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Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative Writing Ideas: Where Are They?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Creative writing ideas are all
around you. You, simply, have
to pluck them, and feed your
creative flow.

Creative writing ideas exist in
a news headline, chatting teens
at the train station, mall, or
conversations at the doctor's

A headline in the news. The following
is an example. The Brain Isn't Set-Up
To Multi-Task.

If you can't do more than two activities
at a time, don't become upset, depressed.
A study proposes that the brain isn't
set-up to handle more than two activities...


My idea for a fiction character is to
have him/her able to perform up to 5
tasks at one time.

Friends, family, are amazed. The character
wonders if he/she was switched at birth, and
problems hit him/her the moment he/she
starts asking questions.

You woke-up late, burned the coffee and
tripped over a slipper. You, finally, made
it to the train station in one piece.

Two teens are chatting about school.

A possible idea is use a the teen's red
colored hair as a dress code for a female
character. She wears red colored everything.

Look at the idea of over-hearing a conversation
at the mall. A murder plot was being planned.
Two men stare at you, you quickly depart.

How would you write the tale?

You heard, at the doctor's office, the friendly
doctor is being sued for sexual harassment.

A character is stirred into being based on
that conversation. He/she becomes an advocate
of sorts. Or, how would you create the

There's isn't a shortage of writing ideas.
Listen/look for possible creative writing
ideas as your day unfolds, and make notes.
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