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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inner Drive

Inner drive is the motivation that encourages you to try a new writing project, personal goal and/or life challenge. Often, it's not easy and requires special effort. Simply, allow inner drive to work for you.

Don't be afraid to write a novel, for example, if you post on a blog. Or, write a non-fiction article instead of the usual. Essay? Start a recipe book. Draw off your inner drive.

The point is to ease out of the usual, and into the new. The act of trying something new pulls motivation to you.

Pick a view-point to write from. Gather notes and research to determine how the information will be shared. Filter it through your creative flow, and begin the writing process. Most likely, you'll be able to spin more than one writing idea from your notes/research. Make it your personal goal.

What's your personal goal? Do you want to start a business? Learn a new dance?

A personal goal has to be worked toward. Some personal goals take longer than others to realize. Some days, it may seem the personal goal isn't what you want. If you have too many of those thoughts, stop. Your personal goal may have to be changed.

A goal change is fine. Keep goals in your life, and a time-frame of how long it'll take to reach it. Goals can be one life challenges.

Goals become life challenges when some people try to stop you. Some jealous people spread rumors/lies about you. Why? They aren't happy with themselves, and want others to feel/be angry, unhappy, like them. Still, you have to muster the inner drive to move forward.

Inner drive is the courage that helps you move forward to reach goals, and do you.
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She has tried to go down some of life's other paths. A few paths were a mail-order business, the publishing of a pen-pal newsletter and selling plastic-ware. Only, she was back writing before realizing what she was doing.

She'd critique titles, paragraphs, news reports, that no one submitted to her. She'd stop herself, eventually. Marcella Glenn seemed to be enjoying the act of writing. This is how she knew writing was more than a hobby.

Let it be a lesson in your life too. Is writing calling your name? Or, acting? Teaching? Are you interested in engineering? Have the courage to go for your dreams. Simply, believe in yourself.

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