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Monday, January 31, 2011

China Censors Egypt News

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The unrest in Egypt continues,
but China blocked the country's
name from micro-blogs and wiped
away any comments from the web
in regard to the protests.

The Chinese Communist Party keeps
an eye on the Internet and blocks
any content that could represent a
threat. Negative talk of a one
party rule is a "no-no," censored.

Censors nip special events like the
2008 Beijing Olympics, or after a
political crisis- the 2009 riots in

The Chinese on protests. On January
30, Global Times, a state-run newspaper,
published an editorial warning,
essentially, that democracy would fail in
Tunisia and Egypt. An excerpt:

"In general, democracy has a strong appeal
because of the successful models in the
West. But whether the system is applicable
in other countries is in question, as more
and more unsuccessful examples arise.

In the West, democracy is not only a
political system, but a way of life. Yet
some emerging democracies in Asia and Africa
are taking hit after hit from street-level

Democracy is still far away for Tunisia
and Egypt. The success of a democracy
takes concrete foundations in economy,
education and social issues."

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