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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fantasy: How To Write It?

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing is exciting, fulfilling,
but should be thought-out.

Answer a few questions before you
begin writing. Make notes as you
answer the questions.

Questions are:

1. What problem will the story address?

Think of stories you’ve read. Recall
what interested you. Your story should
address issues that interest you, and
appeal to others. Start writing.

Begin in the middle of a problem.

2. Where should the setting be?

The library where a character spends
time in the Fantasy Section? He/she
dozed, and was awakened by a giggling
pink-colored creature. The character
sees he/she is no longer in the library.

3. Should the story address a myth,
legend, truth?

People and creatures of different
colors, sizes, appear,- even a few dragons?

4. Are my characters life-like, believable?

Any, all, characters must be believable.
They should have human traits too. No
character is all bad or all good.

5. Where will the story begin? In a closet?
Dragon Land?

“Where am I?” The character jumped to his

What should be the next line or action?

The best place to begin a story is in the middle.
Readers get a look at how characters handle problems,
see who they love to hate and share in the story’s

6. What age group will the story be directed at?

Will your story be for children, teens or adults?

Finally, have fun writing.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sausage, Bacon, and Hot Dogs = Heart Attack Risk

A study by Reuters points-out evidence
that processed meats raises the risk
of heart disease and diabetes.

Researchers base their conclusions on
1,600 studies. One hot dog per day, 1.8
ounces of processed meats- cured, smoked,
salted or preserved with nitrates- increases
the chance of a heart attack by 42 percent.

The risk of diabetes goes up by 19 percent.

They found unprocessed meats, beef, pork, had
no effect on heart disease, diabetes- even if
the meats had the same amounts of saturated
fat and cholesterol.

Processed meats have 4 times the sodium, salt.

"To lower risk of heart attacks and diabetes,
people should consider which types of meats
they are eating," explained Renata Micha,
the Harvard School of Public Health.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Former Nazi Guard: Deported

"Anton Geiser must be held to account
for his role in the persecution of
countless men, women and children,"
explained Assistant Attorney General
Lanny Breuer. "The long passage of time
will not diminish our resolve to deny
refuge to such individuals."

An immigration judge ordered deportation
of Anton Geiser, 85, who had been living
in Pennsylvania since emigrating from
Austria after the war, explained the
Justice Department.

He was denied citizenship in 2006 once
he admitted to being an armed SS guard
at three Nazi concentration camps, and
had orders to shoot if anyone that moved
to escape, the Justice Department declared.

"Without Anton Geiser and other members of
the SS Death's Head guard battalions, the
Nazi concentration camp system could not
have accomplished its diabolical objectives,"
Eli Rosenbaum- Justice Department's new
Human Rights.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Arizona's Law Could Lead To Civil Rights Violations

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Eric Holder- Attorney General- is
contemplating a federal lawsuit
against Arizona's new immigration

"We are considering our options,"
Holder explained. Grounds: the Arizona
law could lead to civil rights violations,
he continued.

The law, as it stands, gives police
permission to question anyone about proof
of legal United States residency if there's
suspicion he/she could be in the country

Law-makers altered, amended, it to let the
police inspect a status only if he/she has
been jailed or stopped.

Supporters stick to the idea that there's no
racial profiling, and the law will stop
mounting crime from illegal immigrants.

Critics announce that the law paves a road to
racial profiling.

Tucson and Flagstaff's, in Arizona, city
councils have plans to dispute the immigration
law in a court. The debate goes on.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

King of Pop's Ex-Lawyer: Dead

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

The ex-lawyer of King of Pop, Michael
Jackson, was found dead today. Peter
Lopez, 60, married to Catherine Bach,
56-year-old actress, was found in the
couple's California home.

Lopez died of a gun-shot wound to the
head, self-inflicted according to Craig
Harvey, operations chief with the L.A.
County Coroner's Office. Lopez worked
with song-writers, singers and producers
too. He was a founding partner of the law
firm Lopez Lange & Klein. "We are deeply
shocked and saddened by the unexpected loss
of our friend and partner, Peter Lopez,"
the firm expressed.

"I've known Peter for 20 years. I can't
think of a nicer person," said Michael
Jackson's former general manager, Raymone
Bain. Lopez was known as lawyer to the


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