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Monday, January 31, 2011

China Censors Egypt News

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The unrest in Egypt continues,
but China blocked the country's
name from micro-blogs and wiped
away any comments from the web
in regard to the protests.

The Chinese Communist Party keeps
an eye on the Internet and blocks
any content that could represent a
threat. Negative talk of a one
party rule is a "no-no," censored.

Censors nip special events like the
2008 Beijing Olympics, or after a
political crisis- the 2009 riots in

The Chinese on protests. On January
30, Global Times, a state-run newspaper,
published an editorial warning,
essentially, that democracy would fail in
Tunisia and Egypt. An excerpt:

"In general, democracy has a strong appeal
because of the successful models in the
West. But whether the system is applicable
in other countries is in question, as more
and more unsuccessful examples arise.

In the West, democracy is not only a
political system, but a way of life. Yet
some emerging democracies in Asia and Africa
are taking hit after hit from street-level

Democracy is still far away for Tunisia
and Egypt. The success of a democracy
takes concrete foundations in economy,
education and social issues."


Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Use Transitions

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Using transitional words/phrases
allow you to work smooth changes
into your writing. They show how
two ideas are connected to each

Second, for example, they let
readers know it happened after
the first incident, and whatever
happened first caused the second
event to happen.

Take a look at my example.

People who become writers are
genetically destined, they either
have to write or they learn to write.
The point that writers are genetically
destined opens the door for all kinds
of arguments, include inheritance defines
a writer. Secondly, writers, simply, learn
to write. Some would reason writing can't
be taught. However, the debate can spin
into a lively one.

Transitional words keep paragraphs from
exploding into disconnected statements.

Transitional words are: plus, first, second,
third, now, beside, in the same way, but,
in fact, for example, in conclusion and in
other words.

In conclusion, poor use of transitional
words will take the reader on a jerky ride,
with here is a sentence and there's another
disjointed idea. In other words, transitional
words bring paragraphs together with consistency.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Google to Launch Google Offers

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Google is to launch Google Offers,
the search giant's Groupon competitor,
Mashable learned.

They have the documents to prove it.
One of their sources sent a confidential
fact sheet straight from Googleplex about
the company's new group buying service.

"Google Offers is a new product to help
potential customers find deals in their
area through a daily email," the fact

Google Offers works like Groupon or
LivingSocial. How does it work?

People receive an e-mail with a local deal
for the day. They have the opportunity to
buy that deal within a specific time period.
When enough people have made the purchase,
the Google Offer is activated and users get
$10 toward a $20 deal for that certain
restaurant you've wanted to try.

Google is reaching out to businesses in order
to get them on board with Offers.


Monday, January 24, 2011

A Hacker Is Illegally Accessing Web Sites

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A hacker says he is accessing web
sites like: military web sites,
government web sites and those
belonging to universities per Noa
Bar-Yosef, Imperva senior security

The price range from $33 to $499,
depending on how important or widely
used the web site is.

"You can actually buy the capability
of being the administrator of the web
site," Bar-Yosef explained.

The hacker is also selling databases of
personal information he's stolen from the
web sites for $20 per thousand records.
This information could be used by spammers,
or by fraudsters to break into online accounts.

Bar-Yosef saw evidences that administrative
privileges for 16 web sites were for sale.

Imperva assembled the names of the victims
from its blog post, but security blogger Brian
Krebs posted more details of the incident,
including the names of the hacked web sites.

Some of the hacked web sites are the United
States, states of Utah and Michigan, the
government of Italy and the Department of
Defense Pharmacoeconomic Center, which
analyzes the military's use of drugs and
helps the Department of Veterans Affairs
procure drug contracts.

Whoever is selling the data probably broke
into these web sites using a common Web attack
called SQL injection, Bar-Yosef.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year- Goals And Resolutions

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How To Work On Goals/Resolutions

A new year, 2011, brings new hopes,
dreams and to-do-lists. Don't just
mouth/think goals, resolutions, but
schedule them into your life. Make
time to realize a goal, resolution.

Keep in mind that goals, resolutions,
take time and determination.

Work on a goal to lose weight daily.
Keep track of what you eat, exercise
and cut-back on foods your body can
do without, shouldn't have.

Get a job resolution requires actively
seeking a job. Don't let filled positions
stop you. Apply for the next job, and
look for other available positions.

Your plan is to start a new relationship?
Stop one?

Think about how you'll move on. Some
relationships will not end friendly. Do you
have a place to live after? Is it time to
leave the relationship? A month from now?
Six months?

Some break-ups have to involve law
enforcement. Have everything been arranged
for once you remove yourself from the

In my opinion, you need time to yourself,
alone, before starting a new relationship.
You'll need to decide which direction is
best for you. Is there something you've
wanted to do for a long time. Place you
want to see? Pull-out your to-do-lists.

