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Monday, January 21, 2013

Places To Find Writing Motivation

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. There are many places to find writing motivation. Writer's block should never be an issue for writers. Every moment, places you go and what's done to you provides writing motivation. Pick any moment in life, and it can be motivation for writing. The police, for example, knocked at my door to inform me that my grandchildren were home alone. Now, I'm home most of the time, and never leave them home alone. My neighbors wasted the police's time by telling them that my grandchildren were home alone. Fiction or non-fiction ideas await from that moment. An essay on being falsely accused comes to mind. Select any place you've gone to, past or present for writing motivation. Writing motivation exists at school, some market or the building in a novel. There's no telling how many mysteries hide in school buildings. A book stolen, disappeared, that was never found creates writing motivation. It was the day a football player passed away. At the market, all kinds of items live there. The process of how a specific item finds a home could start writing motivation. Writing motivation is ignited as an author paints the picture of a house, faded from time. The ideas can roll-out in any direction. Motivation for writing sits in whatever life have thrown your way. Most likely, someone will understand what you've been through, or he/she has gone through a similar situation. In closing, any given moment, that certain place or how life happens opens-up is motivation for writing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. It's a new year, New Year, 2013. Some make resolutions that end-up fizzling out. Most give a strong effort at keeping a new year's resolution, but ignore it as reality checks in. I suggest that resolutions be worked into your life, reality. If, for example, your choice is to visit the gym before work when you already have too many things to do during that time, you have ignored reality. Now, if you make time for the gym by shifting or stop doing certain things to fit in gym time, there's a chance at keeping that New Year's resolution. It's not wise to make a New Year's resolution because it's "in," your friend is doing it or it will look bad if you don't. The choice has to matter to you, your life.

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Marcella Glenn is a freelance writer who has written news reports, worked in an office, reviewed movies, published a newsletter and had her novel, "Grave Street House," published. She, too, is a Writing Consultant as well as a Personal Coach.

She has tried to go down some of life's other paths. A few paths were a mail-order business, the publishing of a pen-pal newsletter and selling plastic-ware. Only, she was back writing before realizing what she was doing.

She'd critique titles, paragraphs, news reports, that no one submitted to her. She'd stop herself, eventually. Marcella Glenn seemed to be enjoying the act of writing. This is how she knew writing was more than a hobby.

Let it be a lesson in your life too. Is writing calling your name? Or, acting? Teaching? Are you interested in engineering? Have the courage to go for your dreams. Simply, believe in yourself.

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February 16, 2009
Every week, The Authors Show, radio version features interviews with up and coming authors from around the world. This week The Authors Show radio features Marcella Glenn, author of  'Grave Street House'.

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