that shortness makes people aggressive, because they're compensating for lack of height stirs ill-will.

A person with the above thoughts, attitude, will cause harm or inspire much conflict. One-sided thinking rarely ends well.

Good conduct is following a set of moral values and/or protocol. When or if all else fail, wait. Waiting allows you to re-think, and not act too quickly.

Let's look at the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, situation.

Had George Zimmerman waited, there would be a different out-come. Although, a jury of Zimmerman's peers found him not guilty.

Still, Trayvon Martin's blood will forever stain the mind and heart of George Zimmerman.

Lesson: Never take an action just because you can. It rarely ends well.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

12 Writing Tips

Writing, as with other paths, requires a stepping stone or a point to start from. It has has been said write what you know.

Sure, it's fun and easy to write what you know. A writer grows when he/she manages to reach higher by researching and/or investigating a topic/subject.

Let's look at 12 writing tips to get and keep you writing.

Find a place that's comfortable, your writing place. Your writing tools should be sitting and waiting, because they inspire.

Although, there'll be times when you, the writer, can't be in your writing place. Still, writers write. Curve-out a spot where your creativity can run-free.

Writing ideas that keep flashing in your mind could be promising writing ideas for songs/poems, fiction or non-fiction.

Life and living offers excellent writing material.

Family gatherings are stuffed full of tips and material for writing.

Quotes are sources for writing tips. Like: The jealous are troublesome but a torment to themselves William Penn

Use simple words.

Use strong verbs, and avoid adjectives as much as possible.

Titles dance their way into the reader's mind. They allow a quick look into your work. Titles summarize in a stimulating and interesting way.

Play a game to writing when creativity stalls.

The first word, that jumps to mind starts the game. The word shirt begins my game.

The word shirt can spin into songs/poems, fiction or non- fiction.

A possible non-fiction article: What's the best material for a summer shirt?

One fiction idea revolves around the disappearing shirt. It was last seen in the closet.


S oar

H igh

I n

R ocking

T ime

Passion shines through, just write.

Critique, more than once.

Have fun writing!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Writing Heals

The act of writing heals, is a treatment to becoming a better you.

A need for writing therapy, treatment, comes from experiences of people involved or have been in the military service. The writing heals technique aids when you're ill, received low college grades and/or lost of a job.

This isn't to say that the medical profession should be ignored. Writing comforts when the medical profession can't quit reach you, or you may want an alternative to healing.

The re-telling of what happened, often, is hard and uncomfortable. It's easy to jot down what happened, how, in a comfortable place.

The actual time could be during dawn, for example. Or, your thoughts flow more before bed? There's no one to compete with, or urge you along. Move as slow or fast as you like.

Writing gives you the opportunity to heal. It's therapy. The writing can be a journal, poems, songs, fiction or non-fiction.

Simply, write. You see the words. Read them. See your experience. Let the words be a treatment. Distance yourself.

Now, it may take more than one time or one treatment.

The first time scanning through the words may be too hard. Stop. Put the words away. Let a few days go by.

Return to the words. Take a deep breath. Relax. Embrace the words. Allow healing through writing to begin.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Reached Goal

A reached goal is something you've been working on, toward. Goals aren't always reached in a month, year.

The length of time a goal is reached depends on you, and the time given to a specific goal.

Set a time period for your goal, and work toward it. The time period for a goal has to fit into your life-style. You'd like to be jogging three miles in two weeks.

If, for example, a goal is to jog each morning, but it's impossible for you to get-up--stop. This particular goal isn't fitting into your life-style.

Shift, change, the goal to fit into your life-style, and a reached goal will be yours.

You can be successful when goals aren't reached in a specific time-frame. Simply, change the path of how you move to it.

It has to fit into your life-style, be comfortable for you. It's important that you follow your goal, not a friend's version of your goal.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Words Can Make Or Break You

Words can make or break you, your career, as we have seen with Paula Deen.

Paula Deen mentioned words that offended many people. She apologized. I'm sure, on any given day, she wished those words never escaped through her lips.

Still, she can't take the words back. People have been hurt, offended, by Deen's remarks. The reason or time the words were used makes no direction.

When a perspn's actions offend, those actions has to be addressed.

It goes back to what a person does, good or bad, comes back.

Deen and her sons explained how she in't a racist.

However, the words she used was racist. Why use those words if her feelings/thinking were different.

People tend to use comfortable words out of habit. Sometimes, a word is spoken that you're use to hearing/saying or grew up with.

Still, no one can or should offend because it's their way of doing, living.

I can't say it enough: Think before speaking.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"The Color Of Your Skin..." Paula Deen

Paula Deen was slapped with a discrimination law-suit.

It stems from Deen, 66, admitting to using the N-word, racist jokes and commenting about wanting black waiters dressed as slaves.

