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Friday, April 30, 2010

KFC's Mission: Make The Largest Donation In History

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KFC's mission is to donate the largest
amount of money in history- to Susan G.
Komen for the Cure. KFC's Buckets for
the Cure has a pink web site. It displays
survivor stories, and is stuffed with breast
cancer facts.

KFC promised to donate 50 cents from each pink
bucket of their Original Recipe or grilled
chicken to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. KFC's
mission is to make the largest donation in
history per its web site. The campaign runs
until May 5, 2010.

There's skepticism about the company's unclear
message, in light of its new addition. The new
sodium-fat filled Double Down sandwich with 540
calories, 32 grams of fat and 1,380 milligrams
of sodium.

The grilled version spins-out 460 calories, 23
grams of fat and 1,430 milligrams of sodium.

Barbara Brenner, executive director of Breast
Cancer Action, shares her opinion. It's an
organization that calls itself a watch-dog
group that wants to compel changes to end
breast cancer.

She explains to CNN that KFC is slapping a
pink ribbon on products that aren't healthy.

KFC has raised $2 million.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative Writing Ideas: Where Are They?

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Creative writing ideas are all
around you. You, simply, have
to pluck them, and feed your
creative flow.

Creative writing ideas exist in
a news headline, chatting teens
at the train station, mall, or
conversations at the doctor's

A headline in the news. The following
is an example. The Brain Isn't Set-Up
To Multi-Task.

If you can't do more than two activities
at a time, don't become upset, depressed.
A study proposes that the brain isn't
set-up to handle more than two activities...


My idea for a fiction character is to
have him/her able to perform up to 5
tasks at one time.

Friends, family, are amazed. The character
wonders if he/she was switched at birth, and
problems hit him/her the moment he/she
starts asking questions.

You woke-up late, burned the coffee and
tripped over a slipper. You, finally, made
it to the train station in one piece.

Two teens are chatting about school.

A possible idea is use a the teen's red
colored hair as a dress code for a female
character. She wears red colored everything.

Look at the idea of over-hearing a conversation
at the mall. A murder plot was being planned.
Two men stare at you, you quickly depart.

How would you write the tale?

You heard, at the doctor's office, the friendly
doctor is being sued for sexual harassment.

A character is stirred into being based on
that conversation. He/she becomes an advocate
of sorts. Or, how would you create the

There's isn't a shortage of writing ideas.
Listen/look for possible creative writing
ideas as your day unfolds, and make notes.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Re-Cap Search Feature On Twitter

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Twitter's search engine is stuffed
full of knowledge about anything,
everything, pertaining to what's
going on now. Let's say a friend
mentioned today that Marcella Glenn
entered school B in a contest. Only,
it was several days ago.

Twitter, as it stands, has no way to
re-cap the link to the elementary school,
or find out anything about the contest.

On Wednesday, Google introduced a re-cap,
replay, search feature that will allow a
search for tweets- in a given time period.

"Tweets and other short form updates create
a history of commentary that can provide
valuable insights into what's happened and
how people have reacted." Dylan Casey,
product manager for Google real-time search,
scribbled in a blog post. "We want to give
you a way to search across this information
and make it useful."

Let's look at how it works. After you do a
Google search, click on the Show Options link.
Recent tweets will show-case pertaining to
your search.

A chart appears at the top of your results.
The chart allows you to search by hour, day,
month. Now, the friend can search for which
school Marcella Glenn entered into the contest,
and use the link:

The service is available back to February 11,
2010, but the archive will soon allow users
to search results back to March 21, 2006. The
first tweet was created March 21, 2006.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Give-Away

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It's Microsoft's plan to give-away
the software in hopes of making more
money in the long-run.

"People will be exposed to the Microsoft
Office 2010 experience from the minute
they turn on their computer," Stephen
Elop explained, Microsoft Business
Division President.

Microsoft is predicting 80% of the computers
sold at retail, after the release of Microsoft
Office 2010, will have the starter edition of
Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft is proposing
to computer makers that they install the basic
version of Microsoft Office 2010 on new machines.

The Office Starter software is the essential
version Excel and Word. There is a fee for the
upgrade of Microsoft Office 2010.

A product key card is available for Microsoft
Office 2010, used to upgrade the basic version
of Excel and Word.

Microsoft Office Starter will take the place
of Microsoft Works.

Computer makers are installing the full version,
which can be unlocked once it's paid for. Microsoft
intends on loading up stores with boxed copies,
key cards and options to buy Microsoft Office 2010.


Friday, April 2, 2010

How does pre-writing help your writing?

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Some people, for one reason or another,
come-down with writer's block. It means
a person can't come-up with writing ideas.

A writing prompt is used, for example.

A writing prompt is a technique, word(s)
association, to ignite your creative
process. It's for the times you're at a
loss for words.

Writing prompts are quotes, words from
childhood, a statement that keeps
popping up in mind.


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