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Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Self-Help Treatment

Laughter is a self-help treatment that
heals mind and body. In times of loss
jobs, economic down-turns and the stress
life brings, laughter sooths. Laughter
stirs-up healthy physical changes that
strengthens the immune system, guards
against stress and elevates energy levels.

Research points-out that the immune system
is stronger after laughter. Specifically,
there are increases in natural cells
and anti-bodies to attack infections after
laughter takes takes control. The natural
cells targets viral infections as well as
some kinds of cancers and tumor cells. The
anti-body IGA (immunoglobulin A) battles
upper respiratory tract infections.

Laughter guards the body against stress.
A joke/laugh drains the stress away and
connects people. Let's look at an example.

The clock's alarm, for some reason,
rang-out twenty minutes later than usual.
The coffee maker refused to function, and
you were late for work. The meeting started,
but you arrived for ten minutes of it.
Everyone has eyes stabbed at you as the
meeting's squeaky door opened.

Stress hormones, for you, are high during
the situation. What should you do?

Smile. Take a deep breath, and attend the

Share the incident with co-workers, sometime
during the day, as a joke. The laughter
connects you to others, socializing takes place.

It's a self-help treatment to take yourself
less seriously.
Laugh at incidents that are embarrassing, out
of your control.

Laughter relieves stress, and brings the
mind/body back into balance.

"Your sense of humor is one of the most
powerful tools you have to make certain
that your daily mood and emotional state
support good health." Paul E. McGhee, Ph.
D., pioneer in humor research.

The power of laughter elevates energy
levels. Laughter melts away anger and
sadness. It makes you "feel-great."
Naturally, "feel-great" chemicals are
released into the body.

The body's natural "feel-great" chemicals
are endorphins. They reduce stress, relax
muscles and energy levels are elevated.

Endorphins gives an all-over sense of well
being and, for a short time, stops pain.

The act of laughing takes a mind off of
anger, pain or stress. The focus is on
laughter, and from it comes hope.

Laughter inspires a look for more, better.
Goals are set. Goal setting means hope. It's
a move forward in life.

In life, challenges will befall. Smile.
Work through them. You'll feel better. Yes,
you can.

In closing, the self-help treatment of
laughter brings the mind and body back into
balance. It's fun and free. Simply, believe
in yourself.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Objective Editing

Writing Method

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Most writing projects, sooner or
later, must go through the editing

"It's difficult to edit my own work."
Some writers remarked.

"Wish it was an easier way to edit." A
writer said.

Still, a few writers never edit, because
they write error-free.

The rest of us have to find an editing
method that works. Specifically, an
editing method that's comfortable and
easy to work with.

A couple other options are available to
writers. Writers can hire someone to edit,
or barter with a friend/relative.

During the time a recession is circling,
not many people can afford to pay someone
to edit.

The terms of bartering have to be documented,
agreed to and every T crossed.

Or, try an easy method to editing. It's
called the Objective Editing method. Let's
look at how it works.

Set your writing project aside. The longer a
writing project is, the more time should be
spent away from it. On a dead-line? Take as
much time away from your writing project as

Return to the writing project. Prepare to
edit. Only, look at it objectively. Edit the
writing project as if you're an editor. Look
at it as belonging to someone else. Start the
editing process.

In other words, distance yourself from the
writing project. Return to it refreshed,

The Objective Editing method is freeing.
There's no thinking about "your work." It's
easier to see writing errors when the
writing project isn't your own, and the editing
process is done faster.

In conclusion, the Objective Editing method
is easy to use, and the editing process is
done faster.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Manage Anxiety

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What's Anxiety?
Anxiety is worrying about what
could happen. It's the feeling,
need, to do well, but there's

Common Occurrence
Anxiety is a common occurrence.
It happens when there's a recession,
death in a family, exams or fear of

Anxiety Attack
It's exam day, for example, and you knew
it was coming. Still, you're eager to take
the test, but uneasiness showed up.
Perhaps, sweaty palms and pretzel stomach
popped-in. Often, the feeling to empty your
stomach's contents happens.

A Friend
"Ready for the test?" A friend asked.

"Wish it was over." You said.

Sound familiar?

The behavior becomes a pattern. A recession,
death of a love one or fear pushes the same
reactions to the surface.

Managing Anxiety

1. Stop eating or drinking caffeine and
sugar. It has been proven that caffeine
and sugar increases anxiety.

2. Exercises. An early morning walk,
exercises for beginners or yoga can help
with anxiety.

3. Laugh at yourself. When you catch
yourself worrying needlessly, laugh.
Don't take yourself so seriously.

4. Write down a fear or problem. Look
at it. Work through it. Yes, you can.

5. Step out of your comfort zone.

"I want to apply for that job, but not
sure." You doubted.

Stop doubting or listening to the "can't"
voice. Instead, try it. You may fail/succeed,
but you worked through the anxiety about
it. Be proud. Treat yourself.

6. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly
through the mouth. Repeat.

7. Pass it. An anxiety attack is starting,
let it pass. Fear of a bully, for instance,
causes the heart to race. Remind yourself
to tell the appropriate authorities. Have
a plan prepared of what you'll say/do, and
let the anxiety attack pass.

8. Stay positive. There aren't any quick
fixes to managing feelings of anxiety, but
a "can do" attitude helps.

9. Health-care visit. Make sure your body
isn't deficient in minerals, and your
hormone levels are normal.

10. Every morning smile. You're alive to
get another chance at your goals. No goals?
It's time to set one, two or three.

Anxiety is a common occurrence that happens
for various reasons. With time and patience,
anxiety can be managed with a "can do"


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