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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inner Drive

Inner drive is the motivation that encourages you to try a new writing project, personal goal and/or life challenge. Often, it's not easy and requires special effort. Simply, allow inner drive to work for you.

Don't be afraid to write a novel, for example, if you post on a blog. Or, write a non-fiction article instead of the usual. Essay? Start a recipe book. Draw off your inner drive.

The point is to ease out of the usual, and into the new. The act of trying something new pulls motivation to you.

Pick a view-point to write from. Gather notes and research to determine how the information will be shared. Filter it through your creative flow, and begin the writing process. Most likely, you'll be able to spin more than one writing idea from your notes/research. Make it your personal goal.

What's your personal goal? Do you want to start a business? Learn a new dance?

A personal goal has to be worked toward. Some personal goals take longer than others to realize. Some days, it may seem the personal goal isn't what you want. If you have too many of those thoughts, stop. Your personal goal may have to be changed.

A goal change is fine. Keep goals in your life, and a time-frame of how long it'll take to reach it. Goals can be one life challenges.

Goals become life challenges when some people try to stop you. Some jealous people spread rumors/lies about you. Why? They aren't happy with themselves, and want others to feel/be angry, unhappy, like them. Still, you have to muster the inner drive to move forward.

Inner drive is the courage that helps you move forward to reach goals, and do you.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Writing Idea Fragments

Writing idea fragments are almost ready, incomplete. Writing idea fragments need more thinking about before the writing process begins. A writer has to decide from what angle he/she wants to share the writing idea fragment.

Let's look at a writing idea fragment of mine. I wanted to write a post about non-fiction. The post should explain what non-fiction is, and some information on non-fiction writing ideas.

The above sentence uncovered my title: "Non-Fiction Writing Ideas."

The next step is determine what to write about the topic. The facts can come from research, something in the news or a certain way of looking at how-to make a book-shelf.

Look at your writing idea fragments. Ask yourself questions. How will you share it? Your writing idea fragment is a problem, comment on life or a topic of your choice?

A problem is explained in a how-to article. Step by step explain solutions to problems. Perhaps, you've found how to do it better/faster.

Many situations/circumstances require comments. Someone could've had a similar situation as you, and can benefit from your experience.

Maybe, a topic exists that you want to write about. Take this time to tackle the topic. Explore and write. You'll be surprised at what you come up with.

Writers will find all kinds of uses for writing idea fragments. Simply, start.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Non-Fiction Writing Ideas

Non-fiction writing ideas are factual, and are gathered from anywhere, everywhere. Many people research writing ideas for non-fiction.

Non-fiction writing ideas address problems, comment on life or are topics of your choice.

Write a how-to article about the problem that you handled successfully. How did you manage the going-back-to school costs? Explain it in easy to understand steps. People pay money for helpful advice. Put an interesting spin on it, not what's already out there. In other words, the article should be uniquely yours.

Do you know of a drink/food that lowers a person's chance of getting a cold? A formula for building an excellent credit score/rating would be of interest. Many could use information on paying debt down, or general debt information.

Can you think of other possible non-fiction writing ideas?

One way to comment on life is through non-fiction writing.

What are your comments on Paula Deen's use of the negative word? Or, her court ordeal about racism?

Your comments on Trayvon Martin's murder trial? His family? George Zimmerman's account?

Perhaps, you want to comment on the media's coverage of a specific event? You have insight on an illness, and want to share it.

Is there a topic that have always held your interest? For some reason, you've never written about it.

It's time to research, look at what angle you want to write the topic from. Simply, write.

Non-fiction writing ideas lives everywhere. It's a matter of picking which view to work with. Start today.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chaotic People

The nature of a free society is choice. Some people make choices that benefit only them, chaotic people. They don't concern themselves with the chaos it causes. They have no morals.

Chaotic people say or do anything in pursuit of what they want, no matter the extreme confusion it costs.

Chaotic people have a tendency of crashing into people that enjoy a less chaotic life-style. Since chaotic people have no respect, they don't understand the word "no." They continue spreading chaos until they're hurt.

Who, in their right mind, would want to be associated with them?

Chaotic people are always in the middle of drama, trouble. They blame others for negative results. They don't take responsibility.

A few good people are caught in the chaotic web. Sadly, the caught don't see, understand, until it's too late. Remember, chaotic people will do anything to further their cause.

How to tell if someone is a chaotic person? Look at a person's actions. How do they live their life? Person always in conflict with someone? Talk bad about people? Need to drag someone down for pleasure? Trouble, drama, follows them. Any morals?

It's wise to stay away from chaotic people.

Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brain Storming Writing Ideas

Brain storming writing ideas gives writers fresh ideas. It turns a writing idea side-ways, upside-down, to allow a different view of it.

Different views of writing ideas inspires creativity. Brain storm, for example, through this process became Brain Storming Writing Ideas.

Simply, take any writing idea. Look at how many articles, posts or poems that you can curve-out. Perhaps, the writing idea leads to a novel?

Slices of writing ideas, too, make excellent brain storming material. The sun, gossip, news and chair are slices of writing ideas.

Brain storming writing ideas for the sun can spin-out articles, poems and books.

A possible article title about the sun: The Solar System's Star.

Brain storming writing ideas for gossip offers many paths. Truth and Gossip, title?

There exists too many roads for brain storming writing ideas when it comes to the news.

How to brain storm writing ideas? decide what kind of chair to write about. Antique? New chair? Pretty chair? Let your creative flow decide.

Brain storming writing ideas is a writer's tool to inspire creativity.

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