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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fantasy: How To Write It?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing is exciting, fulfilling,
but should be thought-out.

Answer a few questions before you
begin writing. Make notes as you
answer the questions.

Questions are:

1. What problem will the story address?

Think of stories you’ve read. Recall
what interested you. Your story should
address issues that interest you, and
appeal to others. Start writing.

Begin in the middle of a problem.

2. Where should the setting be?

The library where a character spends
time in the Fantasy Section? He/she
dozed, and was awakened by a giggling
pink-colored creature. The character
sees he/she is no longer in the library.

3. Should the story address a myth,
legend, truth?

People and creatures of different
colors, sizes, appear,- even a few dragons?

4. Are my characters life-like, believable?

Any, all, characters must be believable.
They should have human traits too. No
character is all bad or all good.

5. Where will the story begin? In a closet?
Dragon Land?

“Where am I?” The character jumped to his

What should be the next line or action?

The best place to begin a story is in the middle.
Readers get a look at how characters handle problems,
see who they love to hate and share in the story’s

6. What age group will the story be directed at?

Will your story be for children, teens or adults?

Finally, have fun writing.
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