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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hook The Reader

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How To Hook The Reader
Writers must hook readers, and hold
their attention until the last word
has been appreciated.

An inviting title is necessary. The
title stops a potential reader by
promising to reveal some truth,
provide a shock, entertains,
encourages an action, angers or

Present the topic as if you're
talking to a friend. A mixture of
long and short sentences work best.

Technical information is thinned-out
with everyday language, lay-person

Street jargon isn't used unless
universally known. Street jargon in
one area of the country, world, may
not be known in another.

Stick with words that readers don't
have to look-up every two or three

It's safe to work with words that an
eight grade student could understand.

Mix-up the mood, direction, of paragraphs
to hook readers.

Take a look at my examples.

Sample One

Mary had a fight with Rose, ran-out
and the window in the door broke.


Mary battled Rose, stormed-out as the
door pane shattered.

Sample Two

Mr. Brown has all kinds of diseases, and
not expected to live.


Mr. Brown is stuffed full of diseases, and
people are baffled that he's still living.

The above tips will help you hook readers
from paragraph one to the last word.

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