She apologized using YouTube as the forum.

The Food Network, her employers, fired her.

"The color of your skin, your religion, your sexual preference, does not matter, but it's what's in the heart...and my family and I try to live by that" is part of her apology.

Questions: Do you believe her?
Why would she utter such words?
You accept her apology?

I've seen over and over like situations. Some people rise to a certain position and become too comfortable. They feel that they can do or say anything, surpass the rules.

Many thoughts will come to mind, but it isn't wise to say or act on all of them.

Think before speaking or acting.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Edward Snowden

"I'm neither traitor nor hero," Edward Snowden. "I'm an American."

An American who believes a certain way makes it known, acts on it and the stand is made. Often, a person's stand brings unfavorable consequences.

An American would stay and defend his/her stand, not flee to China.

This is a land, United States, where differences exist.

Perhaps, a person is called traitor, hero and a host of other names due to his/her stand. Still, it goes-along with taking a stand.

"I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded," Snowden said.

Snowden, 29, leaked secret information about NSA's domestic surveillance programs to the media.

Today's world is a place, foreign and domestic, where you're recorded almost everywhere. There're few places a recording, spying or listening device isn't.

Without the devices, terrorists, murderers and other bad elements wouldn't have been captured.

Still, Snowden didn't destroy the information, but the former NSA contractor leaked it.

The result of Snowden's hands on the stolen information resulted in chaos.

Snowden departed the United States, left behind everything that was near and dear to him.

Snowden announced that he'd fight extradition back to the United States.

Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Believe In Yourself

Sit down. Take a deep breath. Think about the direction you want to take, life direction. You must believe in yourself, and the direction your life will go. Believe it with every fiber of your being.

A life direction path is weighed against what's going on in your life. What has to be taken out of your life for the new direction? Who will be removed? You have to get-up earlier in the morning?

Most likely, there will be people who disapprove of your choice.

Believe in yourself. Explain your decision if you want. Be prepared for questions. Why it's right for you.

There are many answers. It's time. it meets your skills, education and experiences.

Still, others will have nothing better to do than throw negativity at you, your life direction choice.

The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. Confucius

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.
Mark Caine

Simply, believe in yourself.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Goals are places you'll be in three, five or ten years. Often, others see your writing goals, goals, differently than you.

"You're not a writer," Someone said.

It's possible that person sees a goal, for you, at Walmart. There's nothing wrong with working in retail, but continue to move toward your goals. Believe in yourself, and decide on the place you'll be in three, five or ten years.

Don't allow anyone to turn you against your goals. Remember, no one knows what's best for you, or the goals that matter to you.

Confusion slips through when you listen to goals that aren't yours. Be kind as you listen, but a friend's goal isn't going to motivate/inure you. Simply, share your feelings.

Confusion is avoided, and friendships last. Everyone knows the truth, what path will be taken.

Friends and family have two choices: Respect your choice or move on.

People who really care tend to help you realize your goals.

Work on the goals you set, not goals that belong to someone else. Sooner or later, the weight of doing what someone else wants pulls you down. The road of unhappy swallows you.

Trust you, your talent.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Writer's Success

A writer's success depends on how the writer feels. Success to one writer is different for another.

The ability to write a poem could mean success for one writer, and posting to a blog is success to someone else. Still, a third writer may feel success is publishing books.

"Bloggers aren't writers." I heard a hater bark.

In that person's view, bloggers don't qualify as writers. Most likely, he/she doesn't realize what research, talent and work goes into writing a blog.

A writer posting a daily journal is that writer's success. The act of writing is success.

Don't listen to people who don't understand the writing process, your talent or goals.

The mind-set to write is a writer's success.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Ingredient For Successful Businesses

The ingredient for successful businesses: customers. Customers hold a business together as well as help it grow. The primary concern of a business owner, big /small or online/off, must be customers. Without customers, you have no business.

The manner in which you/your employees interact with customers determines success. Yes, your customer service.

Customer service involves assisting, providing problem resolution and support.

I had a problem, for example, of not receiving a mattress that should've been delivered along with the bed frame.

The delivery guys called the store. I was asked to get on the phone. The employee volunteered to bring it to me. I agreed.

The manager wanted to speak to me. He spoke, but didn't help.

The manager didn't need to get on the phone. The employee had assisted, solved the problem with the right amount of support. I would've been a customer for life until Mr. Manager jumped on the phone to say nothing. I was done with the store, and found the needed mattress at Ikea.

My Question: How many others had the manager treated unprofessionally?

Good customer service means addressing the problem quickly, and getting repeat business.

Clearly, a professional acting business knows the ingredient for a successful business.

