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Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Write, Or Not

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

"Id like to be a writer, but
I can't find the time." I've
heard several say.

It's a must to push pass
excuses for not writing.
There are two choices for
you. They are to write, or

Don't give yourself any
excuses as to why you
aren't writing.

Instead, find time to
jot ideas down. Later,
edit, and explore the

Set your alarm one hour
or two earlier to get writing
time. Scribble notes down
on a break, at lunch. Try
idea gathering as you
commute home, before bed,
or while relaxing in front of
the television.

You witnessed an interesting
event? Heard idea provoking
chat as you passed several
people? Take a few moments
to write your thoughts down.
It counts as writing time.

Let's look at why passionate
writers are successful.

Passionate writers are
successful, because they find
time to write.

Passionate writers squeeze-
out some portion of their day
for writing, and so must you.

Perhaps, the time you spend
in the bathroom is your writing

Have a writing session as you
enjoy coffee, tea, or orange

Think of reasons to write.
It frees you. Enlightens
you? You have something
to contribute to the world?
It stresses you down? You
have a story to tell.

Get into the habit of
writing at the same time.
This good habit is practiced
everyday. Stay there a
minimum of two hours.
This is your time.

Bring inspiration. Inspiration
is a quote, favorite book,
poem that needs your touch,
or a note to yourself.

A possible note: I will write
at four o'clock. Repeat it
to yourself throughout the

It becomes a goal, something
to look forward to. A dream
in the making. Connect to it,
realize your potential.

Look at a possible
writing idea from my life.

The city I live in gave me a

"Why?" You asked.

The fine was for litter.
Yes, litter.

I place my trash bags out
every week, at the same
time. This is a habit, like
brushing my teeth.

On a particular day, a violation
notice was pushed in my door.

I paid the violation.

Now, three and four weeks
after payment, the city is still
sending me a bill.

I'm being billed for the original
fine, and penalty. The penalty
is as much as the original bill.

I referenced it to point-out
the fact that life gives us
writing ideas.

There are endless ideas
running to my mind about
the litter fine.

Find the passion in you,
and don't make excuses
for not writing.

In closing, push pass
writing excuses by
doing the simple act of

Saturday, May 23, 2009

MY Bout With The Internet

I couldn't get an Internet connection.
The Internet's modem kept blinking,
but wouldn't connect.

I called Comcast. The representative
was present.

A week later, the technician

He stole our box(modem) that
my son paid for.

I wasn't sure which box my
son acquired on the sell-n-buy
anything web site. At the time,
he was away at college.

"I can only get in Comcast
boxes." The technician
fibbed. "If it wasn't ours
I couldn't get in it."

The next day or so, the
Internet connection went
down again.

Now, my son arrived home
from college, and telephoned
Comcast. He explained
about the stolen box.

Comcast should have just
referred him to Never-Never

"Why?" You asked.

The information was

Comcast scheduled
a visit two days after
my son called.

Now, while my son was on
the telephone with Comcast,
he was able to get on the
Internet. After he hung-up,
the connection was gone.

I tried to get an Internet
connection every-day it
was down.

On a random day, I tried to
get on the Internet. It allowed
me, and then disconnected.

Sometimes, I was able to
get a connection, but it would
immediately disconnect.

One time, I was in chat when
the Internet stopped working.

Actually, I kept the connection
to chat, but everything else

"What do you mean?" You

I was explaining my problems
with the Internet in chat. I'd
log-on, but the connection
disappeared within seconds.
I was telling those in chat how
Internet Explorer wasn't making
a connection.

"Reboot." Someone

I did.

Still, I was able to get into
chat, but Internet Explorer
refused to connect. Or,
it didn't connect.

Without warning, I was
kicked out of chat.

I re-booted, and my
Internet connection was no

My family grilled that

The next day, Sunday,
Comcast was scheduled
to come fix the Internet

"There's a Comcast truck
parking across the street."
My son stared.

"They must be fixing someone's
cable service," I replied. "I'll
be glad when our service is

Soon after, we cleared everything

"The Internet is on." Someone
informed me.

"Probably for minutes at a time
until it's fixed." I continued with
the dishes.

"My Internet is on." My son

So, my son waited for the
appointment day to cancel.

He was told that the appointment
had been canceled. The technician
took care of the problem yesterday.

Now, I had no idea that
Comcast fixed our Internet
connection the day before.

My mind spun-out a possible
writing idea. Take a look.

Connection To Internet

A character logs on to
the dark side of the
Internet. He/she is
unable to connect to
Yahoo, Twitter, Google,

In closing, my down
Internet connection
inspired a writing idea.
Sometimes, writing ideas
come from anywhere,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who Else Wants A Cure For Writer's Block?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

I'm told writer's block happens
when you're on a dead-line,
need a chapter start, right
words for a poem, or a certain

I'm cured of writer's block.
I can't remember having it.

"You're joking, right?"
You scoffed.

I find a word, object,
person, or animal to
ignite an idea.

You can be given anything
to write about, and this
technique will cure
writer's block. Test

Look around you. Pick the
first object, person, that
your eyes see.

It's a game to writing.

There are variations, but
I'll work with the following

My eyes landed on
the radio. The first letter
of radio is spun into five
other R words.

My words are Ralph,
random, road, roll, and
rat. The words are off the
top of my head.

The game to writing will
cure your writer's block.

Take a look.

On Halloween night,
Ralph ran into an old

"Millie, that you?
Ralph, from high school."
He pointed at himself.

"Right." She stared
forward. "Let's get on
the road, leave this bar."

"I have to get home to my

"Too bad." She smirked.
"We coulda had a roll while
on the road. Get it?"

"Nah, gotta get home."

"You don't do random?"

"I'll take you home." He

"All 'ight."

"They left the bar.

Suddenly, she blasted
him with foul names as
they reached his car.

"Ralph, you were the rat who

How would you continue it?

The game to writing is fun,
and the possibilities are

Say the following sentence
six times, fast, and no pauses.

Ralph rolled randomly 'round
the road.

Try creating a poem with
your letter. My letter is R.
Add other words beginning
with R.

My attempt at a poem.

*Ralph ranted about roses
roll them away
runny nose
nasal cavities will pay*

Play the game to writing
if you need a chapter start,
when writer's block stopped
you in the middle of an article,
or to create a new idea.

Also, the object your eyes
land on can be researched.
The game to writing allows
flexibility, and opens

The more you use the game
to writing, the easier it is.
You'll change it to fit your
writing needs.

Experiment with it. Leave
me a comment about how
it helped you. Did you find
a new version? Or, it didn't
help you?

In conclusion, the game to
writing is the cure for writer's
block. It requires you to sit
down and write.

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