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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taking Notes: How?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Taking notes is as individual, different,
as each person. My note taking practices
wouldn’t be the same as yours.

It’s important, still, to write-out enough
of an idea to later understand what it was,
your line of thinking at the time or what
avenue you wanted to stroll down with the

Memory will not serve well as you’re raking
through it.

Make sure jotted down ideas are clear,
understandable, to you.

You’re at the mall, for example, and pass-by
a fat guy delivering boxes.

He stops, plucks out his cell phone to chat.

“She’s here with pink pants on.” His voice
carried to where you were window

Writers are always listening/looking for
writing ideas.

Could that be an idea? Maybe?

Let’s look at how to take notes on the
possible idea.

1. Delivery person spoke about a female
wearing pink pants.

2. Fat delivery person rude, loud.

3. Fat delivery person, at mall, talked
on cell phone instead of working.

4. Delivery person at mall was stalking
a lady in pink pants.

The key is to write information that will
bring your thoughts back to the time an
idea dawned.

Write the date and time if it will help.
What specifically made you take notice of him.
Describe your idea in a paragraph, more or less
words? Brief out-line?

You could prefer to text, record or leave a
message for yourself about a writing idea.

Decide on what method works for you. The goal
is to have fun with it.
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