It's important, for all businesses, to remember the ingredient for success.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Self Help Prompts

Self help prompts are words, quotes and repeated sentences that inspire. A few words about life, writing, can inspire positive achievements.

Sometimes, there will be despair, but encouraging words will give better out-looks.

The words, believe in yourself, for example, are self help prompts.

When life is difficult, stop. Take a deep breath. Write a self help prompt, or read the one you've already written. The self help prompt should apply to your situation.

Think about the self help prompt, I'll work through it one step at a time. The words inspires.

Tape it to your mirror, bed or desk. Sit it in/on a place you frequent.

Use words that comfort you. Perhaps, "The Lord's Prayer?" Or, tomorrow, I'll be refreshed and ready to go.

Quotes inspire too. Look at the following.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Benjamin Franklin

A man can't ride your back unless it's bent. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers. Plato

Benjamin Franklin's quote is a reminder to keep writing through the bad and good times. There will come a time, maybe, someone will write about you.

How do you see the quote?

Martin Luther King's quote makes sense. Stand-up for your belief.

What's your thoughts?

Plato's quote means you have to know the facts of a situation before making a decision, not the gossip of others.

Your opinion?

Repeated sentences like a few from my childhood inspires.

Look at the glass half full. I see it as don't be negative. You?

You can do it. They are words of encouragement to keep moving forward. What do you think?

Win or lose. You'll win some and lose win. Either way, deal with the events and move on. Your thoughts?

Now, think back to a time in your life when self help prompts were spoken. Of course, you didn't realize it at the time.

Finally, self help prompts inspire. Lay them out and use them. Don't forget to share.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Writing Material

Writing material dances all around you. Writing material fills the street you live on, in haters and the news.

The street you live on could have an interesting name, or something happened on it begs to be written about.

A street name offers endless possibilities for writing material. The street you live on wants to show-case itself? Why? Perhaps, some house on a specific street throws writing ideas at you.

Beacon, for example, is interesting as a street name. Was the area a light that once warned or guided people. Maybe, water occupied the area. It was dangerous to be near during night...

The research can uncover various writing ideas for fiction, non-fiction and poems.

Everyone has haters, no matter how nice you are. There will always be someone who can't stand you, your position. Don't be upset by haters, because that's life. Do what you need for yourself and family.

Haters will continue to dislike and talk badly about people. They're not happy with their lives, and want as many people as possible unhappy too.

Step away from them, and never associate.

Haters want your attention, to gain entrance into the lives of productive people. It's extremely difficult to remove them after they're in your life.

The subject of haters lends itself to all kinds of writing ideas.

Let's look at possible writing material based on the news.

Jodi Arias, stabbed Alexander 29 times, cut his throat and shot him in the head, has been in the news.

The Jodi Arias case holds tons of writing ideas.

A possible writing idea is what made Arias take Alexander's life in such a brutal way?

Books have already been written based on the case, and a Life Time movie is in production.

The idea is to show how writing material exists here, there and everywhere.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Positive Writing

Start the day with positive writing. Yes, write a positive sentence, word or what could inspire others.

A positive sentence are words that make you smile or encourage. What words helped you?

I will reach my goal, for example, are words to ease you forward. The thought churns around the mind, pushing you to action, motion and goals are reached. It starts with positive writing, thinking.

One word can lead to positive writing. A word leads, in life, to an action. It can be good or bad. Be the positive person or positive writer that can fill paper with inspiration.

The goal is to have people come away with positive thoughts, words.

I can write 500 words on a specific topic. My inspiration is the blue sky, rainy day or wind tapping against my face. Or, what's the inspiration for human movement? Silence? Ingenuity?

Positive writing is inspiration for others too. Comment on a situation or event that happened. People can benefit from your experience or mishap.

You understand an experience or mishap better as you share it.

Positive writing leads to positive thinking/action, and lives are enhanced.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Some people take pleasure or think it's a proud moment to laugh/hurt other human beings. Take that uncomfortable moment to writing.

Writing helps you to see if from a different point of view, sift through the uncomfortable moments and move forward.

People who take pleasure in poking fun at others feel bad about themselves. So, they try to hurt as many people as possible, in hopes of making more victims and feeling better.

Instead of working on themselves, bullies hunt for victims to taunt. The act of taunting gives short term relief from pain.

What we do, bad or good, comes back to us.

Don't allow your feelings to be hurt, because you have so many positive things to share. Good people always do.

When you're faced with negativity, move away from it. Don't sit around negative people, because they will only destroy you.

When you're not sure or in doubt about a person, write. It'll help you see/understand the situation better.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Write Through It

The Boston Marathon victims and any unexpected situation, in life, can benefit by writing through it. Writing is one tool to aid victims, or people dealing with unexpected situations.