In the new year, 2011, work toward a goal,
resolution, without pressure. Move forward
slowly. No one is timing you. The pace you
use in reaching a goal, resolution, depends
on you, your life-style. Never compare
yourself to a friend or relative. Simply,
keep moving until your goal/resolution is


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suspected Strangler Arrested

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Police arrested suspected serial
strangler Antonio Rodriguez, in
Philadelphia, PA- Kensington section
of the city, on Monday after DNA
testing connected him to the sexual
assault and murder of at least three

The announcement came just minutes
after a press conference in which
Philadelphia Police Captain James
J. Clark announced a "major break"
in the case, with forensic evidence
putting Rodriguez at the scene of
the three homicides.

Rodriguez is a homeless man considered
"extremely dangerous," per Clark.

Rodriguez, 21, is suspected of killing:
Casey Mahoney- 27, Elaine Goldberg- 21
and Nicole Piacentini- 35, Clark continued.

Rodriguez recently was released from
prison, Clark explained, but he declined
to tell the reason for incarceration or
give insight into his criminal history.

State police contacted Philadelphia police
about the match in their offender database.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Brain-Storming A Writing Idea

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How To Brain-Storm A Writing Idea

Brain-storming a writing idea involves
offering solutions to problems in a
new, different, way.

It's possible that the problem you're
addressing has already been answered.
Still, supply an answer.

Your life experiences, way of looking
at problems and voice are unique to you.
So, you bring a new, different, look to
an old problem.

Brain-storming steps into asking people
familiar with the subject questions about
it, people who have lived through it- how?
Poking around information that's available
on the subject falls under brain-storming.

Information you know about the subject is
compared to what you found. Stir-up the
facts/ideas to see what pops-out.

Brain-storming will take sugggestions into
consideration. Listen. Learn. Write.

It's you, the writer, whom decides how a
problem will be answered, and in what new,
different way.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loss of 500 Jobs At Myspace

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Rupert Murdoch, the head of media
giant News Corp., and his firm's
Myspace, a social networking web
site, gave notice of a restructuring
Tuesday that will result in the loss
of 500 jobs world-wide.

Advertising revenue and monthly visitors
to Myspace has been down.

The new organizational structure will
enable us to move more nimbly, develop
products more quickly and attain more
flexibility on the financial side,"
Myspace Chief Executive Mike Jones
explained in a statement.

Myspace never really figured out which
one it wanted to be," Dave McClure,
founding partner of 500 Start-ups.
"For the life of me I don't know why
they weren't able to pull it off."

The social network struggled to innovate.
The first signs of Myspace's troubles
starred in 2008, when News Corp. reported
that it was falling short of its $1-billion
revenue projections for the web site.

People familiar with the situation said News
Corp. is looking-over potential buyers.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Suspect In Congress-Woman's Shooting Faces The Judge Today

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A man accused of shooting at a
congress-woman Saturday faces a
federal court judge this afternoon.
A high-powered defense attorney who
represented the Unabomber, the Atlanta
Olympics bomber, and Susan Smith, the
South Carolina woman who drowned her
two children by driving her car into a
lake will be at his side.

Jared Loughner, 22, of Tucson, Arizona,
has been charged with five federal
felonies- the attempted murders of Rep.
Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona, two of
her staffers, the murders of U.S.
District Judge John Roll and Giffords
aide Gabriel Zimmerman in Tucson.

Judy Clarke will appear with him at his
initial court appearance and ask to be
appointed as Loughner's attorney.

It's possible Loughner could face the
death penalty, but that decision has not
been decided.

Prosecutors have 30 days to bring the case
before a grand jury to obtain an indictment.

Loughner faces state charges, too, in the
fatal shooting of four other people and the
wounding of 11 more.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Hook The Reader

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How To Hook The Reader
Writers must hook readers, and hold
their attention until the last word
has been appreciated.

An inviting title is necessary. The
title stops a potential reader by
promising to reveal some truth,
provide a shock, entertains,
encourages an action, angers or

Present the topic as if you're
talking to a friend. A mixture of
long and short sentences work best.

Technical information is thinned-out
with everyday language, lay-person

Street jargon isn't used unless
universally known. Street jargon in
one area of the country, world, may
not be known in another.

Stick with words that readers don't
have to look-up every two or three

It's safe to work with words that an
eight grade student could understand.

Mix-up the mood, direction, of paragraphs
to hook readers.

Take a look at my examples.

Sample One

Mary had a fight with Rose, ran-out
and the window in the door broke.


Mary battled Rose, stormed-out as the
door pane shattered.

Sample Two

Mr. Brown has all kinds of diseases, and
not expected to live.


Mr. Brown is stuffed full of diseases, and
people are baffled that he's still living.

The above tips will help you hook readers
from paragraph one to the last word.


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