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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Successful Writer: What’s Required?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

A successful writer is required to have
passion, determination and believe.


The feeling of ‘I have to write’ should be
your itch, at the top of your “to do” list.

I know your life is busy, probably multi-task
daily. Still, find, at least, two hours per
day to write. During the day or night, pick
a time right for you.

Bring everything you’ll need to your writing
place. Coffee, gum, fruit or anything else
to kick-start your creative flow.

Turn down/off the television, radio or
remove any disturbances.

Wear comfortable clothing, slippers.

Don’t allow anyone, anything, to keep you
from writing, reaching your dream.

It’s required for the successful writer
to practice. Practice hones, sharpens,
your writing skills. Your style, voice,

You’ll make mistakes through the learning
process. With time, you’ll recognize errors,
and correct them.

Correcting errors is done during the
critiquing process. Finish writing, and put
your work aside.

Give yourself a break from it. How long of
a break you take depends on how large the
project is. The larger the project, the
longer the break. You’ll come back refreshed,
better able to see mistakes.


This is where your decision to write is clear,
final. You took the step.

You’re no longer thinking, maybe. You’re at,
I will be a writer, am a writer.

“They’re hirin’ at Wal-Mart.” One doubter/
friend said.

There’s nothing wrong with applying for jobs.

Still, find time to write. Don’t forget your
writing goal, dream.

Keep a pen and pad with you at all times. A
writing idea can pop-out without warning.
Scribble down enough of the idea to explore

When an idea dawns, write it down. The successful
writer knows if you don’t write it down, you’ll
forget it.


It’s required for the successful writer to believe in

“Forget writing.” A friend said. “Too much trouble,
and no reward.”

You, the writer, have to smile at comments like that.
It doesn’t matter that no one believes you have what
it takes. You must have the courage to believe in
yourself, talent.

In conclusion, it’s required for the successful writer
to write in the face of doubters, muster courage
as rejection slips hit and believe you can.
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