Unexpected situations involve weeks, months, even years after the incident happened before healing begins.

Write through it is therapeutic, allows expression of feelings. Actual events are sifted through when they can't be spoken about. You face it when you're ready through writing. Cry. Utter words, but slowly move forward.

Some days, you can't think about it and don't want to write. On other days, you'll express more.

Work at a pace comfortable for you. No one is grading or competing with you.

Before long, you'll leave behind victim status. Control life, direction, is in your hands.

It starts with one toddler step at a time by writing through it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Effective Communication

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. Effective communication is a must for writers, and those presenting specific messages. The short term goal of helping people to understand effective communication, your message, means you'll reach long term goals. Effective communication starts with simple words to convey your message. Technical jargon should be used sparingly. No one wants or enjoys looking up every other word in the dictionary, and confusion is avoided with simple words. Your audience will not only be confused with technical jargon, but moves on to a writer's work that's easier to read/understand. Most likely, people will make a note to avoid other work by you. Effective communication gives the impression that the words are directed to readers, or readers feel comfortable enough to respond to your words. Take a look. Personal Coach Need to discuss issues? Help closing "the" deal? Just talk? Contact me.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Teens Without Morals

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. A teen, A.J. Lane, was convicted of murderr. He appeared in court wearing a white tee-shirt with the word killer on it. Why? Lane didn't care about the feelings of the families. Can this 17/18-year-old be rehabilitated? Lane sat in court, dressed down in a tee-shirt. Why not have a dress shirt or any shirt without the word killer on it? The teens in Steubenville, Ohio that raped a 16-year-old girl were recently sentenced. Pictures of what they had done to the young lady were sent to social media. Laughter could be heard/seen in the videos, like it was a proud moment. Where were the morals of any teen that laughed, witnessed, the actions against the young lady. The teens didn't quietly notify anyone who could help the young lady. Not a trusted adult? The young lady's parents? Security? Older Teen? Coach? Police? Witnesses, teens, didn't want to come forward after the police became involved. Question: Some teens are growing up without morals?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Write What?

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. A writer sits down to write. Thoughts and questions are sifted through the mind. Write what is said out-loud. Stop. There's no need to panic. Write about the day before, a news headline or yourself. The Day Before The incident that caught your attention, funny or odd. My grandchildren, for instance, made paper projects. One wanted to make snow-flakes. Every time, the snow-flakes became something else. Once an intended snow-flake turned into mask of sorts. A writing project on how to have fun making paper cut-outs comes to mind. News Headline A certain news headline keep tapping at your attention. The Jodi Arias trail, accused of stabbing her ex, cutting his throat and then shooting him in the head, tapped at my attention. The news headline, story, opens itself up to fiction, non-fiction and poems. Personally, I'd like to know what went through her mind the moment it happened? Yourself Hackers keep stealing into my computer. I can't get it to operate or it hums after the hackers. I've had to buy new computers, software. I posting this at the library. What kind of person would sniff around my computer? Write What? An essay on people with bullying behavior could be a topic. Finally Write what is a writer's tool that keeps the creative flow ignited.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Places To Find Writing Motivation

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. There are many places to find writing motivation. Writer's block should never be an issue for writers. Every moment, places you go and what's done to you provides writing motivation. Pick any moment in life, and it can be motivation for writing. The police, for example, knocked at my door to inform me that my grandchildren were home alone. Now, I'm home most of the time, and never leave them home alone. My neighbors wasted the police's time by telling them that my grandchildren were home alone. Fiction or non-fiction ideas await from that moment. An essay on being falsely accused comes to mind. Select any place you've gone to, past or present for writing motivation. Writing motivation exists at school, some market or the building in a novel. There's no telling how many mysteries hide in school buildings. A book stolen, disappeared, that was never found creates writing motivation. It was the day a football player passed away. At the market, all kinds of items live there. The process of how a specific item finds a home could start writing motivation. Writing motivation is ignited as an author paints the picture of a house, faded from time. The ideas can roll-out in any direction. Motivation for writing sits in whatever life have thrown your way. Most likely, someone will understand what you've been through, or he/she has gone through a similar situation. In closing, any given moment, that certain place or how life happens opens-up is motivation for writing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. It's a new year, New Year, 2013. Some make resolutions that end-up fizzling out. Most give a strong effort at keeping a new year's resolution, but ignore it as reality checks in. I suggest that resolutions be worked into your life, reality. If, for example, your choice is to visit the gym before work when you already have too many things to do during that time, you have ignored reality. Now, if you make time for the gym by shifting or stop doing certain things to fit in gym time, there's a chance at keeping that New Year's resolution. It's not wise to make a New Year's resolution because it's "in," your friend is doing it or it will look bad if you don't. The choice has to matter to you, your life.

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